Mind-Created Dowsable Fields

by Jeffrey S Keen


I was requested, by the Editor, to produce this article for the Earth Energies Newsletter relating to aspects of my latest research, some of which has been undertaken in conjunction with the Dowsing Research Group. Acknowledgements are due to the Dowsing Research Group for their support, constructive criticism, and for verifying some of the experiments discussed in this paper. This is a brief interim over-view of the work in progress, as much further research work and discussions are still required. A bullet point format has been adopted for ease of cross-referencing conclusions. Hopefully, this article will give a flavour of the power of adopting scientific principles to further the investigation of remote dowsing and the Information Field.


To advance the scientific theory of remote and information dowsing, we need to convert thought into tangible dowsable fields that are:-
(a) in a physical location
(b) are semi-permanent and
(c) are measurable.

It is well know that the brain can create remote one-dimensional and two-dimensional dowsable energy fields on the ground or on other surfaces within buildings. These remote dowsable fields are sometimes known as Psi-lines. However, as usual, it is essential to:-
(a) ask dowsing permission before starting any thought experiment
(b) delete created dowsable lines as soon as possible after the experiment, so not to upset the natural harmony of the environment
(c) ask permission so that the created psi-line is beneficial to the environment.


The experimental objective elaborated here is to create precise geometrical shapes, each with precise dimensions, with specified dowsable properties, and with precise co-ordinates in space. Creating remote dowsable fields is very simple and involves either producing a diagram containing the measurements and specification, or visualising in the mind’s eye what one is endeavouring to achieve. Experiments were undertaken to create in remote locations, various geometric patterns comprising different characteristics. The intention was not only to increase the distance over which remote dowsing was attempted, but also increase the amount of information being transmitted, by increasing the complexity of the geometric patterns being generated remotely. Below I list some of the characteristics in the dowsable fields being created.

Dowsing Characteristics Created Remotely in Geometric Shapes and Subsequently Measured
  • Dimensions of created space
  • Height about a reference surface
  • Direction of flow of fiels
  • Field strength
  • Mager colour
  • Frequency of any vibrations
  • Positive or negative
  • Good or detrimental energy
  • Male or female
  • Spiral –
    • up or downwardsclockwise or anti-clockwise
    • number of turns

One, two, and three-dimensional remote dowsable fields were created either on the ground, in buildings, or floating in space. In all cases, the dowser creating these fields was situated:-
(a) at distances from a few feet to over 5,000 miles away from the remote location (b) at differing heights including an aircraft flying at 36,000 feet; inside tall buildings; standing at ground level; within underground caves
(c) in the open air, in-doors, or in screened metal cages.

In all the above cases, the dowser knew what all the remote locations looked like and could therefore visualise the intended placement of the remote dowsable field, in relation to nearby buildings, trees, lakes, and other identifiable objects. (This differs from remote viewing where, by definition, the observer is attempting to ascertain the remote geography).

Subsequently, for each experiment, on-site measurements were made of the degradation of the information and the actual geometric pattern created, compared to the pattern that was originally specified for the dowsable field.

This very simple, practical technique and basic type of experiment described above could be a very powerful tool for:
(a) proving evidence of the Information Field
(b) exploring how the mind interacts with the Information Field
(c) probing and researching into the properties of the Information Field
(d) measuring information loss or the bit dropout rate from the intention of a person’s conscious mind.


In general, simple geometric shapes, such as in Figure 2, were created very similar to those specified. However Figure 3, presumably because of information loss, gives examples of geometric shapes that became degraded in “transmission”. A very brief summary of the main conclusions and interpretations is given below for dowsable fields created in both solid ground, and floating in space:-

Solid Ground

1. The distance between the person’s mind who is creating the dowsable fields and the position where the fields eventually appear seems irrelevant. The same results apply whether the experimenter is creating dowsable energy fields a few inches from himself or five thousand miles away.

2. There appears to be no difference if the thought fields are created when standing on the ground, or if flying at 36,000 feet. This implies that the solid Earth is not the carrier.

3. If a dowser is “transmitting” from within a metal cage, the latter does not screen thought created dowsable fields. This suggests that remote dowsing does not involve electromagnetism.

4. Created dowsable fields can be positioned to within an accuracy of several inches even if created over 5,000 miles away.

5. Time delay does not appear to be a factor. Dowsable fields seem to be created faster than measurements can be taken.

6. Similarly, dowsable fields can be deleted instantaneously (for example, as confirmed by a remote observer at the end of a telephone).

7. There appears to be little information loss for created dowsable fields comprising simple geometric shapes or spirals such as those illustrated in Fig 2.

Figure 2

[ Shapes such as lines, rectangles, cubes, circles and spirals are relatively easy to create remotely.]

8. There appears to be little information loss for such characteristics as:- Mager colour, male or female, beneficial or detrimental, +ve or -ve.

9. However as illustrated in Figure 3, sometimes there is partial information degradation on both the simple, as well as the more complex geometrical shapes. Examples of intent differing from on-site measurements include a discrepancy in the created dimensions; a different direction of energy flow; symmetrical two-dimensional crosses becoming distorted; a “star of David” becoming an ellipse; the frequency of a slow pulse being different to that specified; a two-dimensional circle becoming a three-dimensional spiral.

Figure 3

[ When attempting to create the shapes on the left at remote locations, the shapes on the right were actually observed and measured.]

10. Practice may improve an individual’s ability to produce psi-lines. This geometric method may be a good way of measuring progress.

11. It may also be possible to use the techniques discussed in this article to measure a dowser’s ability, in general and not just for psi-lines, to interface with the Information Field when information or remote dowsing. (However, see points 19, 20, 21 below).

12. If a dowsable energy field is created on the ground or on the surface of a material object, in general, the location remains where it was initially positioned. It does not appear to drift over a long period of time even measured over months and years.

13. In addition, mind created geometric shapes are also very stable in time. The dimensions and the shape of a dowsable field remains constant. For example, a rectangle remains the same size rectangle after 3 or more years.

14. Created dowsable fields are permanent unless they are erased intentionally by the originator or other dowsers.

15. Dowsable lines can, in certain cases, evolve over a period of a few days. An example of this is a single defined line changing to a triple line which may be a more stable configuration. The latter may comprise an inner line which has twice the energy density of the outer two lines, with its’ energy flow inthe opposite direction to the outer two lines.

16. The field strength, or energy density of a created dowsable field appears to be the same whatever its distance from the creator.

17. Many straight dowsable ley lines may be man made, especially as straight lines do not occur naturally (other than the surface of crystals, the surface of water if not disturbed by wind or earth vibration, or to an approximation, a tree trunk). Ancient man could have created straight thought lines between locations of geographical interest or significance. These could have been used for navigation purposes.

18. As with dowsing material objects (such as crystals, plants, bottles of water, etc.) reflections or shells are perceived. However, unlike material objects (which often have an aura comprising 7 shells that are sequenced in an arithmetic series of approximately equally spaced distances) mind created fields seem to have 9 reflections in a geometric series. This is illustrated in Figure 4 for a created field and its first five reflections (after which the distances apart were too large to measure easily without equipment or accurately). In this case the separation doubled between adjacent reflections.

19. It is debatable what part of the brain is involved in dowsing or in producing mind created fields. Some researchers have suggested it is a single part of the brain such as the pineal or the pituitary gland, while other researchers suggest it may be some of the brain’s synapses interacting with the Information Field.

20. Dowsing Earth energies on-site may be a different, but associated, phenomenon to creating psi-lines or remote dowsing.

21. Different parts of the brain may be involved with each type of dowsing.

Floating in Space

22. The above discussions assume that Psi-lines are either connected to the Earth’s surface, or to material objects, including buildings. Possibly more interesting though is that the mind can create one-dimensional, two dimensional and three-dimensional dowsable fields above the ground suspended in space. These can just as easily be achieved by the brain, as discussed above for fields placed on tangible surfaces. All the above phenomenon equally apply, as discussed in points 1 to 21 above, but these mind created floating fields produce additional effects which can be used to probe the Information Field.

23. Mid-air created dowsable fields are not part of, nor associated with, the molecules of the atmosphere. Both the location and dimensions of such created dowsable fields are remarkably stable over a long period of time. The wind, convection, or Brownian motion would dissipate the dowsable field rapidly if it was associated with tangible matter such as the gases in the atmosphere. On the other hand, as the created dowsable fields remain constant with respect to an observer on the ground, they must be locked by some mechanism into the Earth. Otherwise they would drift off into space or move around the Earth as the Earth spins.

Reflections of Mind-Created Field (Figure 4)
Reflection No. n0
Distance between
reflections in feet
Ratios of adjacent reflections (n+1)/n2.011.811.891.84

24. The created height of the dowsable field above the surface of the earth remains constant in time.

25. What forces are involved to keep the dowsable field exactly at the same height above the earth’s surface? Is it a fine but stable balancing act between gravity pulling downwards and some other force pulling upwards? Or is the Information Field “remembering” the dimensions and co-ordinates of the created field with respect to the observer?

26. As a working hypothesis, assume that the mind created dowsable field is created and held in the Information Field, which pervades the Universe. This concept is analogous to, but not the same as, the concept of an all-pervading aether which was discarded by the scientific community nearly a century ago.

27. The Earth could be moving through this Information Field at varying velocities as the Earth revolves around the Sun, spins on its axis, and is influenced by the Moon and other cosmic bodies.

28. Several experiments by the author and the Dowsing Research Group have confirmed that dowsable fields created in “space” drift westwards at varying rates.

29. One way of developing this theory in further detail is to create small horizontal, one-dimensional dowsable lines, orientated north-south at different heights and measure their drifts over a period of time.

30. It is indeed found that the drift of a dowsable line so created has a westward velocity that depends on:-

31. The height of the dowsable field above the surface of the Earth. Figure 5 illustrates this effect as approximating to a quadratic equation, (but obviously this only applies to the experimental data taken near the Earth’s surface).

Figure 5

32. The phase of the Moon on the day, or over the period, when measurements are taken. This is best illustrated in Figure 6, where the fastest drift is at new Moon (the Sun and Moon’s gravity are combined), and the slowest is at full Moon ( the Sun and Moon are pulling diametrically opposite). (In Figure 6, as there was a 20 day gap in taking measurements for the right hand side of this graph, the second peak at the second new Moon was averaged out).

Figure 6
[Using heights of 1 foot, 3 feet and 6 feet]

33. The time of day or night. Information Field drift is possibly faster during the day and slower at night, but the correlation for this is not as obvious as for (a) and (b) above. This factor may also be influenced by the tides and the times of high and low water.

34. What is the force that is pulling the dowsable energy field westwards, and why is the direction always westward? Is the Coriolis force involved?

35. Under this hypothesis the Information Field is perceived by Earthbound observers as aether drag and appearing to obey the laws of hydro-dynamics and viscosity. Mass and inertia are therefore linked to the Information Field.

36. However, where the Information Field touches material objects, or the Earth’s surface, the Information Field appears to be at rest with respect to the surface of material objects.

37. Therefore the further one is away from the surface of a material object the faster the Information Field is moving relative to the surface. In other words, mind created dowsable energy fields move faster westwards the higher they are from the surface. See Figure 5, and deduction 30(a) above.

38. However if this were true, geometric shapes would become distorted because they would be sheared at a faster rate at their top compared to their bottom, in relation to the ground. For example, a vertical two dimensional rectangle, as illustrated in Figure 7, would become a more and more stretched trapezoid. However, this does not happen, as explained in point 13 above.

This suggests that one of the properties of the Information Field is that it stores information so that geometric shapes are kept constant and therefore the expected theoretical shearing of objects does not occur. The implication is that information regarding geometric shapes is stored sub-microscopically, such as in quantum vibrations, within the mechanism of the Information Field. Moreover, and analogous to a hologram, the perceived image appears to the brain (which interacts with the Information Field) as a large geometric shape. Normally, quantum effects only apply to very small systems, such as elementary particles and smaller. However, it would seem that the brain interacting with the Information Field is a rare example of quantum physics at the macro level.


The results of the experiments described in this paper, not only support the general concept of the Information Field, but also provide its quantitative characteristics. This has been achieved by using the orthodox scientific approach of involving geometry, numbers, and measurement. We have seen that the conscious mind extends over, and can effect vast distances, and is much more than just a physical brain within a skull. A further conclusion is that time and separation distance appear to be irrelevant when creating remote dowsable fields, whilst the location of the latter `can be pin-pointed accurately. Greater complexity is usually associated with increased degradation. Interestingly, 9 multiple images are created in a geometric series, unlike the 7 for physical objects, which are often in an arithmetic series. The dimensions and characteristics of thought created dowsable fields seem inherently very stable, except that they drift westwards at a constant height above the ground. This drift rate depends on height, the phases of the Moon, and the time of day. A combination of this fact and other results demonstrates that gravity is a key factor in the mechanism(s) being dowsed. Moreover, quantum physics would seem to apply to dowsing, and the mind perceives “holographic” images.

© 2003 by Jeffrey S Keen & BSD EEG