Helping a Doctor

by Professor Peter J Pengilly

My first wife was ill. She saw one specialist after another. It always came to “in her mind”. Then we went to see a homeopath Dr Macartney in Durham. She found various infections resident in various parts of the body and suggested the house be checked for harmful earth rays. I thought it a joke. I am a chemist/chemical engineer and very sceptical. However I contacted Ian Muir and he came and dowsed the property. I could not believe the methods he used, rods and a pendulum. Expressing my surprise he suggested I tried. I could find nearly everything he could! My wife’s immune system was breaking down and I learned to use a pendulum and the arm test to identify the relevant infection and the appropriate treatment. At first I was nervous about my ability but frequent checks with the Homeopath (who also dowses) gave me increased confidence.
Although we found that my wife was being affected by harmful rays and Ian switched them off by sinking steel shafts or copper pipe as appropriate around the house, it was all too late and she died in 1990.

In 1991 I went on a holiday to Thailand with the Homeopath and her husband. There I did much more dowsing of historic sites for earth rays, the results of which were published in the BSD Journal (JBSD 34. 232 June 1991).

Now that I was free from nursing my wife, Dr Macartney began to ask me to dowse the houses of her patients, from time to time. She will have already dowsed a rough sketch of the house, but does not make this available to me.

Ian had taught me a good procedure and I always use his method:

  • From outside sketch the shape of the property.
  • Dowse for harmful earth rays and water courses all round the house, marking the sketch appropriately.
  • Enter the house and check that the rays pass through.
  • Try to identify the position in which the sufferer sleeps, or regularly sits
  • (watching TV or whatever) using the rays and paying particular attention to any that cross.

Since then I have dowsed on average one house a month. In every case referred to me except one I found rays were crossing where the sufferer slept and often under his/her favourite chair. If the bed can be moved to a safe part of the room, or another bedroom is available I recommend moving it to a ray-free area. If only harmful earth rays are the problem, no water is flowing under the property and the property has a ring main I suggest they try installing a Raditech as marketed by Rolf Gordon (author of “Are you sleeping in a safe place?) of the Dulwich Health Society. Otherwise I give them Ian’s address and suggest they get his help. I still regard myself as an amateur, so do not charge but offer the sufferer the opportunity to make a contribution to the Alzheimer’s Disease Society.
Some typical case studies include:

  1. Woman in her thirties with terminal cancer. She was sleeping on crossed rays and they were successfully turned off with a Raditech. During the conversation over coffee, after the dowsing she remarked that her Aunt had slept in the same bed and position. I asked how she had died. Of cancer came the reply. That lady 3 years later is still alive thanks to the careful treatment she is receiving from the Homeopath and the removal of the rays.
  2. Man in his seventies with cancer. I found two beds with crossed rays. He had just moved from one to the other, the latter being in the ground floor so it was easier for his wife to cope. Other beds in the other rooms were available, but he chose another bad one. I have observed this often, it is almost as if the sick person is attracted to bad beds (when I went back and checked an old house we had lived in I found my wife had been sleeping on crossed rays there).
  3. Man with MS. He was sleeping on crossed rays and when they got him up in the morning they sat him in a chair in exactly the same position on the ground floor. Turning off the rays with a Raditech and the attention from a Homeopath has resulted in some improvement in mobility and ability to read again.
  4. Teenager suddenly showing reduction in ability at studies, direct referral from her Hospital Consultant father. She had recently moved her bed up to the attic for more privacy and had chosen a ray to put it over. She also sat at a desk to study where two more rays crossed. A Raditech was sufficient and her grades showed a quick improvement.
  5. Husband with back-ache, wife with migraines who had heard me talk at a Rotary Dinner. He was sleeping on a crossed ray and she lounged on a chaise-longue where rays crossed, in front of the television. Installation of a Raditech stopped both the back-ache and migraines within days.
  6. The time I could not find any ray problems. Husband, wife and children all ailing, rumours about ghostly presences since the farmhouse has been built of stone from an old house. At the end of the survey I was asked if I knew anything about black ceilings. I went to see, took a sample and tried them for allergy using arm test. They were all allergic to the mould upstairs! They had blocked up the chimneys, fitted double glazing and never opened the windows because they were out all day. I passed them back to the Homeopath for allergy treatment.

It is frustrating to know that sleeping or repeatedly sitting in crossed rays is a serious health hazard and always to became involved too late, for sufferers rarely show much improvement, usually a slight regression of their symptoms. Hence my letter to the BSD suggesting that we seek some way of making it known that harmful ray investigation should be done in households where people are still fit in order to avoid later complications rather than trying to close an open door.

© 1996 Professor Peter J Pengilly & BSD EEG