Nodding Head Syndrome

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arthur hamlin
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Nodding Head Syndrome

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Just wondering if anyone has come across this information.
It can be found on the Web and in Video form.
I find there are many thousands of children between the ages of 5 and 15 afflicted in Northern Uganda and to date no cure has been found.
My dowsing tells me that this is due initially to recent wars where angry thought forms are transmitted by dying soldiers.
These negative Thought Forms are than floating around which are than picked up by these vulnerable children,
I find that these thought forms smother the top of their heads so that the Chakras are starved.
The children curl up on the ground and eventually die.
I invite dowsing responses.
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Re: Nodding Head Syndrome

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Dowsed this Nodding Head Syndrome and find that it is the decaying corpses that the children
touch which contaminates and brings on this syndrome. Only 3% of the children that
don't touch the corpses contract the syndrome.
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