Energy leys - man-made or natural?

Leys, Alignments, Energy leys, ley lines... what do you call them?
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Re: Energy leys - man-made or natural?

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Kevin, I cannot get the link to work, am on my phone though so could be me. Am intrigued to hear more about the relationship with ourselves and time. I have seen articals about people who can manipulate this using brain waves, I have also heard views that a variation of multiple universes exist simultaneously, and that projecting different thoughts or tunes of conciousness allows travel between. This can be seen in films like the secret using the laws of attraction, thoughts become things e.t.c a Buddhist take on this is levels of conciousness, based on thought tuning, to the point objects can be moved, or even shapes changed. Again going way off topic so will leave for another day....
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Re: Energy leys - man-made or natural?

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Thanks for the link you posted it has thrown up an interesting topic which I will start on another thread.
Your other comments will require more thought before I can reply
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Re: Energy leys - man-made or natural?

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I would strongly recommend this link to Randy powell, don't be put off by the maths, it's simple.
listen to how the "energy" travels without anything interfering or obstructing it, along dead straight lines.
Then further consider how the system self replicates, and how each torroid is fed by the dominant torroid it inside of.
Think of Yourself as such a torroid within the Earths torroid.
Your torroid will interact with those larger.

I find nine parallel lines arranged in groups of threes to every energy ley, thats 3,6,9

In a torroid , there is flow in both directions at once in/out of the central heart point, as with YOU, as with the planet, as with the galaxy, as with universe.
I focus on the universal system, the geometry creates multiple local vortices, and the flow on these can be manipulated by carefully positioned materials, those who will be able, and were able to detect and position the materials were,
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Re: Energy leys - man-made or natural?

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As far as width is concernnd, i have dowsed a geopathic stress line emitted from a fault near the Long Mynd to be about 60 feet wide. It went right under someone's bedroom !

Just found this thread and find it very interesting, I checked for this Black Water Line/ Noxious Line at the Long Mynd and its still there, it rises from 32 000 feet down and turns west, where it can be dowsed at 50 feet crossing the fields, but this line is perhaps 9 feet wide so it may not be the same line ? . I will ask and work to remove it tonight for health reasons to those living above this line further west., the Google marker for the Long Mynd is where it rises.
Further to man made forces you can dowse and feel, its possible to do this, I have made a line of light and love and well being in Zurich by thought alone and had this line confirmed, and I went on to place this same short line on influence on the Moon, anyone wish to dowse for this Google Moon and put Bruce in the search box, two Bruces will appear on the screen, the active line is under the right hand Bruce.I dowsed Bruce tonight and the line is still strong and active after some months.
I discovered a man made line of intent and found it to be 198 years old,( THIS was on Skye ) and thats how I started to explore man made lines of intent, first thing I did was place a line very close to where I live so I could examine it and study it, AFTER first making sure no line I made crossed or was near any natural forces there.

All clear at the Long Mynd now and to the west.

In the case of me making a line I always check first I dont put a line across or near any natural forces already there, it would be wrong to do that. If you wanted to stand either side of the Noxious Line and walk forward to the point where it was, it would measure 90 to 100 feet wide, as you feel the NLine either side of it which then gives you the depth of the force underground.
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