How I Dowse

by Peter Taylor

Overcoming some of the problems encountered
when dowsing for water,
and other dowsing-related subjects

Problems to watch out for

Most dowsers find it difficult to work with clay as it tends to throw the depth counts out. I found I could overcome this problem by adding 20% to the depth count when dealing with clay – with one exception, which is ‘Marley Clay’. With this type of clay I have found that I must double my depth count. This may be different for other people.

Keeping an ‘open mind’ when approaching a site:
I have found it is important to clear your mind of everything and just concentrate on the source of water that you seek. You must ignore what other people might say or infer about the site as it could cause confusion and deflect you from the true source of water.

Reaction Lines:
As you may know, there are seven reaction lines to each flow system. Six of these will move and never stay the same. The one you need to look for is the one which remains stationary all the time. It is advisable when learning dowsing that when you approach a source of water you peg out the reaction lines. Once that has been completed, wait 2 to 3 hours then repeat your checks on your markers. You will notice the first three that you approach side on will have moved, whereas the fourth one will remain in exactly the same position. As you cross beyond the flow itself the three reaction lines on the other side again would have moved. With a lot of experience you can eliminate the reaction lines and go straight to the source.

I have learnt to treat every site/location with caution. It is important never to get overconfident or complacent. Treat each site as if it was your first.

First, how I get permission: Many, many years ago I learnt the importance of asking for permission, when a client approached me and asked me if I would do some dowsing for him on the Stock Market. At the time I was very dubious about even doing it, but the client insisted and even although I warned him that he could lose everything and that I too could be punished, he still insisted. Needless to say, he did take the gamble and lost many thousands of pounds and I too did not get away with it. I was unable to dowse again for eighteen months. Ever since then I have always asked for permission, whether it would be for dowsing a borehole and the cost of it, or whether it would be to search for gold or oil and gas, or map dowsing. Ever since that time, when I lost the art of dowsing, I have realised that it is definitely a gift which has been given to us dowsers by God, and for us not to abuse this gift.

Checking your work:
The next point I would like to make is that I always check my work periodically during the process of dowsing. I check to make sure that I am still positive and not negative. The reason why I check this way is because you don’t know when you become negative.

I also believe never to be overconfident on approaching a job. Treat every job as if it was your first.

Moving on from water:
I have found that after many years of research I am able to locate copper, silver, lead and gold. I have successfully helped to locate several gold veins. I have also found that I am able to locate oil and gas structures.

© 2004 J P Taylor & BSD EEG