by David R. Cowan

It is odd that in the last 25 years I have been helping people suffering from a wide range of illness, I have had so few cases of cancer to deal with.

Recently, however, a lady asked me for help with a large non-malignant melanoma on her shoulder. She was attending a local doctor, more open minded than most, who diagnosed, via a Vega tester, that her problem was connected with Geopathic Stress, and suggested that I could help.

When I arrived at the isolated farmhouse I looked around for any obvious signs of problems: quarries, electricity cables, sub-stations, microwave towers, etc., but could see nothing.

As I entered the cottage, the farmer’s wife welcomed me in, and after I gave her a short explanation of how Geopathic Stress could affect her health, she showed me her copy of “Safe As Houses?”, my book which had been printed some ten years ago. So, I thought, little further explanation was necessary.

She asked me to check her favourite chair with my divining rods, which I did, explaining to her at the time that it was unlikely that there would be anything there, as it was usually lines of black radiation through the bed which cause this problem. As I talked, I was a bit surprised when my angle rod swung round over one side of the chair, indicating a line of black energy at her left shoulder, just where the melanoma was.

I followed this to the right-hand side of the fireplace. The chimney, as I already knew, is a weak point in any house, and any black lines emitted from fractures in the rock below will naturally radiate upwards, changing direction to pass through what they see as “weaknesses” in the structure of the house. Mrs. Smith, (pseudonym) excitedly told me that her bed was situated directly above the chair, so we went to the upstairs bedroom to investigate further.

Sure enough, the black line also passed lengthwise down her bed, just at her left shoulder, coming from the right-hand side of the fireplace, just as in the living room below. There was a problem, however. When her doctor had told her that it may be natural radiation beneath her bed she had promptly moved it three feet to one side to try and alleviate the problem. When she showed me where she had slept for some years, I discovered another line of radiation, this time coming from the left-hand side of the fireplace, again passing across her left shoulder in bed. In other words, she had been sleeping with radiation passing through her left shoulder in that one position for some years, shifted three feet across into another black line for a few weeks, while all the time sitting in her armchair in the lounge below in the first black line.

It may be that soot in a fireplace also attracts some types of black energy, as during the many years I followed the energy leys around much of Scotland I found that one type (cup-mark energy leys – see my book “Ley Lines and Earth Energies”) continually went out of their way to tune in to old bonfires and rubbish fires). Although I had believed for some time that Geopathic Stress in one’s favourite armchair is not quite so important as the same energy through the bed, on reflection this may be wrong, as in the bed one generally shifts around quite a lot, shifting from sleeping on the left side to the right side, and occasionally on one’s back, where in an armchair the sufferer is more or less locked in the same position for extended periods of time.

Interestingly, at another farmhouse I found a black line passing through one side of the marriage bed which caused tiredness and a feeling of “something not quite right” to this farmer’s wife. Standing outside in the farmyard she showed me how the house had a large annexe appended to one side. When I looked a little more closely I noticed a thin line running vertically upwards through it. This was an “expansion gap” built into the new annexe, and when we measured it we found that the black line which ran down her side of the bed had crept in exactly at this point.

Two “Blue Keekers”!

Mrs Smith told me that the melanoma on her shoulder was so unusual that doctors in the famous Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, well versed with decades of experience of cancers, had never seen one in this position and had to seek outside help from another hospital in Glasgow. When I pointed out that she also had a black spiral on the line in her bed, I told her the story of another of my customers who had come to me for help.

I had often seen him in the streets of Crieff, my home town in Perthshire. He looked like a panda with two enormous black eyes, down to his cheeks, and as I passed him I would often wonder to myself if Geopathic Stress was causing his problem as well.

One evening, at about 11 p.m., a knock came to my door, and there he was, pleading for help with his problem of ill-health. When I checked his house the following day, I found a black line with its associated spiral at his kitchen chair, where he often sat, and the same line and spiral upstairs, passing through, of all places, his pillow. Little wonder he felt so ill, and had endless arguments with his wife until they divorced.

When I told Mrs. Smith this story, she quietly took off her dark glasses to reveal her own two “blue keekers”!

So, now I had to do a little more explaining.

When you have a fracture in the underlying rock of a house, natural energy sees it as a weakness, and passes vertically upwards, causing a black or unhealthy line, about four inches wide. Looking at the plan view of a radiated bed, you will find this line crossing the bed, and also a spiral at some points on that line. Even more than this, “overgrounds,” as Tom Graves call them, also converge into this spiral. These overgrounds are emitted naturally from quarries, open-cast coal mines, etc., and artificially from electrical sub-stations, microwave towers and radio/television repeater stations, and can be found as waves, about 5-6 ft wavelength, all marching in step side by side, until they come to a spiral, where they converge into the centre – white or healthy waves into white spirals, and black unhealthy waves into black spirals.

Moreover, I believe that Hartman Lattices are also attracted into black spirals, although I have not checked this thoroughly as I tend to ignore them, believing (possibly incorrectly), that they are a comparatively minor insult to the human body. But you can see that anyone with a black line through his or her bed can have a powerful black line, a black spiral, and black overgrounds, as well as a Hartmann Lattice or possibly even a Curry Lattice or Grid. These amount to a very powerful conglomeration of unhealthy energies which will cause some form of serious ill-health, sooner or later, depending upon the resistance of the person involved.

We all have a field of energy around our body – some people call it an aura – and I find it as little “loops” of energy, traveling some three feet from the body, as well as a spiral, which also travels the same distance. Interestingly, when a person stands beside a black spiral in a bed, the field from his or her body is attracted into the black spiral, draining the energy out of the person.
When I pointed this out to Mrs Smith and said confidently that she must awake every morning feeling desperately tired, she nodded in agreement, amazed at how neatly the concept of Geopathic Stress fitted her illness and symptoms and now very relieved that one of the most important factors in her illness had been discovered.

Using the Rods

Since I have had to teach myself to use divining rods, it may be that my methods are a bit unusual. I use angle rods, L-shaped fence wire, about 14 inches long, plus a handle of around 4 inches. The secret of using them is to hold them as loosely as possible, points slightly down, and walk along the side of the bed you believe may have unhealthy radiation. Ask your divining rods to find any unhealthy lines, and you will find that they begins to turn at some point. Follow the energy round, and you should find that the line wanders around, apparently at random, just like the cracks or fissures in the ground below. It may be helpful to find the energies from a computer or TV set to get accustomed to this. These emit radiations in thin loops – black or unhealthy alternating with white or healthy.

If you want to check your work on geopathic stress, go to a hard stone quarry (not a sand and gravel one) and find the black lines running away from the lip into the surrounding country. Then go into the quarry and have a look at the face to verify your results. Motorway and road cuttings through rock should also give you some practice.

Black lines emitted from below the surface of the ground seem to be caused by the geology of the area, clay being, apparently, the worst. Black overgrounds from standing stones, quarries, etc., may initially be healthy, but can change to black after passing through areas of decay, like a burial ground, dirty canal, council rubbish tip, etc., while they can be cleaned up if they cross a clean tumbling river or waterfall, which makes me think that they may convert unhealthy positive ions to the healthy negative ones.

Some tips:

Most people begin with two rods, which cross at the line you are looking for and can give you very little information. Use only one in your normal hand and learn to follow the black line. This gives a more precise location of black lines, and you can follow the line much more easily.

Keep moving – if you stop the rod will also stop.

Give the rod a brisk rub with your free hand before commencing work.

If you want to find unhealthy radiation, paint the rod black, or white for healthy radiation. In practice you will find that you will want to find the more important unhealthy radiation.

Most people are very wary of the results found by practitioners of Geopathic Stress, and it is helpful if you give the patient a quick lesson and let them find the energy which is causing them so much bother. This can be quite instructive, to say the least, and will give you credibility.

Lead Mines at Tyndrum

A few years ago I was investigating the unusual amount of unhealthy radiation in the village of Tyndrum in Argyllshire, and went to the obvious source – a lead mine in a hill a mile to the south. Nature had left this mountain with a vertical fracture filled with quartzite and gallena, which had been mined for decades. The lead in the gallena had been used to make bullets in the First World War, and now the mines were abandoned, with thousands of tons of scree littering the foot of the hill.

Horizontal galleries had been bored into the side of the hill, with vertical shafts linking them. As I suspected, when I investigated one of the four-foot wide passages, I found it emitted huge quantities of black waves, all pouring out of the hill and down to the village.

As I sat on the scree, investigating the different types of rock which had been left, I noticed a man toiling his way up to where I sat, about 700 feet above the base of the hill. Toiling is the most appropriate word to use, as he was very portly, to say the least, and obviously unfit.

I thought I would amuse myself, and left my divining rods on top of my rucksack while I waited for him to arrive at the gallery. Red-faced and puffing with exertion, he eventually drew level with me, introduced himself, and exclaimed that he enjoyed himself so much in this part of the country, as his home town was flat with no mountains in the vicinity.

Then he noticed my divining rods, and his character changed. Suspiciously, he asked me what they were. “Divining rods” I cheerfully told him. “But divining rods are unscientific, they can’t possibly work” he said. “Well, I am now doing this work professionally” I told him, which must have made convinced him that he was all alone on a mountain top with a complete lunatic.

I showed him how to find the energy emitted from the gallery, how the divining rod turned to follow just one of the massive number of waves. Very reluctantly, and with obvious distrust he took my divining rod and walked across the face of the passage. The divining rod swung hard round, as I knew it would in that unusually powerful stream of energy.

He stopped in absolute amazement and asked me what had happened. “Follow the rod and you will find that it is a sine wave ” I said. He did so, and grew increasingly excited as he found he could easily find the waves, and as a radio enthusiast, could begin to understand this strange art. It took me an hour to show him how the waves streamed out around the village of Tyndrum, and returned to the hill to complete the circuit, and how to find the energies using black rods for unhealthy and white for healthy, until he eventually had to leave, thanking me profusely for letting him share these arcane secrets. “I have been coming to Scotland for 20 years, and I have never had such an interesting time” he said.

Another convert!

But we have all still to convert the rest of the general public in this important work which seems to be all but impossible.

Religious Intolerance

Just a few days ago I visited a relation who had just come out of hospital. He is 87 years old, and I suddenly realized that in the last 50 years I had never seen him looking well – everything he did always seemed to be a tremendous effort. His wife was out when I knocked on the door and asked him if he wanted me to check his house, free of charge, which I always do when I impose myself on people in this manner. He had a black line down the length of his bed, with a black spiral at his stomach, which I have no doubt was the basis of his near life-long ill-health, culminating in prostate and kidney problems.
He is basically a very strong man, having taking part in Highland Games in his youth, and it is probably his basic strength which has enabled him to survive such a long time in such inhospitable radiation.

As I left I told him I would return and try and eliminate the black line and associated unhealthy energies, but was somewhat taken aback when his wife phoned me a short time later and told me that in no circumstances was I to be allowed to do my “devil’s work” in her house. Apparently she went to bed that night clutching religious artifacts to protect herself! Her two sisters also combined to give me a hard time and told me that I had no authority to help people suffering from Geopathic Stress, which is rather sad, as one sister has a husband who has also been suffering stomach problems for years, possibly as a result of Earth Energies. When people of any sect get religious, I find, common sense seems to disappear (established attitudes become very dogmatic).

It seems that ill-health is still regarded as “God’s will” in some quarters. We have a long way to go yet.

Demonic Attack

Black spirals are so powerful that some people believe that they have been attacked by invisible entities.

In my book “Safe As Houses?”, now sadly out of print, I mentioned that I have encountered people who say that they have been attacked by “invisible spirits”.

I recently had a letter from Sweden asking me for help. This man’s wife believed that one such spirit has been sexually harassing her, and had felt something “that had grubbed strongly in her belly”. When she jumped out she saw what she described as an “entity” beside the bed. That was 15 months ago and her health has been deteriorating ever since, and they believe it is some form of psychic attack by a person who has shifted house to be closer to them – after the first few attacks they relocated some 300 kilometres away and he followed. Not surprisingly this couple have been pleading with me to help, a cry which I have to pass on to any reader able to deal with such problems, as my own work is very much a “hands on” approach.

I would still like to think that the energy alone in these black spirals can cause people to believe that they have been attacked, without invoking the spirit world, but the people involved all seem to be of one voice that entities are responsible.

© 2004 David Cowan & BSD EEG