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Utility worker uses dowsing rods (video)

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:04 am
by Grahame
We all know that this is still fairly common practice in many utility companies, although they may not talk about it. Good to see it in action.

Langley Township worker uses old school divining rods to find water (video)
Global News wrote:Mike Sandell’s job is to find water.

He works for Langley Township and it can be a challenge to figure out where water pipes run into properties. Sometimes modern devices don’t do the job.

“Some services have a plastic cap so it is pretty much impossible to find them with a metal detector,” Sandell said.

That’s when he breaks out his witching sticks. Sandell practises dowsing, the ancient craft of using divining rods to find groundwater. ... ind-water/