Twin Electronic Rods

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Twin Electronic Rods

Post by zorol »

Hi everyone :D
I m a new member and I found this forum very informative.
I'm looking to find a set of twin electronic dowsing rods. To be more specific, these rods look like handmade and one friend bought years before in the UK.
The details are that is four rods (twins), need two persons to operate, one holds two of them and the other one the other two rods.
Someone else is named this set "Twin electronic dowsing rods".
The two rods each person holds are connected between them with a cable and the two of the total four rods are taking 2 batteries inside in order to operate.
They have one small led light near to the edge.
The two are in color red and the other in yellow to the edge and to the middle.
Here is the picture of the two of them connected with a cable.

I will appreciate a lot if someone could provide any info about where could I found a set of this total four rods.
Thank you!!

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Re: Twin Electronic Rods

Post by Grahame »

Hi zorol, and welcome to the forum.

I have never seen anything like those rods before, so I've no idea where you would look for such a thing. They must be home-made surely?

Actually, I'm not even sure they are dowsing rods. How are you supposed to use them?
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