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Susceptibility to Obesity

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:26 pm
by Lyndon Ronstadt
The Ray of our physical body is a determinate of susceptibility.

Ray; Susceptibility(0-10)

Ray 1; 2
Ray 2; 5
Ray 3; 7
Ray 4; 5
Ray 5; 8
Ray 6; 7
Ray 7; 3

Physical body Ray can be determined from the standard tropical Natal chart as follows:

Ray is indicated by the Sun in the 3rd Decanate of the following signs:

Body Ray; Sign

Ray 1; Scorpio
Ray 2; Default
Ray 3; Libra
Ray 4; Capricorn
Ray 5; Aries
Ray 6; Virgo
Ray 7; Sagittarius

Diet is also a major factor in obesity: eat the wrong food and your weight rises. I hold no brief for this guy but Peter J d'Adamo seams to have hit the target with his book Eat Right For Your Type which posits that we should eat according to our blood group. Eat the wrong food and something called Lectin has a long term toxic effect on the body causing obesity and susceptibility to disease.

When our blood type antigens detect foreign antigens in our system it creates antibodies as a means of defence. The result is agglutination which marks the invaders for destruction. Its this process which rejects the wrong blood type given by transfusion. But this benefit confers a disbenefit. Many foods contain a compound which agglutinates blood cells to cause obesity and disease. This compound is selective and attacks the cells of one blood type and not another. Consequently the road to good health depends on our selecting the right foods for our blood type.

As a dowser I'm able to select my own diet. Having selected, I find it complies fully with the diet recommended in this book for my blood group. I've always been healthy but I was beginning to slow down through over weight and clogged tubes. Now my mobility is back to normal - and I've lost weight albeit with some room for further improvement.

There are two relevant books by this author: the other is the The Geno Type Diet. The second is less restrictive than the first in the foods we can eat but to use it we first have to do some body measurements to categorise our geno type. When I did an audital dowse of this book I found there were many foods in all geno types that I should avoid, so, I'm stuck with the ER4YT diet. This doesn't imply TGTD is in error. It simply means the diet is too varied for me.

Something I've discovered personally is that when I'm hungry after a meal it's always the result of lack of vitamins and/or minerals. All I then have to do is add something else from ER4YT to my diet - or pop a few expensive pills.

NB Ricin, the stuff that killed Gyorgi Markov, is a lectin according to ER4YT.