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Walsingham Abbey Norfolk.

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:48 pm
by mike
I dont know why but I have been drawn to dowse Walsingham Abbey in Norfolk, and its a special place, with Sacred ground both to the east and west of the Abbey in the fields there.The east side the Sacred site is 2.6 miles from the Abbey, and to the west its 2.25 miles away, and while a Ley crosses the Abbey from the N/e, the one from the N/w is blocked just a mile or so away at the ditch line in the fields there.I believe if this blockage was cleared the Abbey energy and power/Sacred Site would be restored again, but its something that needs boots on the ground I believe.I can try to clear my way, but its a long shot,yet still worth a try, as this place is special no doubt....The Sacred Sites to the east and west I thought might have another two to the north and south of the Abbey, but its not the case, or it would give the Abbey a building within a cross in the land, special indeed.

Where Egmere road joins Station Road going west the field to the north of the road where they join has a gateway just before the field boundry, and its here where the Ley has been broken.Another is broken Ley lower down as well from the N/w.

Re: Walsingham Abbey Norfolk.

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:52 pm
by Stephen KA Dawson
Come and join Dowsing Anglia at Walsingham Abbey in June and try and find out who would build such large arches on a flood plain, the monks ballasted the foundations for over 20 years and even now the water table's only two feet below. 'Different Questions Different Answers'. Check out the Dowsing Anglia Facebook Page.

Re: Walsingham Abbey Norfolk.

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:21 pm
by mike
Really exciting this, I was reading the story of ancient places around Gt.Yarmouth and came on the GULL STONES, which was recorded as being near Lowesoft Road before 1768, when they were pulled down to help build the Gorleston pier its claimed. Anyway dowsing the south end of Gorleston I find 4 ancient circles all complete with Ley Lines and still active today, thats something I never knew, and me a Yarmouth Bloater as well.....I never wrote down the exact position but its near the Link Road, 4 powerful small circles all in line north to south and close to each other, I will go back to try and get dates and exact position. ... ll-stones/

Yes its just south of the swimming pool in the garden of the house at the corner of Warren Road and Links Road, east side of Warren Road with each circle having a clockwise influence and 4 circles in line there.Its no wonder the Druids had meetings and used the site in the distant past, 4 in line circles would have been very special to them, and anyone with eyes to see at the time and even today....Other circles are mentioned in the recorded history there, but the painting of the Gull Stones cannot be found I believe.It might explain why people believe the Michael Mary Lines passes here, with those other Leys powerful and close together from each circle, but those lines MM in my opinion are to be found further south near Hopton.Never looked for a date, go back in a second folks.....5300 years ago when the 4 circles first appeared there, today they are in the back gardens of houses along Warren Road in my opinion on its east side.