Geopathic Stress

by Benny Murphy

I first heard about Geopathic Stress about ten years ago when my brother’s son wasn’t sleeping properly. He was speaking to a neighbour and she advised him to go to what was known as a local quack; he reluctantly took her advise as at this stage he was becoming desperate. To cut a long story short, he was told to move his bed which he did, and yes you guessed it, to everyone’s amazement it worked. It was about five years ago before I heard about it again when a friend of mine got non Hodgkin’s disease. It was a shock to every one who knew him as he was always very health conscious and appeared to do and eat all the right things.

He refused the chemotherapy and radium treatment that the Hospital advised and instead he was given time to see if he could fight it himself. In the mean time he needed to be given blood transfusions to stay alive as his body had stopped manufacturing blood. He told his wife Mary that he felt that their newly born son, Eoin, who was sleeping in the same room as them was interrupting his sleep and that he felt if he moved into the spare room he might get a better sleep. At this time his blood manufacturing rate was 0. After two weeks when he went for his next transfusion his manufacturing rate had risen to 1, two weeks later it was 2 and it continued to rise every visit until after five months it had risen to 120%. At this stage the doctors called him in and told him that they could stop the transfusions, Eugene (my friend’s name) was told that his cancer was retreating and that he was now manufacturing more blood than he was using. Eugene went home and told everyone that his cancer was retreating and that he was getting better, but unfortunately he moved back into his room , and you guessed it, his cancer returned. He was then advised to get his house checked for Geopathic Stress and he discovered that there was a line passing under his bed where he was sleeping, but his spare room was free from it. So he returned to the spare room where again his body repaired itself he got the final all clear in January 1999 (he was attending the Mater Hospital in Dublin).

I then began to investigate what exactly Geopathic Stress was and became a diviner as we are called over here in Ireland. The first thing I did was checked the houses of every one I knew and worked for just to see if there was anything in it and to see if I was accurate in locating them. Eventually people started to come back to me with some amazing results, which led to me doing more reading and practicing a lot more. Eventually I plucked up the courage to contact the Irish Cancer Society, but as you could guess they did not want to hear about it. Time went by and I grew in confidence and in determination to convince everyone that not only did Geopathic Stress exist, but that it was very harmful to the human body. So I continued to ring the Irish Cancer Society, but to no avail. Then one day when I was speaking to their spokesperson, I said to her that if she got me someone who was suffering with Cancer, I would check their house and then tell them who had the cancer and the part of the body where they had it, but they said it was unscientific and did not want to know about it. The next thing I knew a local radio station heard about it and decided to put me to the test. They asked for anyone who had cancer, had lived in the same house for at least five years and who would be willing to have their house tested and recorded by the station, to ring the station but not to ring me, as I was not to know who had the cancer. After a couple of weeks I got a phone call and was told that they had the first house lined up.

I was collected by the station and brought to the house to test it. When I arrived I was not allowed to talk to anyone, nor was I told the peoples names. I accurately picked out the bed of the person who was suffering with the Cancer. To date I have tested six houses all with 100% accuracy

I was then contacted by the North Wexford Cancer Support and I was asked to test five houses for them. All I was told was that there was one house in which no one sick. Again I got all five houses correct and in one house I told the people which room it was before I entered the house. I did not know it happened to be the home of the person that had arranged the test. She started to cry when I pointed to the room with a bed and said that if there was a woman sleeping in that bed, she would be in the high risk category for breast cancer. She then told me that this was her house and her bedroom and that she had breast cancer .Last week (23-11-00) I was contacted by HOPE, who are another cancer support group and they want me to test three houses for them and in January give them a talk about Geopathic Stress.

The one message I would like to give your readers is that they should not be afraid to speak out about their work and not to be afraid to be put to the test, because after all if you cannot accurately locate the beds of cancer patients in at least 90% of all cases, you would be better off not doing it. In saying this I do not want to discourage anyone from practicing this technique, but that is exactly what you need – PRACTICE.

Brendan Murphy (Benny)

© 2002 Brendan Murphy & BSD EEG