Letters to the Editor

to Dr Patrick MacManaway,

Growing across the front of my parents house was a ceanothus hedge which made a fine show every summer with its bright blue flowers. I trimmed it for several years. The southern end never needed much cutting, but the western side and northern end grew vigorously. During the long hot summer of 1995 the hedge sickened and died. I was surprised to find that the whole hedge depended on one root at the southern end and that long branches had grown out towards the north.
I planted a fuchsia in its place. This too produced branches towards the west and north and no new growth to the south. Dowsing showed that there was a patch of negative energy just to the south of the shrub. I buried a piece of flint at the spot. Now , six months later, the fuchsia has made equal growth in all directions.

Heather Willings

to the Editor,

It was a most informative and pleasant day at Moulton. The organisers did a very good job. I would like to say thank you to them.
Last year I only found one wasp nest. It was down an old mouse hole in the grass and was on an earth energy line. Has any one else found this with wasp nests and mouse holes?

Yours sincerely,
Nora Morris

Dear Sirs,

I have read with great interest the first issue of the BSD EEG Newsletter. There are so many points raised in it that I have decided to write one letter to you.
To my mind there are certain basic rules which must be observed by everybody entering this field.

REMEMBER. ‘CAN I ? MAY I ? AM I READY ? ‘ Sometimes called the 3 Ps. For karmic and other reasons some things are not allowed.

Draw in the new cosmic silver pink unconditional love energy at 18,000B (Bovis Units – Ed.). It will balance any disturbed energy.

Set up protection. Expand your etheric; place your symbol in position. Include your companion. Check your bed is in a neutral space.

Requests for information must be addressed to the higher self or guide. Use the phrase DEAR HEART and work through the heart chakra. Working through the mind is not reliable. When in doubt ask. You will be shown what you ask for, so be specific. i.e. “please show me a true Ley/ Curry/ Hartmann line?Never accept anything without checking it yourself.

Yours sincerely,
Captain J.A. Fergusson-Cuninghame MC