Geopathic Stress

by Arthur Hamlin

My first experience of dowsing occurred in 1979 when two men from the Anglian Water dept came on my building site in Norwich. As you may have guessed they were looking for underground water pipes with dowsing rods. being overwhelmed with curiosity, I was allowed to use these ‘L’ shaped rods, and ‘BINGO’ it worked.

At about the same time I found I was able to do colour healing using the 6/700 colours of the Dulux paint range as a medium. At least 3 unwell people told me that they had seen certain colours and were now much better just a few hours after transmitting my thoughts.

Also in 1979 at my mother’s suggestion I became involved in automatic writing and drawing, but initially with disbelief that this could occur with me. At the time I was reading a book which inspired me to investigate these possibilities. It was entitled ‘The Gate of Remembrance ‘ by Frederick Blith Bond FRIBA. The books interesting inscription reads:- “Between 1907 and 1911 John Alleyne, during some fifty sittings, produced a mass of automatic writings concerning Glastonbury Abbey, in particular the lost Edgar Chapel, which forms the basis of this classic book by his friend Frederick Bligh Bond”. It is a remarkable, scrupulously documented story whose claims, largely substantiated by archaeological research, bring into question the possibility of a Greater Memory, transcending and interpenetrating our own.

This system I now utilise to obtain information and drawings of such things as a persons brain tumour, its size, location, shape, density and degree of malignancy, for the purpose of homing in for healing work.

As my hands and arms can move freely on request, they will point (if on site) to the source of the harmful energy affecting a person and their bio-electric system etc.. This kind of automatic deaf and dumb hand movement allows for a lot more understanding of whats going on and the possible cures.

In J. Scott Elliot’s book ‘Dowsing – One Man’s Way‘ there are two photographs of him with hands and arms moving without instruments showing the search and found positions. Pat Dalgado of Corn Circle fame is another person with this ability.

My most successful area of work to date is with people who suffer from insomnia. For curing this problem, a dowser/ channeler really needs to identify the cause and its source. I usually find that this is due to Water energies emanating up through the ground. But people affected may have weakness in the immune system, possibly from a previous house with water energies affecting them.

Most often than not I find that an insulation blanket, 2, 3, or 4 foot in thickness is the cure. This is brought about by requesting from source of information for an answer plus meditation and prayer. Sometimes I’m told that this blanket only needs to be constructed under the house, but if the water energy is virulent and seemingly cunning than the whole house may need cocooning. This is like putting a bandage in a grazed knee. Those that I requested to have done over 2 years ago I’m told are still in place and working well.

As you are now embarking on a spiritual/ mental journey it is wise to have considered protecting yourself against possible harm. Some dowsers/ channelers do this automatically. It is like taking a physical journey when certain clothes need to worn. My experience tells me to remember the 3 ‘P’s – Permission, Protection and em-Powerment.
I am also a member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and when I have the time, wander through old church sites to research into its past and of its site.

I am basically a Christian and believe that prayer in all this is the key to progress.

My own aims are to help those of you who are just beginning or advanced and wish to obtain a greater movement of the hands so as to procure a better definition of that information you are seeking. To me it is like improving your radio so that you can have the chance to listen to Radio Moscow instead of your own local radio station.

It has been said by various dowsers and even Council members that dowsing is too unreliable, and that two dowsers hardly ever arrive at the same conclusions. I beg to differ – namely, if these 2 dowsers and say 20 others who had just turned up, could stay together for 1 or 2 days at the same location searching for what was decided upon, then I’m convinced that an attunement would be built up between then all to disapprove this argument. Unfortunately 1 or 2 days together for some may be too much to ask. If this was the case short courses for dowsers given by tutors such as Beulah and Philip Garcin would be ruled out.

I also believe there is now a case for having limited audience participation for those able to dowse either sitting down or using a gangway. This could be on important questions handed in by members relating to dowsable situations. As we became used to this arrangement especially if kept on a regular basis an attunement would be built up one with another for greater accuracy to develop. Eventually we could find ourselves in a position to declare our combined results to those in need with much more confidence.

It appears that there is a case for closer bonding between the scientific instrument and dowser as often a client can only accept an Instrument with readout even though only a few harmful energies can be detected reliably. Once you have your foot in the door so to speak the situation may then allow the rods or pendulum to be used.

I now appeal to Alf Riggs who is head of Technological and Scientific Research or any other willing like minded person to kindly provide written information on the scientific instruments now available – their range of use, cost etc to detect the common and not so common harmful emissions from office to home electrical equipment etc. Could we also have information on what these emissions are called and what levels they have proved to be harmful. Please could we be supplied with a decent written reference. It might be useful to know where these maybe hired from or how many Nano Tesla make a Milligauss etc. I feel that these could be typical questions I could be asked but unfortunately I am still in the dark.

The BSD was founded in 1983. I believe the EEG, if supported efficiently well, will boost the image and standing of both, and there is every good chance that more progress in this field can be made now as ever before.
If we can save or even improve the quality of life of someone who has cancer, ME, leukemia, MS or any life threatening or hurting complaint then our efforts would not be invain and you will be blessed and thanked for someones heart.

© 1996 Arthur Hamlin & BSD EEG