Jack Coel

for matters relating to dowsing for water supplies including wells, boreholes, heat pumps and other services.
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Jack Coel

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I came across this guy today, he seems to have had some public success in the states with water divining:

This article has his take on dowsing, and personally I think his success is down to his simplistic view on dowsing - He believes in it and thats that.

http://www.sfgate.com/magazine/article/ ... 550244.php

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Re: Jack Coel

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Faith you can find what you are looking for does help, but its really practice and more practise that will win the day, and finding the medium to work with, Y rod or L rod or pendulum which ever suits you best. Sure some days are better than others to start with, and dont be put off dowsing when things dont work out, Rome was not built in a day remember. When you dowse ancient sites they are aware of you, the forces there will know you are probing the area and will check you out, so always protect first and dowse with a open heart and mind.
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