Books & Media - posting rules

Share your experience of non-fiction dowsing-related books and other written stuff (e.g. websites, self-published and e-books).

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Books & Media - posting rules

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This is a section in which to share your experience of books and electronic media (e.g. DVDs, websites, self-published and e-books) as resources and sources of information. Or entertainment.

We have sub-divided this section into Fiction and Non-fiction. Books on any subject that falls within the remit of a main section on the Forum may be reviewed/commented upon; so that includes books on:
* Dowsing in general
* Science and Nature
* Metaphysics and Spirituality
* Earth Energies
* Archaeology
* Water
* Health

We ask the following:

If you are starting a new thread (ie this is the first review/commentary on a particular resource) please write the title of the resource and the author (if relevant) in the subject heading.

Only start a thread on a new resource if you can write positively about what you have seen and want to suggest that others read it: 'this book/DVD is rubbish' doesn't help us much! Tell us why you are recommending it; by all means point out any weaknesses you may think it has- but the overarching principle should be something like: 'I enjoyed this, I think others will too, this is what it's about, I hope that by reading this thread you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not to spend money/go to the library/look for reviews elsewhere' etc.

Comments thereafter from other members of the Forum are welcome. If commenting, please indicate whether or not you have read the book/seen the DVD etc.!

Please end with a separate few lines containing the title, author(s), publisher, and date of publication. If you can include the ISBN that would help.
For electronic media the same principle applies- so maybe link to a website, date of DVD release and its title, director etc. Whatever you can do to help somebody find it.

Important note:
Links to commercial retailers like Amazon, Abe Books, Waterstones, etc. may be deleted! *Other book shops are available*- and that includes the BSD bookshop.
As this site is run by the BSD we reserve the right to promote buying the books from the BSD shop. Should there be special deals or promotions on books, DVDs etc. from the BSD shop then they will be advertised in this section.
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