Letters to the Editor

It becomes increasingly obvious to me, being an original committee member of the EEG, that a better balancing act is required if we are to maintain and attract new members.

I feel it vital that every so often a questionnaire such as the one that Dudley Wheeler put out with replies in last December’s newsletter to gauge the type of interest that members have, or the reason why they are not wishing to attend meetings, will help prospective speakers to steer their talks for a better response! I feel that if the talk /workshop were really in the members’ interest then the distances travelled to get to them would be greater and they would be more attended!

Geopathic Stress and Detrimental Energy Lines are shown to have the best response as a subject. If so could a further question be asked, such as – how many members or their friends/patients are affected by this energy? If indeed that is what they are suffering from!

Can you, my tolerant reader, please consider there could be other reasons why ‘things ain’t what they used to be’!

Many times after healing work, I’ve found that the most obscure or unthought-of question obtains results. Such as the body pains a patient of mine was suffering from when in bed at night. Final diagnosis revealed that it was the vibrationary rate that a certain area of bedroom wallpaper was emitting flowing towards her bed space. Further questioning revealed that this wallpaper came from a tree which had originally grown over an iron ore deposit in the ground whose vibrationary rate had infused into the tree and subsequently as paper on the wall.

I’ve found that detrimental iron ore energies will imbue into the raw articles that end up as plaster, cement, timber floors and ceilings or any product or furnishing originally kept or grown over iron ore in the ground.

When dowsing I find it interesting to ask what the incoming harmful vibration is registering at and the part of the body or organ which is being affected. Each time I find it to be over 230,000 cycles per second but both incoming and affected body area have similar vibration rates. This is why very often I believe there is confusion with messages coming and going from the mind connecting with the affected body part – hence dis-ease!

Other fascinating experiences have occurred (although not truly EEG material) when I’ve found etheric spears and other deadly weapons from a previous life embedded in a patient. Each time a pain or discomfort is being experienced. With automatic drawing ability, the detail of these weapons can be revealed. Thus a full description can be given to help in the withdrawing and subsequent healing required from upstairs, with love.

If anyone wishes to be helped in developing bare hand movements to include the above or to supplement any alternative hand movement therapy than I would be happy to give a talk or hold a workshop or to meet say once or twice a year in a suitable location for this purpose. Please let me know.

Arthur Hamlin

As usual I enjoyed the latest issue of Earth Energy Matters and found two articles of special interest.

“Towers of Power” by Alanna Moore was particularly relevant to my recent dowsing work as I have just finished an investigation into the provenance and purpose of some of the Irish round towers. My conclusions are very similar to those of Prof. Callahan in that the towers have been carefully positioned under concentrations of incoming energies. Each of the sites I investigated had been occupied in prehistoric times by a pagan standing stone which, on the coming of Christianity, was quickly hidden from sight by a surrounding wall. Much later a platform was built on top of the wall to act as a pulpit for the missionary, then, over several hundred years, the surrounding wall was gradually heightened until it became a tower which dominated the countryside. Eventually the enclosed standing stone was broken up and removed so that it could not act as a lasting monument to paganism. The resulting empty basement had no door hence could not be entered from ground level and I have some dowsing evidence to suggest that it was occasionally used as a prison or cell for monks who had transgressed in some way.

Incidentally, the water line crossings under the towers mentioned by Prof. Callahan I found had no depth, no flow rate and are of comparatively recent date so they must be ‘thought forms’.

With regard to the many modern agricultural towers in Australia and elsewhere, it seems to me that at least in some cases their constructors have strengthened the local energies and that their constructional materials and dimensions are perhaps of secondary importance. This doesn’t mean that I think they cannot work, they obviously can and do. However, it does seem that the human energies [or lack of them] which were put into the work might account for the apparent inconsistencies in operation. A case of ‘no good thoughts, no good works’.

Dowsable Geometry of Ancient Sites” by Jeffrey Keen is a very detailed and erudite work but with the unstated assumption that all the described energies are ancient. It is well known that ancient pagan sites have been continuously used and visited for thousands of years. Many of the dowsable lines at these sites date from the various times of construction, modification and repair and from modern activities by farmers and visitors. As an example, the lines around the top of the Avebury bank have a mix of dates from those of its prehistoric constructors to those of yesterday’s visitors. Some of these old lines are well above the present ground level as the soil has settled and eroded over the years. Is it possible that the author has assumed ancient sources for some modern energy lines and patterns?

Yours sincerely,
John Harvey.