Regulation of radionic and "vibronic" homoeopaths

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Dan Wilson

Regulation of radionic and "vibronic" homoeopaths

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A client turned up at our clinic today who proved not only to be a professional homoeopath but a member of the homoeopaths' guidance committee on self-regulation of the profession.

I'm in a similar position for the healing profession (as delegate for Association for Therapeutic Healers on the UK Healers group) so I pumped her mercilessly for gossip. I knew that the homoeopaths had spent several years characterising all those they knew little about as halfway to flagrant charlatans (I put the "halfway to" in for diplomatic purposes) and had always supposed the main divide had been between the "real" homoeopaths using highly diluted substances and those charging up blank tablets using radionic numbers or patterns or other healing modalities like crystals ("radionic" and "vibronic" respectively).

It turns out that the latter remain beyond the pale and the main battle, which is still continuing, is between the most and the least senior of the "conventional" homoeopathic groups. The form is that no homoeopath admits in public to using dowsing and/or more than one remedy at once (which dowsing tends to encourage), they all pretend to be classically trained and aren't allowed inside the self-regulation tent unless they do. What they actually practise is something that is not enquired into. There is no regulation process for medical homoeopaths, of course, because they're all doctors already.

So I asked, what are the poor old radionic and vibronic homoeopaths doing ? and she had no idea, not having any connection with that world. She was only just learning about dowsing anyway.

Can anyone here slip me the wink on this ?

The BSD, by the way, have turned their back on regulation, partly I sympathetically believe because of the towering impossibility of agreeing how health dowsers should be trained and audited once in practice, but mainly because they took immense exception 12 years ago to the British Complementary Medicine Association placing a blanket prohibition in its model Code of Conduct, closely followed by a host of CAM professional groups since, on "diagnosis" - at the behest, indeed, of the British Medical Association with whom the BCMA were cooking up an acceptable version.

There is now plenty of evidence that this position was mistaken, and that there is plenty of precedent for regarding the word "diagnosis" as referring strictly to the orthodox medical process - of observing the patient's problems using the normal five senses and arrriving at a remedial course of action by knowledge and training.

This is supported by the Veterinary Surgeons Act which defines diagnosis (and advice given to clients), forbidden to non-vets, as being based on "the art and science of veterinary science". I.e., not throwing chicken entrails in the air and observing their shape on landing, or by extension, dowsing.

Another clue is that the Radionics Association have been members of the Confederation of Healing Organisations almost since its launch and haven't flinched at the prohibition in its Code. If questioned they smile sweetly and explain that it does take proper knowledge to realise that that isn't the same thing as radionic analysis which is concerned purely with the subtle-energy state of the client.

So there you are.
Sylvie Lenoir
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Re: Regulation of radionic and "vibronic" homoeopaths

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The processes of making homeopathic remedies is completely different from that of making radionic or vibrionic remedies.

I have dowsed on the vibrational remedies vs homeopathic remedies and find that they are not the same.

They can't be because the processes involved in making homeopathic remedies done by a pharmaceutical homeopathic laboratory is completely different from what we do.

I wish there would not be so much confusion between the two.

I think that part of that confusion also comes from the fact that many homeopaths use radionics machine to make "homeopathic" remedies. But if you are a purist, you have to realise that an homeopath using a radionics machine does not produce homeopathic remedies.

I hope this bring some clarity to the matter and I wish that we stop using this misleading word "homeopath" in our work so that there is no possible confusion in the future.

Wishing you all the best.
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Re: Regulation of radionic and "vibronic" homoeopaths

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Salut ...

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Re: Regulation of radionic and "vibronic" homoeopaths

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New Scientist joke: What's a good gift for a homeopath? An empty box with the memory of the chocolates it once contained.

(ps don't shoot the messenger please....!) :P :mrgreen: :evil:
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