Helping Ghosts with the ‘Peace Line’

by Mike Clark

I was sitting in my lounge one evening debating with myself as to whether I should have another large scotch when my deliberations where brought to an abrupt halt by the strident call of the telephone.

It had been a nice day; I had accompanied a number of fellow dowsers from the New Forest Dowsing Society to the Ellingham Country Show.  An annual event that takes place in the grounds of the Lord Normington’s Estate, between the great house and the Hampshire River Avon.  We were located on a delightful spot on the banks of the river in a member’s gazebo, an ideal place for dowsing as there were many underground water drainage channels.  It was an hour before we got our first customer but after that we were very busy teaching and discussing dowsing all day until about 4 o’clock when we gave up for the afternoon  exhausted.

I answered the phone and found that it was a lady I had met at the show and with whom I had been discussing the ill effects of geopathic stress.  She requested that I visit and  find out if there was anything wrong at her house.  It turned out that she was suffering with mild NM and that her mother was suffering with cancer.

When I visited I found a number of geopathic stress lines and a stream that passed under the house.  After I had cleaned the house, the lady asked if I would visit one of her fields, as she felt that a ghost was having a bad effect there.  All the birds that hatched in the surrounding field hedges died before they fledged.  Previously she had put a Colt in the field and it died within 3 days.  Even more strange was that later she  put a foal and it’s mother in the same field and overnight the foal suffered a star fracture to one of its legs and it was assumed that the mother had kicked it.

She then showed me where a cottage used to stand in the field, this was evident by the house bricks that were visible.  It transpired that the man who used to live there had been the local farrier and his wife had died suddenly.  As a result he was now a bitter man.

I then asked the lady to leave me so that I could concentrate to see if there was any spiritual effects or ghosts present.  I found that there was a male ghost and when asked if he would talk to me, I got a very strong negative response from my pendulum, it spun round like a propeller to the horizontal.  This was some mean old ghost who was definitely not pleased with my interference.

On returning home I was at a loss on how to carry on when I remembered that John Cuninghame was a man of some experience with Spirits and Ghosts, so I gave him a call.  He advised me what to do and was extremely helpful.  However, I have to admit that I felt very hesitant about the whole affair, as this was only the third ghost I had come across and I was too inexperienced to deal with this very angry spirit.

Some months later I attended this year’s Dowsing Congress and whom should I meet in the Tithe Barn but John.  I was quick to tell him that I had not proceeded with the angry ghost that we had discussed in the past, as I was not too confident.  John then told me about his ‘Peace Line’ that he had projected through the Tithe Barn and told me to project a ‘Peace Line’ off the one in the barn to the field and that this would upset the ghost enough to make him “go over”.  John then asked me to dowse to see if this had any effect on the ghost and had he gone?  I was amazed to find that my pendulum went into a “yes” then “no” response repeatedly, something that I had never experienced before.  John was pleased with this and told me that it would not be long before the ‘Peace Line’ would reduce the ghost resolve to stay.

A few days later I visited the field and the first thing I did was to search for the line.  I have to say that I was rather dubious that I would find it despite the pendulum reactions I’d had in the Tithe Barn, but there it was, half way up the field and covering the remains of the cottage.  I dowsed for the ghost and found that he was standing close by me, on my left.  I asked if he would speak to me and I got a gentle “yes” from the pendulum.  He then agreed that he would go over to where he should be, so we stood together, had a short prayer and he left immediately. I am sure that he is now happier than he has been for years.  All thanks to John Cuninghame’s ‘Peace Line’.

I have now projected the ‘Peace Line’ to another house, which a few years ago was newly built over the site of an old house.  Every night the ghosts of a man and woman have a heated argument and their shouting keeps the owners awake most of the night also the house feels very cold despite the modem central heating.  This, John tells me is because a ghost will draw energy from a body thus making it feel cold though there is no change to the air temperature.

As I settle down to another large scotch I am happy in my knowledge that John Cuninghame’s ‘Peace Line’ is working away and pacifying those two upset spirits and that  I will be able to help them “go over’ and be at peace.

© 2000 Mike Clark &BSD EEG