Meanderings among Native American Mounds

by Lee Barnes

The earthworks and ceremonial mounds of Native Americans seem to differ in many respects from the earthworks typical of the British Isles and Europe. After visiting several dozen sites in eastern North America in the last 20 years, I would like to give a brief overview of a couple of sites that I have visited. I desire to point out features of interest and mystery to me. I am also asking for your suggestions on how to deepen my investigations.

            (DEL  =  dowsable energy line)

            The regions most out standing soapstone petroglyph is named Judaculla Rock, near Cullowhee, NC, about an hours drive southwest of Asheville. This car-sized,  soapstone boulder contains dozens of abstract animal line-carvings and over  a hundred cup-marks indentations. There is a prominent carved groove along the images, with old photos showing detailed sea-creatures (six-armed octopus, eel-like animals, among others) suggesting that this was a representation of a coast line. During my initial visit to the site, I dowsed several DEL’s, about eight feet apart, apparently entering the boulder from the south, and two radiating lines to the northwest and along the groove to the northeast.

I recently re-visited the site and determined that the parallel lines from the south were actually part of the Hartmann grid lines. The DEL to the northwest ended at the beginning of the path from the visitor’s parking area, suggesting that this was a thought-form created when folks first viewed the boulder. The DEL to the northeast extended along the groove, suggesting another thought form created by viewing along the groove. These observations indicated to me that a more precise site inspection was needed to clarify first impressions!

At Rock Eagle, a stone effigy ceremonial site built in the Middle Woodland Phase, east of Atlanta, GA., I searched for DELs associated with the site. (The Rock Eagle, is constructed with bread-loaf sized, pure white quartz rocks piled 8 ft. deep in the centre and shaped in the form of a eagle with arching wings, about 102ft. from tail to head, and 120 ft. from wing tip to wing tip. Of particular interest is that these quartz rocks are only known from a quarry site more than forty miles distant. I found numerous DEL’s apparently flowing into the base of the tail. There is a three-story viewing tower along the base of the tail, and I was able to dowse the same parallel DELs from each of the levels, showing me that these DELs had considerable vertical height. I was also amazed when dowsing around the arching wings, a series of DELs radiating in diverging directions- this was the first time I found other than parallel lines associated with ceremonial sites.

Summarising my basic insights – these sites contain DELs which seem to be created by ceremony or thought-forms. They almost exclusively lack standing-stone type structures or association with underground water. They seem to represent multiple periods of development by different native New World cultural phases, apparently lacking the complex patterns and energy flows manipulations found by dowsers at Old World sites. Of course, these are the observations of a  relatively amateur, archaeologist and dowser. Further investigations by teamed dowsers are highly desired  –  do come and visit!

© 1999 L. Barnes & BSD EEG