Geopathic Stress ~ The Impossibility of Cure

Issues concerning sick houses and unhealthy earth energies.
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Re: Geopathic Stress ~ The Impossibility of Cure

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I have worked GS and Black Water Lines now for years, by intent clearing them from running across the planet from where they emerge, in the beginning I used staples to block and kill the line one at a time which took ages. Now I find any line on Google Earth and remove them turning them back into the planet with the help of higher forces, and as I cannot walk far my new method works a treat.
When I started clearing the Uk had accident black spots and BWLines as well, now it’s a much better situation with just the odd line appearing perhaps once a month anywhere. This new intent method allows me to work a country at a time, I seek no permission but just remove them where they exist, it works for me.
Checking country by country proves it works well, the lines removed in 2002 at Wishaw near Birmingham remain clear where 35 people in the villages suffered cancer in some form or another, the staples plus intent did a cracking job if I say so. I work any cancer or GS hotspot reported in the papers or seen on TV, and accident black spots where people have been killed in car accidents, it’s what I feel is my job to do anything I can to help others anywhere in the world.
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