Little Things Can Mean a Lot

by Billy Gawn

In my article “The Source of Earth Energies” published in the December 1999 Newsletter I made the statement that I believe every object, no matter how small, has an energy field around it. What I want to do is to offer evidence that this is indeed the case and illustrate ways in which it can be convincingly demonstrated. Most dowsers are aware that in some locations the energy emanating from the earth can have a demonstrable effect on the human body through the use of Kinesiology or muscle resistance testing. By this I mean a substantial reduction in the resistance of the muscle of the upper arm to downward pressure on the arm when a person is exposed to these energies. One good example of this is when the subject under test stands directly over the edgelines of underground water.  There may be exceptions to this and a better understanding of how Kinesiology works and why this may not always be the case can be got through reading my article in the BSD Journal, Vol. 38 issue 265. Generally those who work within the field of Geopathic stress would concentrate on detrimental energy which emanates from the earth as a whole. They also are concerned about electromagnetic pollution from high voltage cables and transformers. There is no doubt in my mind that all these things can impact on human health in a detrimental way and need to be taken into consideration.

In this article I want to look at specific types of energy, which radiate from small objects and illustrate how these can also have an equally great affect on our well being.  In the example (left) the circle shows the extent of the basic energy field around this small stone which is about the size of a fist. The two spiraling lines, marked in lime, close to the stone are of detrimental energy. I have carried out muscle resistance testing on numerous occasions by the following procedure, always with the same result. First of all a test is carried out by pressing down on the extended arm of the subject whilst standing away from any place where detrimental energy is rising vertically from the ground. This establishes a norm and gives a reference against which other tests can be measured. Then stand the person with one foot on each of the small spirals and test again. In all cases where the stone has been placed in a position so that the detrimental energy in the two small spirals can rise freely and vertically, to above head height of the person under test, the muscle resistance is greatly reduced. Then I have repeated the muscle testing with the person on the same location and the stone removed. This time the muscle resistance has returned to normal. This would indicate that the detrimental energy, which caused the lowering of muscle resistance, is connected to and generated by the small stone.

As well as using this small stone I have and can use any article or object of most materials and get the same result. The only limitation is that it is necessary that the object is large enough so that the vertically ascending lines of energy rise sufficiently high so that it passes through either the brain or the nerves leading to the arm muscles of the person under test. This can be adequately demonstrated by getting the person under test to stand to the side of the ascending energy so that it does not contact the arm above the elbow. Then move the person an inch at a time closer to the ascending energy and retest. It will be found that it is only when the energy comes in contact with the muscle above the elbow that a lowering of the muscle resistance occurs. Other tests can be done by standing the person close in front of the ascending energy, it will be found that resistance is normal. Get the person to lean backward so that the back of the head comes into contact with the rising energy and it will show that the muscle resistance is weak. This suggests that it is destructive interference with the brainwave function and thus the message to the muscle in the arm instructing it to resist the downward pressure that causes the failure in holding the arm at shoulder level. Whilst we consider these energies to be detrimental to our biological system it is in fact our neurological system that is attacked. This attack to the neurological system and the subsequent interference-causing breakdown of communication throughout the body leads to an impairment of the biological system and likely illness.

I have also looked at the situation where a person is wearing some object, a pendant or piece of jewelry, hung from a chain around the neck. In most cases I found that from such an object that there were spiraling lines of detrimental energy radiating from it. At right angles to these spirals the energy would pass through the body. Where these were away from the position of the head or the upper arm, muscle testing gave a normal result.

Repositioning the object so that the energy from the spirals came into contact with either of these two places gave a lowering of muscle resistance.

I first observed this when examining a device designed to be worn around the neck in order to protect against geopathic stress. It was designed to transmit a small pulse of magnetic energy. It was not this pulse that was causing the problem and it may very well be that it was beneficial. It was the plastic container that housed the unit that was emitting the detrimental energy which caused the muscle to weaken. I repeated this experiment with the person holding various small objects against their chest. In all cases when these were moved to a particular position (each one different) there was a lowering in muscle resistance of the arm.

All these tests demonstrate that even in the case of quite small objects that there can be elements of detrimental energy associated with them that will cause a lowering of muscle resistance of the arm when it is properly targeted. Why should we concern ourselves about this? This in itself would not cause any great problem. However consider what I said earlier. Quote “This suggests that it is destructive interference with the brainwave function and thus the message to the muscle in the arm instructing it to resist the downward pressure that causes the failure in holding the arm at shoulder level.”

The proper function of our body as a whole and the maintenance of good health require constant communication between the brain and all our body parts down to the individual cell. If any of this is subjected to destructive interference then some part will malfunction and illness will eventually occur. Whilst my experiments only demonstrate a malfunction in the arm muscle when the detrimental energy is accurately targeted it is reasonable to suggest that when other sections of the brain or body is targeted that other malfunctions will occur. These will be observed as certain illness but only after a substantial time lapse.

I am of the opinion that these small objects could impact on our health just as much as the larger and more dramatic things that are being concentrated on at the moment. In this context as my title states “Little things can mean a lot”. Having highlighted the problem, what can be done about it? Fortunately a few things at least.

When we are in an area where detrimental energies are earthed, either by a geopathic stress practitioner or by nature, the detrimental energies from these small objects will also be earthed. This needs to be thoroughly done as I have found that even within these general areas there can be specific locations where although detrimental energy will not be rising from the edgelines of underground water streams it will rise from these small objects. Additional work to remove this is necessary in these cases.

The emission of detrimental energy from any object can be prevented if it is properly designed and constructed. Generally if it conforms in any way to the Golden Mean Proportion and is accurately constructed it will not give off detrimental energy. The composition is also important. Certain crystals do not give off any detrimental energy but they all need checked out and if they are mounted this may cause problems.

I am not suggesting that we should become paranoid about these things. We must keep them in perspective, but where we can take reasonable action to avoid their possible ill effects then it would be sensible to do so. It is an added field of work that geopathic stress practitioners should become aware of and develop their skills in, to be better prepared when they practise earth healing to an area.

© 2000 W.A.Gawn & BSD EEG