Grail Lines in Scotland

by Jackie Queally

Recently in my small Edinburgh-based tour enterprise, I have introduced the art of dowsing. I work with small groups of people who come from all over the world and enjoy seeing relatively unknown sites in the surrounding countryside. Most of the sites date back at least to the Celtic period. Using bent coat hangers in the main, we gather and learn how to use them. Then, rather haphazardly, people wander out in whatever direction takes their fancy to observe what the rods do. It does not appear very scientific, but the exercise does serve a number of purposes that are beneficial for the participants. Some of these are as follows:-

a) people connect with the land they are traveling through more consciously,
b) they become aware of a layer of invisible forces that shape many things in life,
c) they learn of connections between other sites we will possibly visit that day.

My hope is during the day they will increase their respect for the Earth as a sentient being, and that they may even begin to glean a divine plan behind the very layout of the land. The key sites appear to have been determined by an intricate pattern of leys known as The Reshel. Even the rivers and the mountains are there by no accident of grace, and this point will be returned to later.

Nearly everyone on these tours finds it easy to imagine or believe that the Knights Templar, who populated this region in significant numbers relative to elsewhere in Europe, built their strongholds at key nodes or crossing points in the leys. What is not so well known, and certainly was not known at all to me when I started doing this work five years ago, is that there are distinct patterns that are repeated in all manner of ways, based on an ancient system of knowledge that I had came into contact with prior to starting the tours, unaware then that there was any connection between this body of esoteric knowledge and the practical work I was doing.

I first of all met a local geomancer Tom Graham, who had been drafting lines of sight (he does not call them ley lines) for about eight years. He discovered among many geometrical shapes, a pentagram that was centred on an ancient cairn to the south of the city. Scots pine trees still grace the summit, though luxury housing has encroached to the limits of its survival as a veritable wood. The mid line of the pentagram is oriented north east, and leads to a point just off Incholm Island, an island in the Firth of Forth where [St.] Columba is supposed to have landed in the sixth century.

Years later I was told by another highly knowledgeable geomancer, William Buehler, that Columba was very aware of the key leys in Scotland, and was able to divine where to place his monasteries so as to boost the pattern of leys inherent in the landscape. Buehler said that the chief ley was the Tav Hara or Rose Line, the first name is name based on original Hebrew alphabet and their respective glyphs that spoke of spiritual dynamics. These glyphs collectively belong to a system called The Reshel and were designed specifically for use with the patterns or creation fields the ancients had in mind) The aforementioned pentagram locks into the Rose Line via Rosslyn Chapel and a look-out tower long gone that was constructed by the Sinclair clan in Norman times.

For those new to this area of Britain, Rosslyn Chapel is believed by many to have been built between 1446 – 1480 as a temple for use by the descendants or even members of the Knights Templar in Scotland. It lies nine miles to the south of the city. According to a local geomancer, Rosslyn Chapel could only be built in this position due to the defining presence of mountain peaks such as Schiehallion (Scotland’s major fairy mountain in north Perthshire). The Edinburgh area hosts a minefield of geometrically accurate patterns that revolve around many natural artifacts such as large local outcrops of volcanic rock and hill peaks.

Ian Wight has discovered that pyramids in 3-D form with the peaks of famous mountains in the highlands making the apices of the pyramids, and the sphinx itself formed by a mountain shaped similarly in Edinburgh, known as Arthur’s Seat. I often feature Wight’s work, Lines of Antiquity in Scotland in my talks and tours.

As my tours grew, I was kindly given many people’s independent research findings and I saw that they considered many of the same sites significant withouknowing others had reached similar conclusions. For a long time I have asked myself what the reason was for the discovery of these lines, and William Buehler provided a very unexpected answer! His work tends to unify many independent researchers into these lines of antiquity in Scotland. His knowledge of what he terms The Reshel embraces all the main lines and provides an overview both in terms of a template and a relevant spiritual dynamic that is attached to the lines.

I learnt that the patterns were duplicated on the Templar burial stones and Sinclair shields, and that it all pointed to the patterns in the landscape that they were custodians of. The idea of stewardship took on a new meaning as I realised, thanks to William Buehler’s research, that the knights encoded their shields and other stones and even temple lay-outs with the patterns that extended over large areas of the countryside. As he says: “The Reshel grid is used mainly in temples and in large areas where collective will for spiritualization will assist humanity”.

Moreover, the patterns were in such density around a 20 and 40 mile radius of Edinburgh because Edinburgh is the pivot for many of the grid systems into both north America and Western Europe. (The Sinclair clan who still own Rosslyn Castle today had sailed to Nova Scotia in 1398 from Sinclair Bary in the north east of Scotland with the specific intent of laying down the pattern of leys in that continent for future events to unfold. In effect, they were opening up the land by seeding it with a certain consciousness that surfaced in the early Masons’ activities in America).

Having studied many of the sites individually, and then the maps connecting the sites globally, I began to understand how significant the Edinburgh area is to Gaia. I began to see how people’s consciousness is affected by the land they are on, and how high priests in past aeons could step it up a notch by inserting their intent into the land by the laying of straight leys.

At Stonehenge, I walked the golden spirals that emanate out of a key node in the Reshel template, and this is based on the central altar of stones. At Rosslyn, I dowsed the patterns confident that I would be able to pick up the key points, since I had tested my ability to do so at another Reshel site by dowsing before consulting the maps that Buehler freely distributes on the Internet. I discovered that my pendulum swung so strongly it defied gravity, swinging like helicopter blades above my hands each time a node was reached!

Not everyone can dowse, and if they do, not everyone can dowse at the same levels, so most of you reading this article will perhaps be asking what level I am accessing here. According to Buehler, who introduced me to the concept of the Reshel, the cosmology attached to it strongly suggests that the frequencies that the pattern is set to belong to the highest available to man – the Metatronic light frequency range as overseen by the Being of the same name.

Given that our universe is in the Fallen Light continuum, known as the Oritronic, the dowser’s own light bodies must be sensitive to the higher frequencies to pick up the Metatronic range. It helps if they are closely aligned to the Earth’s own auric fields too. Recent scientific research indicates that people are sensitive to Earth emanations down to DNA level and even beyond, and I have expanded my world view tremendously since embarking on these apparently innocent tours. I never dreamt when I began that the sites all were geomantically related, or that they resonated often at a very high level and thus deserved to be termed sacred in the broad sense of the word.

I had become acquainted with the cosmology attached to the Reshel through reading works sent by a very pure channeller of Thoth Raismes. The Reshel encompassed a vast array of knowledge of the cosmos that was last used in terms of earth energies by the Templars. However, I had no idea that the land lent itself to the very same system, holding invisible gateways into higher consciousness if used properly and effectively by trained men and women such as the inner-sanctum Templars. They used the system to “re-boot the grids”, in order to elevate all layers of sentient consciousness.

Given we are all connected and that they worked in a time continuum beyond the linear, it is only now that we all have a real chance to expand and reclaim our true directions. This, as many know, is a period of great transition and learning, and the term Grail or Ascension can rightly be applied to the Templar mission here in Scotland, one that is recently bearing so much fruit.

Moreover, the system in this area remains very active, and ongoing research is expanding the “grid” to cover much of the world, a very exciting prospect indeed.

Finally, I would like to conclude with some further explanation of grids by my friend and mentor, William Buehler:


For our purposes, a “grid” is any system that organizes consciousness and energy patterns that supports the consciousness and its intention. That includes just about every system there is; everyone I can think of anyway. I will therefore preface the word “grid” with a specific name where I wish to be more exact.
There are a number of different grids:

1. The geometric format.
A simple triangle is an example and it represents the “3” or CONNECTIVE function. It is efficient in communications, building a pillar or bridge. It has a high Grace Factor and its Master Number 666 is a Christic Temple Pillar (best described in Rev 3: 7-12 as the Pillar in the Temple of God: the letter Vau, #6, or Key of David.) The triangle or Key of David is poor for manifestation of form, its main form being a connective of forms. It is a pure symbol for a tetrahedron, that is the triangle usually showing the base and each of its sides projecting triangular flat planes into a single unifying apex over the base. An “altitude” line is dropped to the base at which point the tetra’s center of power and action is designated, its “spiritual center.” The apex of the base triangle is the “pivot” and the other two sides are the right and left brain poles for the pivot pole.

For example, the primary spiritual mode orients the pivot pole in the north. The SE pole is the right brain pole for the system and the SW is the left brain pole. The northward or vertical (“up”) pointing apices represent the female or Shekinah ascending vector. The opposite male, causal or Christic complement is formed when the female or physical system is brought into clarity and an harmonic with the Christic state of being. This then forms a dual or “star” tetrahedron made up of two interpenetrating tetrahedrons.

The other two main geometric systems are the SQUARE for MANIFESTING and the PENTAGON for a SEED MATRIX. Using the rationale above, the square or “+” Cross (Greek Cross) is complemented by the “X” Cross in which Spirit inserts its interface and codes when the physical cross is clear and up
to speed. The same occurs with the 5-pointed star to give us a 10-pointed Wheel.

Every form then has a complete system of Seed, the Form and the Connective linking to the higher complementary Seed, Form and Connective. This is also the “Yahway” or “HVHY” creation Grid format.

2. A consciousness grid.
Of course all grids have consciousness however again I am trying to indicate a grid without geometry and “random” does not fit the description. There is not a geometric form, usually, in this type of grid. The chakras are an example. The Planet has many grids that are formed of chakra sites, not geometrically organized. There can be chakras associated with geometric grids however this is not necessary all the time. A square can have chakras for example.

3. The zodiacal grid.
Often a zodiacal sign or portion of the sign will be used as a grid. The Templar Virgo Grid in Europe is a prime example, made up of the principal Marian cathedrals. It is usually more permanent.

4. An Integral grid.
This system can be any of the others but is a basic structural grid without which the structure will collapse. A “skeleton” grid describes it. The Earth uses the geometric five Platonic Grids for example.

5. An Artifact grid.
This is an artificial system inserted for a specific purpose, usually a more permanent installation that is resonant with the others. A Zodiacal Grid is an Artifact however “artifact” here is used in a more general sense. An example is the Reshel system used in Europe and the Americas. The Reshel or “Techad” supplements the total Planetary artifact grid: the Rhombic Enneacontahedron Grid made up of golden ratio rhombuses. (This RE grid was discovered by Marvin Solit.) The RE Grid complement the Platonic Grids, phasing with the Penta Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.

 2004 Jackie Queally & BSD EEG