If You Dowse, Are You Ever Off Duty

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Re: If You Dowse, Are You Ever Off Duty

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KORA MY ADOPTED CAT sleeps on the computer chair, as I have a habit of kicking her out of bed when I turn over each time, she learns very fast bless her. :lol: I think many artists who sing or play have the ability to draw energy from their audience when they perform, they all report a huge LIFT when they do shows, this might be the same sort of thing ? I know when I walked a crop circle that had huge energy for perhaps an hour would lift me to a point where I would have a smile on my face for days afterwards, it was like the crop circle fed me,yet at some formations I was drained afterwards ? Perhaps at sites because of its gender its possible the influence can both feed and drain you, depending on what gender you and the site are ? Another thing that might happen is the place you visit has a history of meetings of people who perhaps draw energy down that is not nice or normal, you become caught up with forces that are drawn there to use your life force to increase their own, for what ever purpose.I have a bad feeling about sites/places and I move away fast, I dont question it I just move away,I always ask for protection while dowsing so I just dont question the reaction to get away ASAP.
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