Dowsing A path to enlightenment - Revised Edition (Advance r

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Dowsing A path to enlightenment - Revised Edition (Advance r

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Author Joey Korn
Dowsing A path to enlightenment - Revised Edition (Advance readers Edition 21 Dec 2012)
ISBN 978-1-62407-843-9

Note, this is my first ever book review so patience please, I appreciate I have two potential audiences here, the first been the person looking for a good read which they will get with this book but the second audience I am addressing is hopefully the time served Earth Energy dowsers who can put balance to the revised theories of Joey Korn delivered within this books.

I have read the original book by Joey Korn, “Dowsing, A path to enlightenment” twice during the course of 2012 and eagerly awaited the revised edition which I have also now read. It is the revised edition that I wish to draw to your attention. I have found this to be an excellent read, interesting & flowing in how it is written. Joey talks about his journey of discovery, from an old man helping Joey find his septic tank, learning how to dowse himself, applying all of his findings of the last approx 30/40 years to his teachings & books and how he now updated his understandings/beliefs in this current book. The subject matter is primarily all directed towards earth energies. The subject is explained in a manner suitable for beginners within part one, part two discusses his teachings and understanding up to the release of this book. Part three discusses his revised understanding. The exercises are easy to follow, and increase in skill level as the book progresses. Part one and two are basically the same with some updated comments as the original book. Part three is all new.

It is Part Three “Updating my current understanding” of the book I wish to discuss now.
I appreciate that what each and every one of us reading this forum does or can do is not main stream in society, and some of the beliefs and understandings that I have at least come to accept as current best understanding within Earth Energies talk are reversed in part three.

This is a bit like the chicken and the egg story, which came first. Common understanding is that geopathic stress lines affect us negatively and cause detrimental things to happen to us if we spend long time over a line. Joey looks on the whole thing differently, that in fact we are unbalanced and we cause the line to become detrimental. This been the earth supporting us with the type of energy we need at that time. Supporting this theory is the way that geopathic stress lines “just happen” to pass through our beds, the way that we can with intent change a detrimental energy line to beneficial, why can the opposite not be true, even if its unintentional . Joey talks about the bed, room & house patterns, all very similar and all incorporating the “Tree of Life” these are reoccurring patterns of lines that pass through our beds, rooms, houses, they are always there but you just have to look for them. There are many other angles of energy, healing prayers covered within this revised book and all are very interesting and thought provoking.

I have done the exercises and found the results to match the theory. Do I understand them fully yet or the consequence of what they really mean, no I believe not. The only thing I know for certain is that “its good to talk and its good to learn and maybe both of these will bring us on a path to enlightenment”.

So with that I look to open a discussion on this subject. (Moderator as you see fit, now or in due course to relocate discussion if necessary)

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Re: Dowsing A path to enlightenment - Revised Edition (Advan

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Re: Dowsing A path to enlightenment - Revised Edition (Advan

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Thank you, Willie, for taking the time & trouble to post this review.

I have responded to your invitation and started a new topic in the General Section, pointing to this review but also quoting your last few paragraphs.
You can find the thread right here

There is also a Podcast on Grahame's podcast site which is well worth listening to.
AiD 039: Joey Korn - Our Energetic Mirrors
13 October 2012
Joey Korn talks to our 2011 Conference about his Simple Blessing Process for transmuting detrimental energies and shows how we each affect the energies of a place, individually and cumulatively (70 mins, 49MB).
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