Meeting a Remarkable Diviner – Kevin Heitman

by Alanna Moore

Western Australian Kevin Heitman is a dowsing legend and a pioneering maverick of a farmer. I had read a press clipping about Kevin’s amazing abilities and was looking forward to meeting up with him – this eventuated in November 2001.

Kevin is a third-generation wheat farmer in the Moruwa district near Geraldton who, as a young boy had grown up with the ability to see people’s etheric body. He would note where the etheric colours were distorted around injury zones and knew that his dying mother had passed away when her aura disappeared.

Nowadays he has gained a reputation as a hands-on healer and people queue up at the pub when he arrives to receive treatments. Kevin rubs his hands together to set up an enhanced energy field then channels energy through them to relieve various ailments, aches and pains.  He thinks there is nothing special about this ability and often shows people how to do it for themselves, so that he won’t get so pestered.

At the age of 12 his father had instructed him in water divining, a skill which had been passed down through generations. To Kevin it was as easy as learning to ride a bicycle and his natural sensitivity developed further. He started to see the underground streams rather than relying on his divining rods. Today, Kevin water divines from his motor glider. “I can see the electro-magnetic field created by the underground streams from 10,000 feet ­ it’s quick and it’s fun!” he says. He has trained many people in dowsing techniques at the Dowerin Field Days (local agricultural expos).

Curry Grid

During my visit Kevin used his foot to mark out the lines of the Curry grid that he can see on the dusty driveway, and I followed him with dowsing rods, confirming their location. Some of the lines he marked as being wavy or distorted ­ from their interaction with other energies.

When you’re planning to build a house,” he suggested “it’s a good idea to mark out the grid lines and align the house walls to them, putting beds in the middle of the grid squares.”

Geopathic Stress

People who are affected in the work place don’t work very well and are often unwell and having strange aches and pains. “Just by moving their desk and office chair by half a metre, their wellbeing can change dramatically and also their work output.” Kevin explained, pointing out to me that “gypsies never get cancer”.

Heitman now has a theory that organisms exposed to geopathic stress react as if the body is in an out-of-control growth spurt, causing the hormones to direct a mineral shutdown.  If this continues for more than three years the body becomes mineral deficient and they will eventually sicken and die.

His ideas about Earth acupuncture ­ methods used to relieve geopathic stress ­ I found rather challenging. “Doing a copper pipe treatment of a geopathic field sets up a vibration that stops you from getting a dowsing response. Therefore this is wrongly thought to have neutralised the noxious energy” he believes.

Agricultural Innovations

Kevin told me that he has been experimenting with ways of improving his wheat crop for some 30 years. “I started by magnetising the grain to see if it would grow faster. It certainly did!

In South Australia the agriculture department have done successful trials on magnetising seeds and watering crops with magnetised water. So it is accepted there, but the WA farming community is generally more sceptical” he told me.

Kevin Heitman and his novel air seeder

Kevin showed me how he clamps magnets around the outlet of his air seeder, so that seed is passed through the magnetic field before it hits the soil.

He also magnetises water that’s used on the crops as well.  I got to see Kevin’s new liquid fertiliser sprayer tank (for liquid cow manure, seaweed etc) that he has developed, with a generous sized nozzle and magnets around the outlet.  Kevin has also worked on improving the farm’s soil fertility by selecting soil from an area with exceptional growth.  “I fermented this soil with fishmeal and flour and then sprayed the mixture over the rest of the farm. This has resulted in a massive increase in yield and quality.”

Now with WA in its fifth year of drought his intuition has guided him to halve his cropping area, whilst some neighbours have doubled theirs to try to compensate for losses incurred over the last few years (some borrowing $600,000 to plant crops).  His intuition told him it would be another dry year ­ which it was – and it always guides his cropping decisions.

Kevin’s wife Betty is also good at following hunches and took a gamble this year with a new ‘wonder’ crop ­ seradella, a legume from low rainfall regions.  The harvest was full-on when I visited and she was ecstatic to report a very good result.

In 1998 Kevin’s successful farming efforts were acknowledged when he won WA’s Top Crop Award for the biggest yield and the best grain on the lowest rainfall.  “But no-one asked me how I did it!” Despite consistently getting a 3-4% higher yield than neighbouring farms, he finds it hard to convince other farmers who are reluctant to try some of the secrets he is happy to share.  “They don’t want to change” Kevin concludes.

Kevin tinkers in his spare time devising new innovations for his farm machinery and playing around with a few invention ideas.  He is working on a device to harness the power of lightning strikes, based on the Tesla coil, amongst other things.


The Heitman property is something of an oasis as Kevin loves trees and has been planting them around the farm for some 30 years, with tens of thousands put into wildlife corridors plus a naturally regenerating swamp.  The drastically rising water table was killing off most of the trees in his swamp until he took the bold decision to put in a 15km drain.  Now with the water table reduced the trees have come back to life and are thriving ­ a beautiful sight.  Across the drain on the neighbours property that side of the swamp was not so lush, with far less regeneration. “What’s the difference?” I asked Kevin. “Mind power!” was the answer.

Reprinted with kind permission from Geomantica Edn 14.

© 2002 Alanna Moore & BSD EEG