Measuring Geopathic Stress

by Ciaran Graham

Geopathic stress has been defined as an unfavourable reaction of the biological system as the result of exposure to radiations from the earth that are dowsed or divined as detrimental. Then we have the term, noxious energy, and that is defined as a form of energy that may be harmful to humans or some other species of life or vegetation.  This is generally found in association with underground water and at crossing points of some types of energy lines. In this case, it is considered that noxious energy will cause geopathic stress in humans and most animals and effect the growth of trees etc. However other forms of life, such as ants, cats etc., thrive in the presence of noxious energy.

Both geopathic stress and noxious energy are terms or words which we have constructed to explain living energies that abound on this earth and that have a direct effect on all life forms that are found within their influential zone.

Now I will attempt to explain how I have come to understand these energies and what gives them their influential character. Water, the most influential substance on this earth, is the common factor we share with all life forms, even though the quantity of water involved may vary enormously from one living energy form to another.

“ … the movement of water, and the vibrational  resonance of that water…  is the most critical influence on living matter……”  

It is the movement of water, and the vibrational resonance of that water that is the most critical influence on living matter on this earth and that influence is such that it even extends and reaches to the greater cosmos in certain cases. I do not intend when making that statement to ignore the influence of the energy that reaches us from the sun, moon or planets, or to attempt to diminish the importance of such vital energy forms. However such is the influential character of water, especially moving water, that it may amplify beneficially or detrimentally the character of solar or cosmic energy reaching us on earth. It is the resonance of flowing water, particularly underground streams that has a definite influence on all forms of energy found on the earth.

So let us talk a little more about underground streams. When water moves or flows in a pipe or underground cavern, its motion creates an EMF, a measurable form of energy detectable with modern instrumentation. Such instruments only measure one aspect of that movement in terms of electro-magnetic character. This measurement of energy movement does not alter if the water is pure spring water or somewhat polluted rainwater draining into the cavern. But all our modern instruments are based on centrifugal motion/movement. However, if we measure the movement of underground water with a centripetal instrument, the sensitivity and character of the moving water takes on a new image.

So let me just briefly explain the difference between centripetal and centrifugal motion:-

Centripetal :-  is inwardly spiraling movement, implosive.

Centrifugal:- is outwardly spiraling motion, explosive.

“ …science … is extremely reluctant to investigate … centripetal/implosive energy systems  ”   

All our modern energy systems are based on centrifugal principals, that is where the movement of energy is explosive in nature and non-renewable. Since science has spent hundreds of years developing our modern explosive forms of consumer energy products, it is extremely reluctant to investigate or give credit to the potential use of centripetal / implosive energy systems or products. Possibly the main reason for this type of negative reasoning is the fact that scientists and engineers have been unable to develop the instrumentation capable of detecting and measuring implosive energy fields. Therefore the beneficial aspects of such energy fields have been largely ignored and unappreciated.

Nevertheless such instruments do exist, but the scientific community in their wisdom,  having examined in depth such instruments, have determined them to be unreliable and erratic. The readings or measurements obtained from such instruments are to be regarded as unscientific.

Now the scientific community are merely one section of society or business community, with a single voice and opinion, so I will put them to rest for a little time and return to what our centripetal instruments tell us about the movement of water and the significance between good vibrational water and poor vibrational water.

Water is the  medium of life, the catalyst which is fundamental to all life on this planet. It is a medium of communication, a medium of light and a medium of sound. It may assist or encourage the transmission of radio frequencies enhancing the range of transmission or it may have the opposite effect on such transmissions. The sound of a babbling brook is seldom reproduced exactly the same in any two or more parts of the same stream. It is not difficult to understand this, for the water is always moving, always changing, the spirals or eddies in a stream are never the same. They never reproduce themselves exactly as a previous eddy.

The spiraling motion of the water creates sound and influences light in its vicinity. But let us look at underground water in a deep cavern. As the water moves through the underground cavern, the friction of the water against the walls of the cavern creates sound, as well as altering the magnetic status of the rock with which it is in contact. Sound whether audible to the human ear or not, forms an integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum, just like radio waves.

We know that all forms of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum are capable of being transmitted and received by suitably designed devices. The electromagnetic energy being produced by the underground stream is no different, but when it moves through various mediums, for example rock, water, soil, gas, sand etc., the value of the original vibration will be deflected, distorted or intensified. Any number of things may influence its course, purpose and direction. What may originally set out as a harmonic sound, or vibration, may soon fall out of tune, and become an annoying sound that drains the energy from living matter within its audible range.

“… they may attract beneficial energy to their zone of influence, or they may attract  detrimental energy …..”

Now in the case of water, the centripetal instrument can trace the exact movement of underground water, deep in the caverns beneath our homes, fields and places of work. What is especially interesting when we set out to measure the movement of these streams / underground rivers, we tend to find where two streams cross over or meet each other, there is a unique energy vortex formed a spiraling current of energy rising to the surface. They are unique in every sense, because they have an influential role on all life forms on the surface of the earth immediately above them. They may attract beneficial energy to their zone of influence or they may attract detrimental energy to the same zone if the original vibration was un-harmonic.

Beneficial Vibrational Water:-

Attracts beneficial cosmic, solar and earth energy to its centre of influence. Thereby enhancing most living life forms in that location. These are subtle energies that help to support and balance the flow of energy especially in the human body.

“ Bad vibrational underground water causes geopathic stress and noxious gases ..”.

Non-Beneficial Water:-

This will have the opposite effect to beneficial water, depleting the body of vital energy, and attacking the immune system.

What is interesting to note is that centripetal instruments contain a substantial amount of water, and the core of the measuring instrument is monitoring the  change in value of segments of that water as it passes through various sections of the instrument.

The vibrations from the underground water somehow have an influence on the water in the instrument. Whether we refer to this as a sympathetic resonance is not important, for all we need to note is, that the character of the water in the instrument changes as it passes over the various influential fields of the moving underground water.

Up to now I have been using terms like resonance and vibrational value, but perhaps it would be helpful if I were to explain this energy in terms of a musical instrument. If the instrument is out of tune, that is the individual strings are not tuned in accordance with the design of the instrument, the musician will not be able to play a harmonic tune, and hence we will not appreciate his true talents, or relax and enjoy the music. Now if we go one step further and remember back to our school days, when somebody rubbed the chalk the wrong way on the blackboard and an awful piercing noise was emitted, which sent a shiver down our spines, then we begin to appreciate the difference between a bad harmonic sound and an awful harmonic sound and how it weakened certain aspects of our tolerance. Finally let us picture our favourite music being played, the music that makes us feel like dancing, relaxing or just puts us in a very good mood and now we realise, how good we feel when exposed to such music and how it lifts our spirits.

The only difference between the sound of underground moving water and the CD or the blackboard, is that one is clearly audible to the ear, and the other is not. Both sounds reach the body, both sounds influence the body.

Bad vibrational underground water causes geopathic stress and noxious gases, attacking various parts of the human body that are exposed to its influence for long periods of time, ill health will normally follow.

The centripetal instruments that I referred to earlier for detecting the movement and influence of underground water, and which are not acceptable to the scientific community as valid instruments, are the human body, the animal body, and vegetation.

© 1999 C. Graham & BSD EEG