Further Observations on the Crosses We Bear

by Dr Günther Schneck

In the author’s previous article in the EEG Newsletter, Vol 7/25 March 2002, it was said that grid lines form three-dimensional crosses on practically everybody.
These crosses have a detrimental effect. The broader the grid lines forming the crosses, the more detrimental the effect will be on the individual concerned.

Seven different grid lines were described as forming these crosses, with the Hartmann grid lines producing the least harmful cross. Since then, further broader grid lines have been found, all of which can form crosses, but which are much rarer than the first seven grid patterns. A total of twenty-four grids have so far been dowsed.

Why were these additional gridlines not dowsed earlier? The problem is that the broader grid lines consist of strands of energy bands with spaces being found between the bands. According to M. Mettler (1990), the grid lines consist of electro magnetic lines as the primary bands while the second part, being the spaces in between, consists of ions and electrons. When dowsing for an energy grid cross, one could easily dowse a band, believing it to be a grid line.

Further confusion is to be expected as there is considerable variation in width and intensity of the lines. In a period of good weather, the lines are strong and easy to dowse but, should it be cloudy, they become more difficult to detect, to the point of being almost impossible to detect during fog. Furthermore, the North-South orientation of the Hartmann grid lines can change up to some 10°. The size of grid “meshes”, i.e. the distance between grid lines, seems to vary according to longitude, e.g. Grid 1 (Hartmann Grid) lines are some 1.6m apart in South-West England, whereas they are 2.0m apart in Switzerland, compared with being some 2.5m apart in Tenerife. The higher grids can run at angles nearing 180°.

So, while a person carrying a cross formed by Curry Grid lines, for example, would experience a change in the polarity of the cross approximately every 2.5m, an individual who was carrying a cross formed by Grid 19 lines would have to walk 750m straight along the grid line in order to change the polarity of his specific cross, as this is the approximate distance between the grid lines for this particular grid.

The 24 Grids

The values cited for these results are those dowsed in Devon, South West England. It should be noted that different values will be found in other locations, especially when one is examining the distance between the grid lines. Values give for the higher grids are approximate and are open to more exact measurement.

Grid NumberDegress from NorthLine Width (metres)Distance Between Lines (metres)
Grid 1 (Hartmann)runs North-South0.11m1.6m
Grid 2 (Curry)45°0.15mc.2.3m
Grid 3 (R Schneider ‘Grid of Good Speech’)50°0.17m294.0m
Grid 428°0.21m250.0m
Grid 520°0.43m400.0m
Grid 630°0.74m
Grid 740°0.85m
Grid 855°0.90m
Grid 960°1.20m
Grid 1070°1.40m
Grid 1180°1.80m
Grid 1290°2.20m
Grid 13105°2.60m
Grid 14115°3.20m
Grid 15120°4.00m
Grid 16125°4.40m
Grid 17130°5.40m
Grid 18135°6.00m
Grid 19140°7.50m750.0m
Grid 20145°8.50m 
Grid 21150°9.50m 
Grid 22155°10.50m 
Grid 23170°11.50m 
Grid 24179°15.50m 

It seems that the increase in line width is connected with the increase in distance between the grid lines.

The author has always experienced difficulty dowsing Earth grid lines in the presence of others. This has applied not only to curious onlookers but also to fellow dowsers. In the light of the findings regarding crosses, it becomes clear why dowsing is easier when alone. If a number of people congregate together, all of the grid lines from the various crosses are present, making it difficult to dowse the “real” Earth grids.

It seems that crosses for the higher grids cannot be dowsed by the bearer himself but require the assistance of another dowser.

Confusion can arise by dowsing an energy band of a broad grid line. For example, a Grid 23 band has a width of approximately 0.40m. This could easily be confused with a Grid 5 line, having a width of 0.43m. In this case, another dowser has to find out the true grid present. Dowsing for the higher girds is extremely difficult.

The author has always found that Communion has reduced whatever cross he was carrying to the most favourable cross, being Nr 1 (Hartmann). After church Communion services, the author has devicelessly dowsed the service participants at various coffee breaks. All have been found to have changed to the Nr 1 (Hartmann) cross. While the author considered that some of those he dowsed may not have participated in the services in a state of highest religious zeal, it seems that even those who must have participated in quite a routine manner still had a Nr 1 cross.

How Does This Affect Dowsers?

It appears that we have a defensive mechanism, which is the first layer of our physical aura (often called the etheric layer) that protects us against any geopathic stress we might meet while dowsing. If the etheric layer becomes saturated with geopathic stress, then the negative energies pervade through to the physical body, causing disturbance of fine regulatory processes, possibly leading to illness. It seems that this may be a safety or buffer zone that, once full, spills over into the body. The process of dowsing in itself does not seem to affect this first layer of the aura.

It is possible to clear this first auric layer of its geopathic stress. For instance, there are power points in certain churches that will clear the etheric layer of the aura of such stress. A stay of some 20 minutes at St Mary’s Church, in Appledore, Devon, for instance, will suffice. However, it appears that the best method of reducing geopathic stress in the aura’s etheric layer is by maintaining intensive contact with the earth and plants, i.e. by gardening. The author has often proved this by dowsing himself both before and after gardening.

In addition to the fairly well known auric layers, there is another invisible “body” that is of great significance for dowsers. It is entirely different from the aura, and was well known to the Ancient Egyptians who referred to it as the Ka body. Modern day theosophical societies call it the “Life Body”. This Ka body vaguely follows the outline of our own physical body and can be dowsed. (Figure 2). In the author’s case, it measured 0.11m, compared with the etheric layer of the aura with which it should not be confused, which measures around 0.05m. It is to be appreciated that all these observations are very subjective and are still open to discussion or change.

According to mystical lore, the Ka body survives physical death until such time as the physical body has decomposed. This may be the reason for the obsession amongst Ancient Egyptians with preserving the dead by mummification.

The state of the Ka body is very fluid and can be either “negative” or “positive”. Any dowsing activity seems to contribute to the negative side. Higher negative values are caused by map dowsing or other forms of mental dowsing and are especially high when moving field or energies. However, this is nothing compared with the amount of negative energy produced in the Ka body by speaking a curse, a point clearly indicated in the Bible. Not only does the curse leave negative energy in the Ka body of its recipient, but it actually has an even stronger negative impact on that of the sender. Therefore, when witches stuck needles into a figurine representing a particular person, it was the recipient’s Ka body that they injured. However, at the same time they also stuck invisible “needles” in their own Ka body without realising it. This phenomenon is described in the mythology and fairy tales of all cultures. A good act will leave a positive mark or energy in the Ka body. Likewise, a blessing will leave positive energy in the Ka body of both the receiver and the sender. All strong emotion directed towards others, like hate, envy, or jealousy have an invisible impact on the Ka body of the receiver but the effect on the sender’s own Ka body is even more significant.

The author has found that after intensive mental dowsing, map dowsing etc., the increased load in the Ka body produced a definite physical effect, e.g. bad knees worsened.

Why should a harmless or even beneficial dowsing activity produce negative energies in the Ka body? It could be compared with connecting onto the Internet to access some information without paying the service provider his fee. Maybe in the case of dowsing, it is the absence of asking for permission and not giving thanks for the privilege that causes difficulty.

How can one clear the Ka body of negativity?

Again, there are certain old churches that are built on specific power points, which will clear the Ka body if one stays in them for at least 20 minutes, e.g. Salisbury Cathedral. Probably other religions have their own ways to clear a Ka body, e.g. erecting a temple on a specific power point.

The author would like to add his own experience in respect of cleaning the Ka body. Participating in a Communion service not only reduced his cross to the optimum level, but also cleared the Ka body of all negativity. Not only did this have a mental effect but the author also experienced a definite physical one, e.g. bad knees got better.

As far as Christianity is concerned, a powerful beneficial energy must have been created at the first Communion, some 2000 years ago, that has been that has been passed on and on. This Christ energy is still at work today, though unfortunately to their own disadvantage, fewer and fewer people are open to accepting this wonderful gift.

© 2005 Dr Günther Schneck and BSD EEG