Great Dowsers of the Past Part 3: An Encounter at Rollright

by Michael Guest

In the spring of 1981 I organised a West Midland Dowsers trip to the Rollright Stones, a prehistoric stone circle situated near the borders of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. When we arrived I was surprised to be accosted by an agitated individual who demanded to know what right we had to come to the site when he and his colleague were working on it. I pointed out that any member of the public could come in by paying 10p at the hut, as indeed they were so doing, and moreover that we had been given permission by the owner of the Rollright Stones, Pauline Flick, to make this visit on this day. He went off in a huff. I got on with the job of showing our novice members how to approach the dowsing aspects of the stones while our more experienced members went off doing their own thing, some gravitating to the centre where the huffy individual and someone else were attracting attention.

Some time later I found myself accosted by a group of visitors protesting furiously about what was happening and asking me why I had turned off the energies of the site. They seemed to think I was the perpetrator because I was involved with a group. I was as surprised as they were and on glancing across the ring I could see a lot of our members all doing things under the guidance of the other individual, who proved to be Clive Beadon. It appeared it was they who had turned off the site.

In the following weeks I exchanged letters with Clive, trying to understand exactly what he had been doing. At first he adopted a rather haughty defensive attitude but I softened him to the point where he wrote an account for this magazine (issue 5, September 1981). My original intention was to make a précis of it for this article in the Great Dowsers series, but after reading it again after more than 20 years I feel it’s worth republishing in full. It gives interesting background about the work which was being done at that time when the Dragon Project was studying the behaviour of the Rollright Stones which were emitting ultrasound when touched by microwave radiation from the Sun. It also gives more about Clive’s views on earth energies straight from the horse’s mouth, although I have to say that they reinforce the reservations I hold about his views as previously expressed in part two.

From Wing Commander Clive V. Beadon, DFC, Council Member of the BSD

Let me begin by saying that I was quite unaware that West Midland Dowsers had planned to visit the site of the stones on May 16th . From my point of view it was extremely fortuitous since your members unwittingly took part in a short group exercise of the magnitude I could never have hoped to stage.

You may not know that the ‘Dragon’ project organisers approached the BSD, through Tom Graves, early last year soliciting funds to help launch their investigation of the Rollright Stones. The Council of the BSD agreed to certain moneys being granted to the project organisers providing that such moneys were used specifically to determine the dowsing aspects associated with the site. The fund was for the purpose of meeting travel and out of pocket expenses of dowsers assisting in these investigations.

Since then, the Council has taken a broader view believing that the forces which the Dragon team were proposing to measure could well be different from those which might be located and measured by a dowser. If this were proven at an early stage in the investigation, then a much more detailed analysis of the site was required from the dowsing fraternity. At some point in the future it was hoped that all the experts would get together and see if they had any common ground around which to write up an analytical study.

Just over a year ago several of us started to map the Earth Force lines associated with the Circle, the King Stone and the Whispering Knight. Our purpose was to record for the Council the precise nature of the various types of dowsing lines involved, their position, structure, and where possible their likely purpose. The groups involved consisted of three Council members, and one co-opted field dowser. No funds were allocated for this work, since none were asked.

It so happened that we selected 16th May to conclude our check of the force lines we had discovered, which we had now plotted on to our aerial photo map. We had reached the site well before lunchtime and were progressing steadily with our task when your main party arrived in the early part of the afternoon. I and my colleagues were most happy to talk to many of your group, explaining what we had found and showing them our aerial map with its many coloured lines concentrating on the Rollright Circle. It is to those of your party who were genuinely interested that these notes in explanation are primarily directed.

We have found that some of the Earth Force lines reaching the area are focused onto the King Stone, on the far side of the road from the Circle, before being ‘beamed’ directly towards the Circle. Other power lines come from the Dolmen group known as the Whispering Knights. A third group of force lines reach the Circle from the south west.

Some of these power lines have complicated colour patterns, which set them apart from their fellows. As they traverse the Circle they contribute part of their energy in the form of one of their colours to the colour ring in which the Stones stand. Then devoid of that colour they pass on their way. Other lines, having but a single colour, pass through the site contributing nothing and apparently taking nothing either.

Unravelling the knitting of these lines has taken many months of work and has occasioned several visits. The purpose of our visit on the 16th May was to establish whether we had correctly plotted all the lines impinging on the Circle of stones, and secondly to check the width of the several concentric circles of colour within which the Stones appeared to lie. Finally since our work had been conducted over many months we were anxious to discover if we had correctly interpreted the flow directions of the power lines, relating to that day and time.

We had decided before the visit that if the results showed that we had correctly tabulated and recorded the dowsing force lines then we should go on to the next problem, that of providing a method to confirm or disprove that the forces we were analysing were or were not the same as those currently under examination by the Dragon team.

The most obvious solution was to monitor the force fields simultaneously as the delicate Dragon instruments were being operated, and then to reduce the power to the King Stone and the Circle and observe if this was recorded on their instruments. No change in the pattern of readings being recorded would indicate that we, as dowsers, were measuring a different form of energy.

Always assuming that we held the key to reducing the power input at the Circle, the scheme suffered from a single defect. Each of us by knowing what to expect and when, to some extent could pre-empt the results, for as all dowsers know, it is very easy to fall prey to errors where the presumption of an event is known.

In the late afternoon we had completed our analysis and confirmed our results. By then we had your group of dowsers all over the stone circle ring and its approaches, few of whom had any idea of the exact nature of our work, and none of what we were doing.

What in many ways your group perceived initially, was that the dowsing information faded from the Circle, suddenly, though very shortly afterwards the information relating to water and the major power lines returned to their original positions. Finally, all the multifarious transit lines were reinstated. Our group monitored these events, and your members while totally unaware of the sequence or of the happening of these events provided us with the independent testimony we so badly needed. With some assurance we can now say our monitoring of the changes which took place was fortified by the opinions of many dowsers acting quite independently. Our conclusions are that dowsing patterns surrounding the Circle were partially and then totally erased but were reinstated in a split second.

The entire operation was conducted on a single map projection, and was not engineered with any other device. I am certain dowsers will consider most carefully the implications stemming from conducting this test this way. They should be neither afraid nor surprised by it, for in truth the whole subject of map dowsing has been aired in every responsible book that has ever been written on the subject of Dowsing. Yet, doubt still exists as to the validity of working from maps.

Where does this all lead us? I think we can say with some certainty that in the distant past mankind knew how to manipulate the various types of earth force lines. He knew how to focus them on to chosen points using specially selected stones which he placed upright (Standing Stones), and some specially grouped which we call Dolmens. With these aids he was able to bring a certain type of power to his stone and wood circles.

Let us not speculate here on the value these early kinsfolk placed on their stone circles, or how they used this ‘energy’, if that is what it is. Nor dwell on the more vexatious question of whether it was for a specific task or for the good of the community as a whole. On the Rollright site, the field forces are present in great strength, but they are flawed, with the result that the environment of the Circle is unbalanced. This is possibly why there are so many conflicting opinions of the atmosphere of the site ranging from good to uncomfortable and even bad.

Very simply, the site is not as it should be. In the event, we know that many of the stones have been moved from their original positions. Such alterations would be likely to unbalance the tuned harmony of the Ring for ever, or until another agency corrected the rhythm. We are none the less fortunate to inherit so much of the site which we can see today. The care and preservation of the site makes it possible to look back into prehistory in an endeavour to understand the motivation which prompted our ancestors to leave us such an inheritance of stone and unseen and unmeasured ‘energy’ patterns.

Those critics who cry that it is unethical to investigate, measure and study this heritage should question first their own beliefs, and ask whether their fears are engendered by ignorance or superstition. For what better task can dowsers set themselves than to try to understand these monuments and through them perceive how our ancestors survived in a hostile world. Our childhood pictures of the brutish caveman, or wandering nomad, living close to an animal culture, seems hardly to fit the developed intelligence which would have been needed to plan and arrange the energy patterns of so simple(?) a complex as a stone circle.

Beadon’s basic Star Pattern unit

One of the themes emerging from Clive’s article concerns his view that the site is not as it should be:

“The field forces are present in great strength but they are flawed, with the result that the environment of the Circle is unbalanced.”

For some time he had been working on the notion that the earth’s surface was interlaced with a natural star pattern which, when broken up by various intrusions both ancient and modern, caused the energies to be distorted and even harmful.

These harmful imbalances had concerned him for some time. He had studied the effects of using various agents and devices to modify, nullify or balance the energies he had encountered. One outcome of this had been his development of what was known as the Beadon Cube. This was a cube of Perspex, moulded from liquid methyl methacrylate, into which had been carefully placed a spiral of copper wire, which had been used in connection with energies. This device later evolved into a “super cube” by the addition of selected gemstones. It had also grown larger and had acquired 12 corners, 14 faces and the geometrical name cuboctahedron. Its proper name was The Spiral of Tranquility and it looked superbly impressive. In a sense it mirrored the structure of the Star pattern in three dimensions.

Beadon's Earth Star grid

Beadon’s vision of the natural pattern of the Earth’s energies, showing how the undamaged Star patterns link together to form a global network.

The function of the Spiral of Tranquility was to correct the Earth’s unbalanced energy lines within its immediate vicinity. It was designed primarily for use in the home and would cover an area of about 50 yards square. It was not claimed to have healing properties but by providing an improved environment, a patient currently receiving treatment should find that it is enhanced and be more effective. Its application was linked to the problems of dealing with geopathic stress.

The Spiral of Tranquility

Beadon’s Spiral of Tranquility

All would have gone well with this had not his huffy colleague whom I had met at Rollright given a misleading account of what the Spiral of Tranquility was and did. This raised a storm of controversy which caused Beadon some embarrassment and months of agitation within a section of the BSD membership.

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