Message from the Chairman

by Billy Gawn

Editor’s note: This is the very first issue of Earth Energy Matters from the newly-formed Earth Energies Group of the British Society of Dowsers. This appeal from Chair Billy Gawn is salutary reading for any dowsers wishing to study in this field and stands as an informal manifesto for the EEG.

Most people know about the loneliness of ‘The Long Distance Runner‘. But only those involved know of the loneliness of ‘The Earth Energy Dowser‘. There is, even amongst many dowsers, a feeling of unease when the subject of earth energies is raised. The response ranges from complete denial of their existence to general amusement.

Perhaps there is a good reason why this should be so. On the surface it would appear that there is very little agreement between those who study and practice in the earth energy field.

There is great variation in the language and terminology used and in the reports given when similar locations are investigated. The great breadth of the spectrum of study falling within the description of earth energies does not make the subject any more easily understood.

The forming of an Earth Energies Group within the membership of the BSD is a positive step in attempting to bring a little order to what could be described as chaos. It’s main purpose is to inform and facilitate the exchange of information between members. It is not intended as an organisation which will judge the work presented by its members and deliberate upon it. So little is known on the subject that it would not be possible or prudent to cast aside any material as irrelevant. However it may be necessary to set aside certain things, because at the moment we do not know how to fit them into the overall puzzle. What we must do is to stimulate thought and discussion and do nothing that would limit advancement of knowledge.

What then are the main issues that are in need of addressing? The
information gleaned from the returned questionnaires would
indicate that the following are amongst the main concerns.

  • A need to work towards a common terminology.
  • A need to compare different perceptions of structure and nature. 
  • How do I dowse for them ?
  • A need to understand why they can be beneficial, detrimental or otherwise to health.
  • How do I protect myself from them ?
  • Are gadgets any good for getting rid of them ?
  • Are they a key to the history and purpose of ancient places ?
  • How are they affected by natural features ?
  • How do they vary with time, moon or planetary phases ?
  • Are they created or affected by ritual ?
  • The reality of grids and other formations of lines.
  • Healing of places and people.
  • Are they psychic or physical ?
  • How do they interact with human beings ?
  • Good case study records.
  • Improving public perception especially to doctors and scientists.

I am not promising that all these can be adequately answered within the confines of this group, but if any progress is to be made it depends on your response. What we get out of the group depends on what we are prepared to put in. So participate fully and make it work, it is over to you.

© 1996 Billy Gawn & BSD EEG