EVP...A Missing Link?

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Re: EVP...A Missing Link?

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Some background noise... some mechanical action...after repeated listens through headphones I began to think I might be able to hear something voice-like, but I think it's probably due to reverb ?
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Re: EVP...A Missing Link?

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The human brain is very good at 'filling in the gaps' in all of our senses, very often without us even noticing.

If you listen to white noise for more than a few minutes you generally start to 'hear' voices, music, all sorts of things, as our brains attempt to make sense of the data.

During WW2 radio operators working at airfields would 'hear' aircraft calling that simply were not there. For VHF short range communication Super-Regenerative receivers were used (it was the best technology at the time for VHF reception), and in the absence of a signal the unit would produce a hissing sound.

There are many accounts of operators 'hearing' long overdue aircraft calling, only to later find that the aircraft in question had been shot down many hours earlier.

Anyone can try this out for themselves. Just use any available FM radio and tune it to a spot on the dial where there are no broadcast signals. After five or ten minutes of listening you will 'hear' all sorts of things.

And you generally find that the harder you listen the more convinced you become that you really are hearing something!

Spooky stuff...
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