Coventry Birmingham Anglesey Energy line ?

Leys, Alignments, Energy leys, ley lines... what do you call them?
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Re: Coventry Birmingham Anglesey Energy line ?

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The Hopton area I fished many times when I lived at Gt Yarmouth, the area near the caravan site is where the Michael Mary line passes here, and its where I caught a 16 lb Cod off the beach once. I passed the old Church so many times on my peddle bike and motor bike later, but to be honest I never dowsed here till years later after I moved to Coventry. I know the M and M line passes near the round about on the main road now when I dowsed on Google Earth, and goes over towards Somerleyton and heads sw across the country, 32 Leys wide at this time, and after December 3rd this year 16 wide, as the lines are reducing in its cycle.
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