Healing Sick Houses – from a Spiritual Healing Perspective

by Ann Procter

We see this work as falling into two separate parts – dowsing for diagnosis and for decisions about treatment, then spiritual healing for changing the energies. I came into it as a Healer (NFSH registered) and I have developed dowsing! We now teach both. In this branch of dowsing it is even more obvious that every dowser does it his/her own way, but Roy and I have been working on it as a team, sometimes with others, for some 17 years. It really does help to check up on each other at every stage.

When it comes to the healing process, we see intention as all-important, very akin to that needed when healing people. Some kind of focus will probably be required by the dowser/healer to direct this intention, and all sorts of physical devices, including the pendulum, can be used in this way. However. these artefacts ONLY serve the mechanism going on inside the dowser/heler’s mind, they are not finite tools in their own right. Because of this, dowsers choose the foci, which suit their own mental images, whether given to them by a teacher, or found within their own psyches, and the variety is infinite. The right one is that which works for that individual.

Because we started with Bruce MacManaway, we use the concept of straight lines rather than spirals, and we used to go to houses and bang big bits of angle iron into the ground, at EXACTLY the right place (To quote Bruce, “…a tenth of an inch out and you’re useless!”). Our development includes distant healing using maps. We found that as we got more and more enquiries, we had to make people wait, so we tried doing a first aid job using distant spiritual healing until we could get to them. On checking, we found that the work stayed done, and continued that way; we had discovered a great way to save time and energy and petrol! Since them the number of cases has risen and risen –  nearly 300 in the last twelve months.

Another discovery was that it was all too easy to confuse harmful geopathic stress with the effects of presences or entities – both drained the energies of sensitive people living or working in such environments. It seems to work out that entities find it much easier to manifest and have an effect where they are what we call negative earth energies – i.e. where the pull is gravitational rather than levitational, earthing and heavy rather than inspirational and light. Clearing a space of such entities is a whole different ball game, and the practitioner needs spiritual and psychic protection lest (s)he is caught by the leeching effect already suffered by the client. Some way of distancing the practitioner from the effect of negative energies may also be necessary; using dowsing tools rather than sensing stress bodily on the spot can be helpful, as can doing as much work as possible on maps and sketch plans.

We also check for electromagnetic radiation –  a modern problem of living in space. We have found interactions between electrical systems, earth energies and entities, and there is always something new coming up. We are enjoying our continuous learning process, and hope to share with others doing the work.

 © 1997 Ann Procter & BSD EEG