Necrotising Fasciitis, the Flesh-Eating Bug and Earth Energies

by David Cowan

It took me eight years to walk over 3,000 miles across central Scotland to plot the energy leys, still working in much the same way as our ancestors intended, and discover how natural energies were deliberately manipulated and focused in a highly sophisticated and intelligent manner.

Eventually, redundancy from the printing trade forced me to choose the infinitely more interesting and useful work of using my skills to research unhealthy earth energies and help some of those suffering from a wide range of illnesses – notably ME, which I find has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Having no-one to teach me, I simply tuned into the fields of geopathic stress around the beds of ME sufferers to find that they were all, with very rare exceptions, sleeping in powerful black spirals. There are different types, but the most powerful are emitted from subterranean streams and projected to the surface. Energy leys of various types, which I find as vertical waves travelling across the country, upon touching the circumference of these spirals, automatically tune into the centre, giving a particularly powerful ‘hot spot’ of telluric energies.

Teaching myself, using angle rods, proved to be a blessing, since I was unaware of how others found Curry and Hartmann grids, for example, and knowing little of the ideas and theories of others, I stumbled upon one of the most important aspects of earth energies – they are individual waves, and the wavelengths differ slightly depending on the source.

Surprisingly, the source could be a modern utility, power generators, or radar station, for example, which give very similar wavelengths to natural earth energies from quarries, etc. For years I puzzled over this anomaly, but now believe that it is not the radar stations and electric generators which themselves radiate, but that natural earth currents are attracted to them especially when they are situated on top of hills, like microwave towers, for example. It is these which radiate from that source, above ground, attempting to earth themselves, focusing into black spirals en route.

In short, the more electricity we use, the more powerful the black spirals are becoming, and the greater the ability to cause illness in people sleeping over black spirals as the following story shows.

A lady client, of Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, went to the King’s Hospital, Stirling, for a hysterectomy, and almost paid for this perfectly routine operation with her life.

Feeling unwell, she went home to bed to recover. The next morning she collapsed on the floor when she tried to get up. The skin on her stomach had turned black. The discolouration had spread over three-quarters of her abdomen and down her left hip. It moved so fast she could almost see it moving.

A massive chunk of her stomach and nearby flesh had to be removed, and she lay in hospital for 10 days with the wound open, as the doctors feared that the infection would return.

She told me that nurses had to swab the area with disinfectant twice daily. The pain was unbelievable and one student nurse fainted when she saw the damage.

The incoming vertical unhealthy waves into her house surprised me – they were about 1/4” (6 mm) apart. There was an extremely powerful unhealthy spiral in her side of the bed, in the position where her abdomen was when she slept. Although she was initially a little dubious of such a novel approach to disease, when I showed her how the centre of the spiral was located precisely in the bed where she lay and it would pass through the area of infection she looked at me in surprise She told me that her husband had also been stricken in the same part of his body with a cancerous kidney. I pointed out to her that the axis of the spiral wobbled about, or precessed, like a child’s spinning top, the focal point sometimes on her side of the bed, and sometimes on her husband’s. “This house has always been unlucky for us”, she said.

Another important discovery is that a great deal can be learned about telluric energy if you follow it to its source, and its distant target, This gives an important working knowledge about its behaviour, and on occasions I have stumbled upon peculiarities which have proved to be very interesting.

Therefore, when I left my client’s house after clearing it, I followed the incoming energy ley to its source, which in this case was a huge open cast coal mine. The energy stream came from there, across Bonnybridge and into a massive quarry to the north-west of her house. Another patient’s house happened to be in the wide energy stream, between the coal mine and the quarry.

There was also another equally unhealthy energy ley crossing this powerful energy stream at right angles. I followed this for about fifteen kilometres, and projected the line across country to a radar station, the probable culprit, near Kinross. In the opposite direction, following the energy stream on foot to find its target, I was somewhat bemused, when, walking through some rough ground, I was suddenly confronted with three huge pyramids, which, against the setting sun, looked for all the world like the pyramids of Giza! In fact it was a whisky bond warehouse, with thousands of empty casks piled up, perhaps 120 feet high. These man-made mountains attracted the unhealthy waves from a wide area into their bases, On the downstream side of the pyramids, the energy waves, now much closer together, had changed their polarity into healthy waves! At the moment I am not sure whether it is the pyramid shape or the whisky fumes which have this effect.

Several months later I returned to check on the patient from Bonnybridge. She reminded me that when I surveyed her house, not only did I find a particularly powerful spiral in her bed, but there was also one in her son’s bed as well. Apparently, I had asked her if her son’s health was good, particularly his feet and legs, as the spiral was at the foot of his bed. She assured me that he was perfectly healthy. When he came home from work that evening she told him about my discoveries. Surprised, he told his mother that when she was in hospital recovering from her illness, he had to go to the doctor with swollen feet! Naturally, her family did not want to upset her by telling her. As I left, she said that her house seemed much more peaceful after I had cleared it.

Just a few months later another woman who lives less than a kilometre away came down with the same illness, following a caesarian operation.
Yet another lady, went to Falkirk hospital to have her baby in a pefectly routine operation. Unfortunately she contracted necrotising fasciitis and had to have major surgery to remove a piece of flesh about 7in. ( 18 cms. ) by 9in. ( 23 cms. ). She was so ill that the ventilator had to be turned full on, blowing holes in both lungs in the process. Forty four days later, believing that it was the same day she entered the hospital for her operation, she regained consciousness, unaware of the struggle doctors and nurses had to fight her disease.

Five months later, after an heroic fight she began to recover and returned to her husband and children.

Her bed also had a very powerful spiral in the centre, just at her abdomen.

The bacteria involved is the very common streptococcus, and current theory believes that a virus attaches itself to the bacteria and injects itself into it to make the bacteria release deadly flesh-destroying toxins. The authorities put down the apparent upsurge in this illness as driven by media interest, although there does seem to be a little more to it than that. In the United Kingdom there have been mercifully few outbreaks of this nasty infection, and I hope that there will be fewer in the future now that it appears that powerful unhealthy spirals may well be a key factor in the mutation of ordinary bacteria.

© 1996 David R Cowan & BSD EEG