Earthrays – A Whole City is Suddenly Afraid of Cancer

Article from ‘Die Bunte’ 2/88 – a leading magazine in W. Germany

Earthrays – 2400 families in Vilsbiburg, West Germany received mail – a retiree in Switzerland warns them of dangerour earthrays. The search continues.

In the small town of Vilsbiburg, West Germany, fear is going around. Bedrooms are rearranged, seating areas moved around, tables moved. “Vilsbiburg is the most contaminated town in Germany”, says Traudi Hufnagel, who manages with her husband a dry goods business in the town square. “Underground streams send out dangerous rays, and it is alleged that this is the cause for cancer in men and beast.”

The Hufnagels have been aware of this for a long time. For days, the town is in fear. Pablo Froelich, an Argentinian of German descent, retired in Switzerland, sent a four-page letter to 2400 families.

“Did you know that, in 1929, a dowser by the name of Freiherr von Pohl had in seven days examined your town for dangerous earth rays and marked the endangered sites with an ‘X’ on a town map?”, the letter begins.

At that time, it was established that, in the course of ten years, 54 persons died of cancer. Their beds stood exactly at the points marked on the map. That is confirmed by an official enquiry that is still available at the city hall. It was signed by the mayor and the town council on January 19, 1929. He, himself, states the former 75-year-old retired manager, lost his wife to cancer 5 months ago. Unfortunately, he became aware of earth rays too late in the vicinity of his wife’s bed. “Therefore, I swore to warn all endangered persons”.

Elfriede Weixigartner, who lives with her husband in one of those houses marked in 1929, says; “I am deeply disturbed by this letter. The town ought to do something. Start an investigation. In case they don’t we will call on a dowser ourselves.”

That is exactly what the baker’s wife, Gertrud Mareis, did. “I have hired somebody that dowses underground streams under houses.” She is not afraid, she states, and feels rather healthy. “But one never knows”, she adds. The Hufnagels are more skeptical: “We are convinced that earth rays have an influence on the health of man and beast”, adds Mrs. Hufnagel. “Therefore we hired the well-digger, Eibel, from neighbouring Geisenhausen. He located every last underground stream. In our case he located one right underneath our beds. We relocated our bedroom at once. Even our eating area was in the wrong location. We have to make changes in our place of business. The cash register was exactly where two underground streams are crossing. That would have been particularly dangerous for someone working there.

In order to be safe in their apartment, the Hufnagels purchased, for 80 German Marks ($33 at current exchange rate), an apparatus the size of a cigar box. Inside is a magnet with copper wire all around it. “The magnet has to be aligned with true north”, explains Wilhelm Hufnagel. “This will ban all rays within six to eight metres. We firmly believe in it.” The apparatus has been sold to them by dowser Alois Eibel. The 76 year old well-digger enjoys a legendary reputation in this field. Elisabeth Lehrhuber of Geisenhausen is firmly convinced that , “Alois has saved my life”. She relates, “I had cancer in the lower abdomen. The doctors did now recommend surgery. It would have been hopeless, they said. There were eight women in my hospital room with cancer. They are all dead now.”

In her predicament, she turned to Alois Eibel. “He diagnosed the earth rays under my bed. I rearranged my apartment and things went uphill from that point on. I do feel rather healthy.” Elisabeth Lehrhuber is 63 years old, 18 years after the doctors had given up on her.

Mayor Josef Billinger does not like to rely on the legendary poers of Alois Eibel. “I’m waiting here in Vilsbiburg for a citizen’s initiative. Our night college should offer informative seminars. I view Mr. Froelich’s cancer theory with great suspicion. “

The MD Veronica Carstens, wife of the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, thinks differently. She things it is imperative to examine scientifically the earth ray phenomena. To quote Dr Carstens: “Therefore, we committed ourselves in the Society for Nature and Medicine to a scientific examination of so-called local earth rays in the largest university of our country.”

Not only Pablo Froelich or the citizens of Vilsbiburg are waiting for the results of this study.