Gardening with Devas

by Judy Thomas

My first encounter with a Flower Diva was while sitting in a field on a hot summer’s day. Suddenly, in my inner eye, there was a strange golden face on a pink background. I rushed home and painted it! I had met a Diva!

I then felt motivated to make a flower essence from a sunflower – which seemed to be connected to that beautiful golden face. When taking two drops of the essence, I had a sharp reaction on my face where I had had sun-damaged skin removed. It was a surprise, but when I considered that the sunflower follows the sun every day, and thrives on this procedure, I reasoned that it holds the secret ·of how to cope with the sun’s rays. The plant showed me one of the reasons why it was created.

Because I had been out at work for 6 years, my garden had suffered from my lack of energy and time. It needed a complete overhaul.

Was there someone out there to guide me, I wondered. Standing in the middle of the lawn, I asked the question. The rods swung round to a contorted hazel. I had made contact. Curious, I asked my deva for a name and received LADICFW. She wears a brown dress, had brown curly hair, and we share the same sense of humour.

Where to start? The rods pointed, and day after day I was instructed on how to organise the garden, with weeding, planting and digging. I was shown how to fix the broken wind chime, presumably to promote effective chi, and clear a nest of stale duck eggs, out of sight under the hedge.

I was amazed by the accuracy of it all. I worked harder and harder, exhilarated by working with this beautiful creature. Questions arose which just seemed to answer themselves in the course of events, why plant four rows of carrots instead of my usual two, and why did the rain hold off until the very last minute?

I recommend every dowser to ask where to plant vegetables and flowers. Work with your garden spirits, let them guide you to work with Mother Earth. The energy exchange is incredible!

© 2005 Judy Thomas & BSD EEG