Learning to dowse..Am I Standing Up?

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Learning to dowse..Am I Standing Up?

Post by Revealermike »

Here I am in Mid Wales, no dowsers that I know of around here so I was pointed as a beginner to Tim Walters YouTube video Dowsing - Learning to dowse step one..

My understanding was that dowsing was to do with picking up energy fields from nature, unfamiliar radiation as Herbert Weaver described it. So here I am at the beginning with rods in hand and Tims' instruction is to get the rods to respond to a question of whether "I am standing up?". I guess it could be any question...? Am I a male or female?? So the confusion in my head is.... is it more spiritual or matters or matters unconscious workings rather than a picking up of physical radiation fields in nature (stone circle energies, water diving etc..) that we are tapping into?

Does my body unconsciously know there is water down there? As in asking a question...
Or does my body pick up a physical energy fields of a water source, that the rods respond to ? If so how does "Am I sanding up?" fit into that? This is not a matter of energy fields...

It would great to get some peoples thoughts on this. Maybe its a combination of both these things? I would just like to know where to place my head or heart when one want to start divining? Any help on how you found your first responses to the rods at the very begining would be greatly appreciated.

......and should I start by just walking over things like hose pipes , bamboo sticks ?
Mike - Mid Wales
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Re: Learning to dowse..Am I Standing Up?

Post by Grahame »

Hi Mike,

These are all good beginner questions to be asking, and there isn't really a simple answer to it. There are undoubtedly some telluric emanations from underground water flows, minerals and more subtle energies that dowsers are able to detect; and then there are the more divinatory-type questions that seem like the dowsing tool is getting the answer from your subconscious (or higher self/spirit guide/god/whatever).

To my thinking, the key connecting factor is consciousness. Your consciousness connects with the consciousness of every thing at some level, creating a resonance between your mind and the thing that you are dowsing, that your dowsing tool can pick up and react to. If you're dowsing tangible targets, then you are connecting with the target in question. If you're asking questions, then you're connecting with your subconscious and/or some other external source that's providing the information.

My advice is not to over-analyse things at the moment. Just keep practising on tangible stuff like pipes and drains with your rods until you are confident with your responses, and if you want to do more divinatory Q&A-style dowsing, you might find a pendulum is a better tool for that (it gives a quicker response). Find out what works for you and work with it; build your confidence and the more philosophical answers will come in time as your understanding develops.

HERE is a rather old article that I wrote for beginners, but I think it's still relevant.
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