Geopathic Stress Detection

by Ann Procter

There is a Chicken and egg factor here: there is no point, as we see it, in detecting earth energies in dwellings, office etc. unless we can do any necessary healing work. So dowsers need to match their detection processes to the range of healing solutions they can offer. We all have to devise our own processes, but having several models available to give ideas is useful in forming up how to do it, and how to develop further. So here is a description of our process, built up over 17 years:

New enquiries are asked to give their name and address for us to dowse over. They often have much to say about why they think there is Something wrong, and it is always useful to find out how they heard about us, as we will then have some clues about what they think we do! The range of referral sources in our practice is very wide.

We have a checklist for the initial dowse: we ask for number of earth energy lines, and whether they are positive or negative (sometimes they change somewhere in the house). We ask for entities, presence’s or whatever, and whether these are related to the place, or to one or more of the people living there, also whether they are beneficial or harmful to the inhabitants. (As a psychotherapist, I am concerned about aspects of possession).

We check for Power objects, by which we mean artefacts, which have energy about them, which is affecting the inhabitants, again in beneficial or harmful ways. We dowse for any harmful effects in the inhabitants of domestic electricity, internal microwaves (by which we mean TV, computers, ovens), external microwaves (communication links and suchlike), and the quality of domestic water, chemical or informational. The latter concept arises due to our liaison with Alan Hall of the Live Water Trust, and may need referral to him at the healing stage, although we often find that the problem is solved once we have completed the healing on any negative lines, which means they are changed to positive ones.
Sometimes we find that a place is clean or already has all positive lines.

Maybe they need some advice about protecting from electromagnetic factors. More often we will need a sketch map on which to do the healing work, which, as I wrote in an earlier issue, we do with spiritual distant healing techniques from home. When reporting to the client and asking for a map we send a leaflet about our work, and a copy of one of the articles we have been asked to write in recent years, to help people understand more clearly what is on offer.

We do prefer that the client draws the map – it makes it more personal and easier for tuning in. We give clear instructions about what we need, then get everything from a very rough sketch on the back of an envelope to a full set of architects drawings! We ask for north to be indicated, and its surprising how many people find that difficult. This is not because we need to orientate it when working, as Paul suggests, but is useful for describing things to the client on the phone, and also if we need to relate the energy patterns to something on an ordnance survey map.

The edge system of drawing the lines on the map, which Paul describes, is useful, especially for beginners, but takes time. You can place a ruler on the drawing, and then dowse whether it needs to move sideways, and which way, or rotate etc, until it dowses as exactly correlating with the line through the house. We now find that the placing of the ruler is a dowsing act in itself, and it rarely needs readjusting once placed. Much faster! We number each line as it is marked, and ask for a width, as this seems to correlate with strength, and therefore potential effect on the inhabitants.

The next step is to dowse for the direction of flow of each line, and the polarity – i.e. is it positive and therefore helpful to the inhabitants, or negative, and therefore draining and detrimental and in need of healing. There are some, which change polarity, somewhere along the way. If dowsing each room, and then quartering the room detect necessary positions of sinks or power objects concerned.

We are then ready to move into the healing phase of the operation.

© 1997 Ann Procter & BSD EEG