Earth’s Major Energy Leys or Lines

by Patrick Leonard (reprinted from Rod & Pendulum)

During my many years of dowsing, the natural energies of the earth, and alt things on or in it, have been of special interest to me. Dowsers searching for a place to site a bore hole have to “fee! that energy and decide which is the right place. If a person is dowsed to find the cause of a pain the, again, the dowser has to “feel” that energy and decide the point of emanation.

As a result of many years of constant searching I have made some observations which, hopefully, may:

  • point you in a direction or directions
  • help those who are interested to pursue them further link up with our own present findings

These observations are in respect of M-E Leys, and I would point out that I find that all things living on or in the earth from human beings to worms carry an energy field of their own. However, I am going to concentrate on the earth itself and its MAJOR energies. My main observations are:

  1. M-E Leys are a “natural” energy, if we can call it that, which is given off from within the earth.
  2. The energy runs in most cases for many miles across the surface of the earth.
  3. Each end of energy run terminates at water.
  4. The water is invariably a spring or a pond fed by a spring.
  5. The energy has a flow or current. During the hours of daylight it flows in one direction and then reverses and flows in the opposite direction during the hours of darkness.
  6. The energy flow or current changes direction at sunrise and sunset indicating that the flow is controlled by the sun. Cloud cover or bad weather does not appear to make any difference.
  7.  As the sun in its movement across the sky shines along the line of the energy the energy appears to increase in strength for about 15 minutes. (We all know, of course, that the sun does not move but that the earth revolves on its axis).
  8.  Any overhead 3-phase power lines affect the energy.
  9. The energy is affected by the electricity in any large building.
  10. The effects of 8 and 9 above are to bend the line of the energy from its original course. It does eventually come back on course within about half a mile or less, the distance depending on the strength of the electricity in, and the size of, the building.
  11. When the energy bends it always does so towards Magnetic North. It is influenced, therefore, by the earth’s magnetism as well as the sun.
  12.  Many ancient civilisations were aware of these energies and built on, or used, them.
  13. Ancient man considered where three or more of these M-E Leys cross over each other the crossing point is very special.
  14. Existing old churches are located on these very special ancient sites.
  15. Ancient man used the termini points of energy and water as healing sites.
  16. Many ancient sites of various types may be found along the lines of these energies.
  17. The water at the water points of termini appears to be of a special quality. In some cases it is known as Chaleybeat, that is mineralised, water.
  18. The crossing points of three or more energy lines usually coincide with large amounts of underground water which the energy passes over.

I have selected these 18 observations because they are what I would term basic. I am sure most dowsers could check these for themselves, and use them as a good starting point in their study of major energies. To assist further you may care to consider the following additional discussion points regarding the observations:

Observations 1 to 4

Do you have any springs of water in your area? If so, are they Chaleybeat springs?

Do you have any ponds, which are fed by springs? Many ancient village ponds are of this type and water was most important to our ancestors, as it is to us today, but they did not take it for granted as we do. Consequently a natural pond, spring fed, which did not dry up during hot summers was a special pond and a place to settle around in order to be sure of a constant life giving water source. Hence we get ancient villages with village ponds – good places to start your searches for M-E Leys being the termini of the energy.

Having found a pond, or spring, check if you can find a MAJOR energy coming from it. If positive can you determine its general direction of travel as it leaves the water? Take the following action:

  • Use a map and mark the direction on it.
  • For dowsing purposes nominate it a colour or number.
  • Extend your line on the map and see if you can find any old churches or ancient sites on the line.

M-E lines of energy do not run in exact straight lines. They bend slightly so your church or site may appear to be close to your line on the map. If you know of such churches or sites in your area make a visit to them and determine whether you can find that particular nominated energy.

Observations 5 and 6

If you can identify a definite line of energy, choose a particular point along its length, which you can reach easily. Then check whether you can find in which direction the energy flows and keep a record of line, time and flow direction. You should then find it flows one way throughout the day.

At approximately 10 minutes BEFORE SUNSET the flow of energy will stop and you will have great difficulty in finding the energy at all. As the sun sets finally the flow will start again – but in the other direction.

The same occurs at sunrise. Approximately 10 minutes BEFORE SUNRISE the flow will stop then, as the sun appears over the horizon, the flow starts again and travels in the other direction.

At this point I would like to outline a theory which, as yet, I have not been able to prove.

At sunrise and sunset the energies shut off for approximately 10 minutes. Light from the sun takes about 8 1/2 minutes to travel the distance to the earth, therefore there is a difference of 1 1/2 minutes unaccounted for in the period of the energy shut off. What happens during this period of 1 1/2 minutes is a matter for conjecture.

I believe that the sun gives off some type of matter, which travels FASTER than the speed of light, and that this matter triggers off the energies to stop flowing and then start up again at the appropriate times. However, I

have not been able to prove this theory – all teachings to date state, and maintain, that there is nothing that can travel faster than the speed of light. Time will tell!

Observation 7

It is not easy to check the strength increase. You need to know your line of energy very well and have a feel for its general energy level.

In order to measure the strength allocate a scale of numbers from 0 – 15, 0 signifying the dormant period and no energy level feel during changeover. On a normal day you will find that 7 is the average level on the scale.

However, when the sun shines down the length of the line you will find that during the 15 minute period the strength will peak to 13. This level is reached after about 7 1/2 minutes and then declines to the average level of 7.

For checking purposes in this instance numbers are preferable to colours.

Observations 8, 9, and 11

I do not know the height to which the energy extends, but I have found a number of places where the energy runs under a 3 phase power line that it bends away from its original straight line.

This was proved on a particular line of M-E Ley running over fields, and which I know well since I had spent several years plotting its course.

In 1988 a transformer, complete with a 3 phase power line, was installed to supply a newly erected building. that date I had not considered the possible effect a 3 phase power line might have on the M-E Leys.

Following the erection of the power lines I continued to plot the run and strength of the M-E Ley as usual and, after about a fortnight, the daily plot showed that the M-E Ley had moved. Its strength readings appeared not to have changed but its maximum movement/deflection was where it ran under the power line. In this instance the total length of the deflection was of the order of 112 mile. Knowing the landowner I asked him when the power had been switched on through the overhead wires, and he confirmed that the day when all the final connections where made and the power switched on was the same day I had recorded the deflection of the M-E Ley.

We know, of course, how people living near large pylons supporting cables carrying very high voltages are affected and the consequences have been the subject of research in both this country and the USA. in the case I experienced a much lower power level passing through overhead cables affected the earth’s energy.

As a result of previous experiences on two other M-E Leys I found that what was a straight run on a map was not a straight run on the ground. In each case:

  • the deflection was over 1/2 mile in length
  • a large building had deflected the run of energy
  • the buildings were schools

Therefore, although the electricity power in the schools was not of a high voltage the mass of wiring for lights and power points was fairly extensive thereby causing large magnetic fields in and around the building.

Checking domestic houses on the run of these M-E Leys showed no obvious deflections. This led me to the conclusion that the amount of wiring, and the volume of electricity, in the average house did not generate enough magnetism to have an effect.

The other fact which became obvious was that in each case where an M-E Ley was deflected from its original run it bent, or was pulled, towards Magnetic North. Therefore, once the run of the M-E Ley or energy has been disturbed the natural magnetism of the earth has an effect.

Observations 12, 13, and 14

I am sure many of you have read, or seen on television, that ancient civilisations often built tracks or roads which ran in straight lines for many miles. Along these tracks/roads they chose sites on which to build.

From experience I would say that a track or road was aligned along an M-E Ley. The points our ancestors chose to build on were where another one or two energy lines crossed the original road/track M-E Ley. A two crossing point would probably make a habitation site, but a three or more crossing point was special and used for special reasons. The majority of churches on the older sites that I have investigated usually have three M-E Leys crossing with some rarer ones having four.

If you think about it our ancestors used the present church sites for their own special reasons for a very long time. Gradually these beliefs and usage went into decline, but to the local people these sites were still important even if they did not fully understand the reasons why. Whatever beliefs they had were still practised at these sites because it had always been so.

During the Roman period in this country the introduction of Christianity led to its amalgamation with the religion of the day. What better place to practice the new Christian religion than the sites on which the old religious ceremonies had been held. The result was that the new religion slotted in with the old.

Early Christian worship took place in the open – the first church buildings being erected in the late 5th and 6th centuries.. These first buildings were probably of wooden construction and were replaced eventually with stone structures. Although the original reasons for the establishment of these sites became obscure, their use continued and does so right up to the present day.

Without realising it we may still be getting the benefit the earth has to give us at these sites when we visit them. Unlike our ancestors we as people are not, in general, aware of any benefits we are receiving. However, our ancestors knew and used such benefits greater degree. ancient man had to work with nature to survive, whereas today we strip nature of her bounty in our fight for survival. However, it is people of our way of thinking who are becoming increasingly aware of what nature has to offer.

Observations 15 to 18

With these observations, which mostly involve water, I found that in the majority of cases the termini springs were usually known in their local areas as special water springs. They were never known to dry so, obviously, their sources were deep. 1 have confirmed this by dowsing and depthing around such springs.

Remembering that the energy of the M-E Leys flows across the surface of the earth, often for many miles, from one spring to another then the water source of each spring is connected within the earth to form a loop of energy by either:

  • the physical and continuous run of water at different levels
  • the individual M-E Ley

It is a proven scientific fact that if electricity is passed through water then the water releases many of its oxygen molecules. With this in mind we could ask whether or not the M-E Leys carry sufficient energy to cause this to happen in the underground water, or does the planet receive a larger percentage of oxygen from this source than we realise as well as from plant life.

I am not saying that this energy is “electrical” because, as yet, we do not have a meter capable of measuring or recognising it in that way. We do, though, have the finest meters ever devised in the form of the human mind and body. When a machine to measure M-E Leys energy becomes available, then all that has been written about Leys will become acceptable to the scientific community of the day. Electricity cannot be seen but, with the aid of modem equipment, it has become easily available to us. We take it for granted, and our daily lives would become more difficult without it. Maybe it was the same for our ancestors with the energy of the Leys.

In many instances the temini points of the M-E Leys are small ponds, and the question arises as to why our ancestors took the trouble to expand the water surface area from spring to pond size. Having studied such areas, and knowing that these points were special to ancient man, I have concluded that what better places could there be to carry out the healing of the day. To give people full benefit they would need to be immersed in the water.

Such immersion is still carried out today at some spa baths. Certain religions, currently, still fully immerse their members when they are baptised, and I am sure that you have come across many instances of full immersion in medicine and religion. Therefore, the small ponds were doubtless used for the same reasons. The main differences between then and now is that our ancestors knew the right time to carry out the immersions in accordance with the earth and its energies. Today an immersion is carried out at any time considered convenient for the occasion, and is really a hit or miss method. I do know the time of year when our ancestors would have practised full immersion for health reason, but it would take a complete article on its own to explain it all in sufficient detail and there is no room for it in this article. However, I would like to add that there is no better quality water than that found at these spots with which to water healing plants. Very special water at very special points on the earth’s surface in conjunction with very special energies.

Another fact, which I found interesting, was that where 3 or more energies crossed over each other this always coincided with large amounts of underground water but they were NOT termini points. Most of our present day older church sites are located on these 3 or more crossing points, and raises the question as to what was special about these spots on the earth. The following was special:

  • There is a greater concentration of pure energy, which was used in some way or other
  •  The existence of below surface water

This water, at certain times of the year, gave the energy a boost in strength thereby increasing its potency even more. At other times, when the energy was generally quiet, the water at these locations kept the level of the energy slightly higher than anywhere else. This gave man another healing point on the surface of the earth without the need for full immersion, and could be used over longer periods than the termini points which were specific to just certain times over the same periods of time.

In conclusion, it all boils down to mankind working WITH nature for greater benefits. We must, as people, head back in that direction to improve all matters for our future generations.

© 1998 Patrick Leonard & BSD EEG