Is Your Bed Making You Ill?

by David Cowan

Springs attract Negative Energies

Like most people investigating geopathic stress and their importance to health, I have taken great pains to make sure that my bedroom, or at least my bed, is free of black streams, unhealthy overgrounds and most importantly, the individual negative lines which occur in and above cracks or fissures in the geological substrata which seem to be among the most powerful causes of ill-health. These emit unhealthy radiation vertically to the surface, rising for some height above it. Every bedroom in the many houses I have investigated in the U.K. has at least one of these, most have two or more. About a year ago I awoke early every morning suffering from indigestion, severe enough to cause quite bad nausea. This went on for some months, until one day, walking past my bedroom I noticed my neighbours pet cat happily asleep in the middle of my bed – cats prefer unhealthy radiation and are excellent indicators of geopathic stress. I quickly verified that there was a black line across the middle of the bed, just at my abdomen, using my L-rods – much more accurate than any other form of bio-location device. This line, I knew, was not there when I moved my bed there some time previously.

Eliminating Geopathic Stress

This is the plan view of unhealthy earth energies in a typical bed. The thick black line is the energy which can be found directly above a subterranean fissure. Spirals are formed down the length of the black line (only one shown here) and attract the “overgrounds” in its vicinity into its centre. All of these energies arise vertically from the earth’s surface, and the overgrounds and the spiral exhibit wave motion (not shown here for clarity). The line above the fissure wanders around apparently at random and does not show wave motion.
Notice that the overgrounds and the line above the fissure enter the bedroom via a weak point in its structure (arrowed) – in this case the window. Weak points also occur at doors and chimneys.

I hammered a steel plate, about 6 inches wide by 2 ft deep, into the ground on the flower bed outside the house where I could find this line coming into my bedroom, warping it well away from the area, and the following morning awoke with none of the usual symptoms. Later, I shifted my bed to another “safe” part of the room, just to make sure, but a short time later I started to experience the same symptoms, and upon checking, found that one of the lines I had left, since it apparently posed no problem, had changed its location, now, again, centred in the middle of the bed, at my stomach.  Was this black line altering its position in the bedroom to tune into my stomach, which may be the particular weak link in my health? This was my first thought, but on a more sober reflection I thought it likely that the line is attracted to the lines of spiral springs in my mattress and in the bed itself.

On a number of occasions I have found that people suffering a wide range of ill-health problems would find temporary relief when their beds were changed to a safe place, but the problem would shortly return. When I checked their beds again, the black line had shifted into their beds. Also, I had been puzzled by some of these black lines, which seemed to enter the bedroom, pass through the bed, then abruptly turn and exit the room, almost as if the bed itself was the attraction. Some lines seemed to prefer to come in across the foot of the bed, turn at right angles and run the length of the bed, as if tuning into a line of these springs. This caused the worst cases of chronic fatigue syndrome in anyone sleeping there, with this form of black line running down their spines.  The “overgrounds” are sinuous waves,  about 5 ft. wavelength, 1 ft. amplitude (imagine tying a rope to a pole and shaking it horizontally across the ground) and may be as close together as 1 mm. They are emitted from a variety of sources: standing stones, some types of quarries, electric sub-stations, microwave towers, etc. These focus into the overlapping “black spirals” which black lines have running down their length. The line itself is bad enough, but if a spiral happens to be centred on any of the organs of the body, or especially the head, with the overgrounds in turn all focusing into its centre,  then its power to cause illness is much amplified. The black lines above fissures, incidentally, wander around apparently at random, unlike the overgrounds and spirals which have a very highly defined wave structure.

Quarries also emit unhealthy radiations

Most quarries, as I have already mentioned, emit unhealthy overgrounds. I have only checked a few of these to date, but it seems that quarries of hard rock emit mainly unhealthy sinuous waves, and the softer sand and gravel ones healthy overgrounds. This idea was reinforced recently when I checked a house which had more than its fair share of unhealthy overgrounds running through it. Following the incoming energy just a few metres I found that they were emitted from a rock face at the rear of the house. The house had been built about 20 years ago, on steeply sloping ground, and the builders had used a JCB to dig away the rock to level the ground for the foundations. From this shattered rock face a stream of unhealthy overground waves passed through the house, focusing into the spirals on the black lines in the house. Incidentally, I have already mentioned that cats prefer to sleep on these black lines, particularly where the overgrounds focus into the spirals. Recently, I  read that some cats can tell when their owner has had an accident or some other severe form of trauma, and refuse to lie in their usual sleeping places. Perhaps they use these black lines to “tune in” to their owners at a distance. Since spiral bedsprings attract the noxious energies from underground fissures (and streams), then a line of them must be an obvious method of warping them away from my bed space. I made a simple 6 inch spiral of light gauge fence wire, and found that not only did it divert the black line, it actually stopped it coming in to my bedroom in its tracks. This is not a new discovery – the Lakhovsky coil is very similar, but has one end of the wire pointing into the air as a small “aerial” to dissipate the negative energies. The coils I made can be laid flat under the carpet for instance, and have been used by earth energy researchers for many years. There is no need to be fussy about making them – clockwise or anti-clockwise from the centre, and the number of turns and distance between coils seems to make little difference.

Strange qualities of earth energies

Several obvious questions remained – Firstly, why does one wire spiral stop a noxious line while a line of similar springs in a bed, armchair or couch attract them? The answer is simple – if you put two or more wire spirals on a black line the line flits from the first to the second before being warped back, one of the qualities of earth energy which I have already encountered in my research into the energy leys around Scotland. Years ago, I discovered that one particular type – cup-mark leys – were huge spirals of telluric energy, several miles in diameter across the country, with ancient burial-grounds situated at the outer edge where the coils of the spiral were very close together. Following this ley on one occasion, the outer edge of the cup-mark ley happened to pass through a coil of fence wire left behind by some forestry workers, and I was fascinated when the ley turned  out of its way to tune into the nearby wire fence. It followed this decaying fence for several hundred yards, even though it was as often as not buried in the bog.  Not only on wire fences, either, when this ley happened to encounter a tree stump in a felled forest, for instance, it would then jump from one stump to the other through the entire forest, and the boulders of a dry stone dyke had the same effect, but only those boulders which had an iron spike inserted into them. These were the rusted remains of the wire fence which had surmounted this old dyke, swept away in an avalanche and lying in disarray. It seems that when this type of ley happened to encounter any type of object, it would retain it almost as a memory, then actively seek out similar objects. I called this sympathetic resonance at the time, but later I was somewhat annoyed when my “discovery” had been known, probably for centuries, as “the ray of union!” This strange anomaly even included dead animals, of all things. I lost count of the number of times my divining rods led me unerringly through the carcasses and skeletons of dead sheep, deer and birds (including a fox frozen to death while keeping watch outside a rabbit warren) which had happened to die near the periphery of the cup-mark ley, which altered course to tune into them. Given that this particular type of energy ley was designed to power ancient burial-grounds, this does not seem quite so strange. One lesson I learned in the years of following the leys with divining rods is that walking them is the best method of finding their peculiar qualities which leads to an ability to understand and control them. It may take hundreds, or even thousands of miles of walking, but be careful that you do not tune into unhealthy ones.

Secondly, to get back to the qualities of earth energies on bed springs, does a mattress of coiled springs actually attract a nearby line of noxious energy into it? This I have yet to verify. Perhaps the mattress only warps a noxious line through it if it happens to touch it. If it is discovered that a mattress does attract noxious lines from outside, then the reason may be that they are already programmed to do so, as they themselves have spirals of energy incorporated into their structure.

Imprinting Mattresses with Human Body Fields

Scientists are also becoming aware of spring beds and their problems. At an Health Centre in Dallas, Texas, patients staying at the environmentally clean complex complained about being stressed in certain of the bedrooms. Investigation of the beds showed that previous occupants had imprinted the steel mattresses (or the earth energies which are attracted to it?) with their body fields carrying the stress of their particular condition. They found that a commercial video tape eraser (“degausser”) run off the 60 Hz mains would erase this imprint if slowly passed over the entire surface of the mattress as if ironing it1. Obviously, using a mattress and bed without springs would be a much better improvement, but would still leave the black geopathically stressed lines in the bedroom to cause problems. Purists will disagree with my term “cup-mark ley” to denote an energy ley which is roughly circular, but it is descriptive, there is no reasonable alternative, and I am sure that the original builders would have named these amazing circuits – and others yet to be discovered – in a similar manner, whatever language they spoke – straight ley, cup-mark ley, St. Michael and St. Mary leys, Apollo and Athena  leys, etc.  – a number of ancient sites linked by telluric energies.

© 2001 David R. Cowan & BSD EEG

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