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Welcome to the British Dowsing Forum!
Enabling global dowsing discussions since 2004

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the BSD forum is reborn wearing a shiny new cloak!

Welcome to the British Dowsing Forum. This is the place to ask dowsing related questions and search for answers. Or to tell us about your upcoming events, current projects etc.

First - a little bit of history and disclaimer... I'm Grahame Gardner, the founder and administrator of this forum. This forum is open to anyone with an interest in dowsing, and incorporates the forum archive of the British Society of Dowsers, which was set up in 2004 by my good self when I was a Trustee of the BSD, and ran under my administration until it was unceremoniously dumped without warning by the BSD in early 2018 during a website revamp. Fortunately, after a bit of negotiation, I managed to obtain a backup of the database from the old website hosting company before it got deleted from their servers, and with the full permission of the BSD, have rebirthed the forum here. It no longer has any connection with the BSD, and the British Society of Dowsers claim no responsibility for any content.

Although the forum was hosted by the BSD, it has always been open to anyone who registered - BSD members, dowsers from other societies, and general public - anyone with an interest in dowsing. If you were previously a member of the forum, welcome back! If you're a newbie from afar, you're welcome too. You will find a happy mixture of professional and amateur dowsers from the main international dowsing societies and elsewhere who are happy to provide advice on practically any topic, so jump right in - why not say hello in the 'introduce yourself' thread? Please try to post your new topic in the relevant section if possible, it helps to keep things tidy. If you're not familiar with using forums, there are some tutorials in the Forum Matters section. Click here to go to the first one.

If you have previously been a member of this forum, then your original email address, username and password will still work to get you logged in. If you can't remember your password, you can request one by clicking on the 'I forgot my password' link on the login screen, and the forum will email you a new one automatically. If you can't remember your username, or if you have changed your email since you were last here, then send an email to info (at) britishdowsing (dot) net including your old email address and I will alter your details accordingly.

PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY REGISTER A SECOND TIME WITH A NEW NAME! If you have been here before, then your details are somewhere in the database and we would like to reconnect you with them. If we don't do that, then any previous posts you have made will not be attributed properly.

In a (probably vain) attempt to bring some sense of order to things, I have spent a great deal of time going through the entire forum and deleting old and redundant posts, updating links and generally tidying up. This includes moving some stuff into some new sections, so things look a little different, but it's mostly all there as before. If there's a particular post of yours that you really liked and can't find, chances are that it's now in the Recycle Bin. If you ask me nicely, I can resurrect it for you. :)

Forum rules
Be nice to each other. That's basically it. Any insulting, trolling, or obnoxious behaviour will be dealt with and offenders banned from the forum, usually after at least one warning. Blatant commercial listings, spammers and spam posts will be deleted without warning, as will any diehard sceptics looking to cause trouble - you have your own forums to play in and will find no welcome here.

By 'spam' I mean unsolicited advertising of goods or products. If your product or service is clearly of interest to dowsers then of course we do want to hear about it, but please don't just register and then post a one-line message with a web link in it; that looks like suspicious behaviour and your account WILL be deleted. Tell us a bit about yourself and your dowsing interests first. DO NOT include commercial product links in your profile signature either - these will be removed.

Every so often, I do a "smudging" of the member list to remove any unwanted elements. If you have never posted a message but genuinely want to be here, this might mean that you accidentally get deleted from the registered member list. Don't worry too much - it's nothing personal. You can easily register again, and if you've made at least one posting, you are not likely to be smudged.

You can read any posts in the public sections, but in order to comment, or post your own topics, you must register as a member of the forum, which enables the more advanced features. Registrations require moderator approval before you are allowed to post - this is mainly to prevent automated spambots - and is usually granted fairly quickly, but may take a day or two if I'm away from home. Please be patient.

USE THE SEARCH FACILITY! Given the number of years that this forum has been in existence, the chances are that your question will have been answered somewhere. Please at least try to search for an answer before posting a new topic; old forum regulars tend to get fed up answering the same questions again and again, and curmudgeonly old forum administrators get even more fed up with having to locate and merge similar topics to keep things tidy. :shock:

The domain name britishdowsing.net, which includes the main website and this forum, is wholly owned and paid for by me, Grahame Gardner. The British Society of Dowsers has no connection with this website and claims no responsibility for anything you find here. If you have an issue that relates to the British Society of Dowsers, please take it up with them directly.

Due to the large number of posts in the database, you may find several broken links that refer back to the main BSD website. We are going through everything trying to tidy up broken links and deleting several outdated posts, but as you can appreciate this is a huge task and it will take some time to complete. If you find anything that you think needs sorting, please PM Grahame or email info (at) britishdowsing (dot) net. You can also simply report a post by clicking on the (!) icon at the top right, which will flag it for attention.

GDPR compliance
This site stores certain information about you in order to facilitate the running of the forum. This is primarily the email address that you use to register, but may include other personal details that you enter in your profile. You can change your personal details at any time in your user control panel. If you wish to permanently delete your account, presently you need to contact an Administrator to request that. For more information, please see the general privacy policy and the terms of use.

Administering and hosting this website and forum takes a not-insubstantial amount of time and money, which I am paying for out of my own pocket. If you regularly use the forum and would like to show your appreciation occasionally, you can donate the price of a cup of coffee, or some stronger libation (hint: I like gin) to me by clicking HERE. Just add a note saying 'forum' so I know what it's for. Your karma will be greatly enhanced by this action and I thank you. Plus you get a special rank image on your profile, and possibly some more tangible goodies (TBC) at some future point. 8) 8)
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Post by simonwheeler »

Thank you, Grahame. Have done the Paypal thing: Tesco style I'm afraid. Every little helps.......
Looking forward to this Forum getting back to business- and taking up more of my time! :lol:
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