Megaliths, White Horses, and Crop Circles

by Tony Hathway

A group of around 15 members of the Earth Energies Group spent 3 fascinating days in July exploring some of the mysteries of Wiltshire.  The event was not structured as a formal course but provided the opportunity for like-minded people to meet and learn from each other at different dowsing sites.  The overall aim was to see if there was any similarity in the energies found in stone circles, white horses or crop formations.

The first day was spent at Avebury, The Michael and Mary lines were tracked into the henge.  As they entered the circle they wove together to form a helix shape which held together as it ran into the centre.  Most people found a blind spring under the obelisk and underground water linking the stones.  The chakras on individual stones were dowsed and a few people allowed themselves to be spun off a stone.  Some time was spent observing the relationship between the stones, the horizon, sunrise and sun set, as it would occur at different times of the year.  There was a growing body of opinion that the southern circle was related to solar movement whilst the north circle related to the moon.  Other major energy lines were also detected flowing through the Beckhampton and Eastern entrances.

After exploring the energies at the Sanctuary a small group embarked on a cross-country walk from Knoll Down to the hill fort above the white horse at Cherhill.  The views from the top of the ridge were spectacular but no crop circles could be seen.  The weary walkers rewarded themselves with food, drink and good conversation at the Red Lion.

On the second day we travelled to Uffington.  In splendid weather we dowsed around the white horse (or should it be dragon?) to find its original shape.  Unlike its counterpart at Cherhill we found plenty of dowsable energy. There were so many underground water features that a variety of shapes could be drawn.  Some dowsers found the shape of a smaller horse between the head and front legs of the current markings.  A few identified lines that suggested a much fatter body for the horse, whilst others found lines along the back and tail which suggested dragon features.  With so many energy lines you could create a shape to justify your imagination.

Dowsing at Uffington

There was general agreement about the energies to be found on the flat-topped Dragon Hill.  The spiralling pattern of blind springs was easily detectable.  We also noticed that at mid-day the eye of the horse (dragon) was directly in line with the sun and the centre of Dragon Hill.  A small group of us also met up with John Cunninghame and dowsed the Peace Line that now runs through the Uffington complex.

A short stop at Hackpen Hill revealed that this white horse was very different to the one at Uffington. It might be an attractive feature in the landscape but it had no water lines or significant energy.  However, directly beneath it was a magnificent crop formation.  We found two underground streams crossing at the centre with a blind spring.  The edges of the crop lay were precisely marked with energy lines and some people experienced strong vibrations within the formation.  Its complexity and precision left us feeling that the local young farmers had not made this one.  The day ended with a visit to Alton Barnes to meet up with other inquisitors at the annual crop circle convention.

The final day was devoted to studying the most recent crop formations in the area.  Having been disappointed at not seeing a crop circle on our walk to the Cherhill white horse we now discovered that a sophisticated nine pointed star formation had appeared the following day in the field directly beneath it.  This formation dowsed strong energies, which suggested that it was not a hoax.  A few people witnessed the strange phenomenon of cloud shadows hovering over the circle when there was no cloud.

Cherhill crop circle

Another formation had appeared on the same night at Windmill Hill.  This contained 150 circles based on a square within a circle motif and resembled a printed circuit board.  This included some complex circular “nests” at the centre points of the layout.  Yet another formation near the Barge Inn at Honeystreet contained images of a spinning disc.  A combination of the mind-blowing sophistication of the geometry, the heat of the sun and the energies from these formations led us back to the Barge Inn to consider the results of our dowsing.  Our conclusion was that the energies found at megaliths, white horses and crop circles were different.  We found that apart from the Uffington “dragon” the other white horses, whilst interesting landscape paintings, were lacking in energies.  The crop formations contained different levels of energy and didn’t appear to be constructed by one and the same designer and the variety of dowsable energies at Avebury continued to amaze, providing plenty of food for thought and further study.