Sedona/ Sussex Vortex?

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Re: Sedona/ Sussex Vortex?

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Kevin wrote:Tom,
Avebury sounds wonderfull.
We may all be FREE in the new year???

Bring thousands of pegs and miles of cord, and that will just be around the cove.
shall do :-)

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Re: Sedona/ Sussex Vortex?

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Mike, sorry for the delay. I did get back to Chimayo last October and ventured (that's a good word, it was extremely chaotic. I had to scale a six foot barred gate) Anyway, there is a cluster of geospirals in the meadow, in fact the area of influence is much greater than the two geospirals at the Sanctuary. Rods show repeated habitation by Indians over several millenia. A large blind spring feeds a nearby river between the meadow and the Sanctuary. You may like to know the people at Chimayo have built an outdoors chapel to cater to the main chapel overflow. It's quite beautiful and the circular rows of seats surround an altar. Would you believe that is the other geospiral at the Chimayo Sanctuary? It appears the architects/planners knew exactly what they were doing when they planned the overflow chapel. I have another situation on geospirals and I think I will start a new column.
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Re: Sedona/ Sussex Vortex?

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Just found this link and site again after a very long time, and I dowsed it today and its all very interesting. For me a deep fault line 3000 feet down runs the length of the Sanctuary ne to sw, with another at the same depth se to nw through the middle of this building. Also in the centre of the building is a Holy Well rising from 160 feet coming from the north here, its a MOST exciting place to be, visit if ever you can folks.
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