Pathways to Communicate with Nature

by Christan Hummel

 Today there is a resurgence in interest in  learning how to come back into a loving, and  harmonious relationship with Nature. The interest in  global music, indigenous customs and ways, all are a  sign that we are longing to come back into a more loving relationship with an aspect of life which we have become alienated from in our modern technological world.

However, when attempting to do this, we often make the mistake of thinking that we have to do it someone else’s way — the way of the ancient Shaman’s or the Native Americans, or the Hunas. So we get books and take workshops to try and learn their ways of connecting with the Earth. Nature is our true Mother. We are all equally Her children. She loves us all unconditionally and equally. And so communing with her is as easy as communicating with own birth mother, rather easier! She listens to the one universal language, the language of the heart. She comes to all based on their need, not their status or learning.

In the workshops I hold, people are eager to learn how to communicate with the devas. People often say that they don’t know how to communicate with the them, but it is as simple as listening with your heart. We all have the ability to communicate with nature. My mother can see them, so I have been very fortunate to have her vision to help me understand what my own process of knowing has been. I don’t see, but I found out after a long time of observing her that I would know and sense and feel the same things she was seeing. We were able to confirm for each other what she would see and I would feel. So each person may have a different way of communicating or interacting with the devic realms; likewise the devas, as well, have different ways of communicating with us. For some, it might be a feeling, a vision, an intuition or a knowingness. Of course, dowsing is a perfectly suitable method for communicating with devas. However, my experience has been that if you are willing and open, they will find a way to communicate with you! We just need to stay open to the many different forms that communication may take. The following are some examples.

Seeing Nature

Sometimes you just get a sense about something in nature; a tree  that calls to you for some reason, or a particular group of rock  outcroppings, or a certain plant stands out from the others in some  way. At those times, you are sensing the devic life that is there. Often when we feel a calling to go somewhere, or pick up rocks from one area and place them somewhere else for reasons unknown to us, those are the devas trying to communicate with us.

Sometimes I would say something like, “Look at that tree, isn’t it beautiful?” and Ann, who could see the devas, would say that I was seeing the device life in the tree. I wasn’t seeing it with clairvoyant vision, but I was responding to something that was calling my attention to it. I had a sense that there was something there.

Have you ever walked by a plant, and it seems to yell at you, “I need water?” Or you see a tree with perfect symmetry and not a brown spot anywhere. It is so green and vibrant and beautiful. It has so much energy coming from it. Or you go by a moun­tain and there is just something that calls to your heart and you just feel so much love for the mountain. At those times, you are sensing the life within the form of Nature — the devic life.

An Artist’s Sensitivity

One time while doing a workshop in Corpus Christi, Texas I was getting a sense of the deva of the city looking like a tall image of Christ with its arms outstretched in a welcoming position. The group “tapped me on the shoulder” and pointed to a statue behind me of exactly what I was seeing as representing the deva’s form.

A few days later, I was in San Antonio doing another workshop and the group was at the Old Spanish Governor’s Mansion. While there, I received an impression of the deva of that building looking like a Spanish conquistador in his armor. Right around the corner from where we were standing was a statue looking just like that.

The question was brought up by the group, did the deva look that way and the artist picked it up? Or did the deva conform to the thought form of the artist? I didn’t know, so I asked the deva. The response I received was that artists due, to their sensitive nature, often pick up the essence and energy of a place unconsciously and portray that in their art. Then the deva conforms to the thought form of the image as people give their energy to the artist’s rendition. So it was a bit of both.

The Four Elements

One day the devic master residing off the coast of San Clemente who has acted as my mentor for many years mentioned to me that the reason that he could communicate with me so easily was due to all the water in my nature. He was referring to the five water signs in my astrological chart. This meant that there was a field of resonance established between our natures. This made a lot of sense to me because my mother, who had much more air in her astrological chart, could sense and communicate with the air and wind devas easily, which I struggled with, having only one air sign in my chart.

Over the years of working with people to help them understand how to communicate with the devas, I began to see that some people could more easily relate to mountains, rocks, and earth devas, while others found themselves understanding what the wind was saying and doing. Some could look at the clouds and know what they meant, while still others would relate to the sun or water devas more easily. This invariably had to do with what element was most predominant in their own astrological charts.

Communication Through Feelings

Some of the more evolved devas have had human incarnation, so language is not foreign to them. However, for the most part, when we are communicating with the devas we are actually communicating through our feeling nature, our intuition. It doesn’t always happen with words, because some of the devas have not developed the capacity to communicate in language. The devas, such as the elementals that you work with in your garden, haven’t developed to the place where they have individualized. They can communicate through a feeling sense.

If you try this with a couple of people each time, and check with one another about what you are receiving inwardly as a feeling or a sense, you will be able to confirm the communications you receive. It may not be in words, but the devas will definitely communicate with you in some way if you make the attempt and stay open.

Move to Their Level

When communicating with the master devas, it is actually like coming down in vibration for them, coming “down” to where they can interact with us using language. Not all of them can operate at that level. Some of them are on a very abstract level, and if you can get to their level they will give you all sorts of images and abstract thoughts.

The individualized devas have their own domain and are in charge of large parts of the evolutionary program of Earth, and have gone on beyond where we are in human development. For them, communication with humanity is a matter of coming back down into a level of consciousness they have surpassed. Also, not all of them have the program of working with humanity. Some of them have other programs of their own and are doing other things, but thankfully, some are willing to engage with humanity.

Some of them are developed enough to extend a part of their consciousness to meet you where you are. Some of the more developed devas can go further on a mental level or abstract level than others. However, some are not able or willing to move from their level of consciousness to where we are, and we need to meet them at their level. Sometimes it feels like a stretch for us to go up to meet them where they are, but still that is another way of communicating. You “attune” your vibration and consciousness to theirs. From there, the words and ideas and pictures flow back and forth more easily.

Ask and Be Still

One technique of communication is to form a question in your mind and then be still. The next thing that pops into your mind is the answer. This works well for many people. That is one method of communication. A friend of ours involved with this devic work, who is also a minister, asked one day what he could do to improve his prayers. She replied, “Give God equal time.” So sometimes the easiest way to receive a communication is to simply be quiet and listen.


Often the devas will communicate in the form of pictures. Sometimes I will get a visual picture and will then translate it into my own words. To communicate with them, it works to just hold pictures in your mind as well.

Once while doing a deva workshop in the city of Concord, California, we were trying to locate where the heart of the city was energetically. Often the deva’s energetic umbilical cord, so to speak, is anchored ethereally in the place where the city was first settled. Usually that is fairly easy to locate, but in this case we were hunting all over the city looking for some remnant of the older part of Concord and with no luck.

I kept getting a picture of what it would look like. I was being shown a fountain inside a Spanish style courtyard with vines growing up around the sides of the surrounding walls. Exhausted from looking we finally quit for a lunch break. As we were eating, I noticed that the courtyard where we were dining looked just like the vision I was being given. Then as I looked more closely at our surroundings I noticed a sign in the court­yard which said, “The Historical Society.”

I immediately went into the building, and asked if they knew where the historical part of Concord was? The caretaker there picked up a book of the historical background of Concord and handed it to me saying, “this might help you.” I opened the book up right to the page which had the exact picture I had been given all day. It said that this was the point where Concord was originally settled and named the exact location of where it was!


Another method of communication is allowing the devas to drop concepts into your mind. That is a combination of a visual and words, like an insight but fuller than an insight. Not quite a knowingness, but conceptual. It’s very distinct and you may need to find words to interpret the meaning of it as well.

Sometimes I look at a map and things just pop out of the map at me. I then know that the deva is indicating to me that those are the areas to work on.

In a workshop in Portland, Maine, I was demonstrating this technique to the group. They were broken into groups of six and were asked to simply tune into the quadrant of the map of Portland that their group was given, turn their attention to the deva of the city and ask for any guidance, and then just look at the map for a while and see if anything “popped out” at them. Within a few minutes and almost everybody in the group was shown some area of the map. Then I asked them to make contact with the deva of that area that they were shown and ask if there was anything that they needed to know about that area which pertained to the work we were there to do.

Afterwards, people shared what they received in their  groups. One woman from the Boston area was very bewildered  until she shared the picture that the deva had given her. She said  that she was directed to the area on the map which was by the  Pier. Then she was shown a picture of two red lobsters rolling around entangled with one another. Thinking she was making this up somehow, she tried to dismiss it, but the picture stayed in her mind. When she shared what she saw with her group, they informed her that there were “lobster wars” going on in that area among the lobster fishermen who were fighting over fishing territories. The fighting got so extreme that they were sabotaging one another’s boats. So the deva was able to communicate all of this with that one picture which conveyed the whole concept about what was going on in that area.

Sense the Vibration

For me, the communication with the deva at San Onofre started coming so fast that I thought it was my own mind. I just thought it was me. Then I started to realize that when I try to think of something to say it doesn’t come that fast. I thought it was just my own mind and started to discount the thoughts, but the devas said, “Well, if we don’t use your mind, what are we going to use?!” Sometimes it feels so close and so familiar that we discount what we hear! After a while he kept telling me to sense the vibration of truth. You can learn to sense the vibration of what truth feels like!

For me it was like developing a relationship, and I got to the point where I could sense the different personalities of each of the devas. Some are brief and to the point, and others use pictures, others would present ideas really fast because they were so eager to work with us. So, you can learn to recognize the vibration, like their own energy signature, of the various beings you are in touch with, and begin to identify what are your own thoughts and what are the impressions they are giving you due to the difference in what the vibration of each feels like.

By Invitation

Communicating with the devas is similar to our relationship with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self will not and cannot force us to do something. It has to wait for us to ask, “Higher Self, will you come in?” The devas are the same way. They have to wait for us to ask. When we show up and say that we are ready to work with them, we are ready to ask them to do something, they are thrilled. It is like the story of Aladdin and the genie. The genie is in the bottle until Aladdin rubs the lamp and then the genie says, “Your wish is my command.” The devas are waiting for us to give them some constructive programs.

In the beginning days of our becoming involved with some energy tools, I was experimenting and had inadvertently created an energy field that was the reverse of what was intended. Instead of clearing the area as these tools are designed to do, the surrounding area became more stagnant, and heavy, and within a couple of days it was so bad that I got really concerned about what I had initiated. I did what I could on the physical plane to reverse the effects, but to no avail. Then finally in desperation, I called out to Archangel Michael for help.

Instantly he came and extended himself energetically to cover the whole area and within seconds the problem was reversed. I breathed a big sigh of relief. Then he said to me, “We were just waiting for you to ask.”

Look to the Reality

One way that the devas communicate with us is through changes in our reality, like a gentle breeze, a road sign that gives a clue, a group of birds that fly by just as a point is being emphasized. These are their ways of giving confirmation along the way.

One time a group of us was doing an energy clearing of the city hall area of town. As we initiated the clearing session, intense winds came up out of nowhere and almost blew the papers out of my hands. The winds stopped immediately after the clearing session was completed.

Sometimes the messages will get very strong if we ignore the subtle ones. During a workshop in Maine, the group was on the steps of the city hall building while I was giving some instructions about what we were going to be doing for that day. The time we spent there went longer than I had planned, and people needed to take a break, but instead of listening to that signal, I thought that we could push through the last piece of what we were going to do there and then just break for lunch. So I asked people to stay with what we were doing and we’d be done in a few minutes and break for lunch then.

So we broke into groups of six and each group had been assigned to a part of the city that they were going to be clearing. As I went around to check on the various groups, when I got to the group which was going to be working with the city hall building, one of the members of the group reported that there were bumble bees near where they were working. Having had experience with bumble bees being very benign and harmless I told them to just move aside and continue.

   After a few seconds the bees came out from under the steps of the city hall building and flew ten to 15 feet away from where they were, and came right over to me and began to attack me stinging me in the face. I was stunned by their aggressive activity and as I swatted them away from my face one landed on the ground. It was still alive. I am loathe to kill things, but something inside said to do so. As I went to step on the bee, I felt something inside me say, “I will fight back!” As if sending a warning to someone that they were messengers for. As soon as I stepped on the bee, I became aware of the message. “BEWARE! You are on dangerous ground.”

I immediately led the group away from the steps of city hall and looked at the situation inwardly, and sure enough we were sitting right on top of a huge negative energy structure which was tied into the city hall building. Since I was ignoring the first sign of the group needing to take a break, nature gave me the bees as a sign that the group was in danger doing the work there at that time. Had I listened to the first sign, I would have seen coming back from the break that it wasn’t appropriate for the group to do the work there without dealing with that negative energy structure.

So we took a lunch break, and afterwards, from a safe distance, the group as a whole did the clearing of the negative energy tied into the city hall building. As soon as the clearing was complete both the swelling and pain from the bee stings went away. People familiar with bee stings said that it usually takes days for that to happen.

A few days after the workshop was over, the coordinator of the workshop received a “visitation.” She was working on her computer and discovered a bumble bee right in her office! After the experience at city hall she was a bit afraid at first, but then began to communicate with the bee inwardly. As she did so, she received a response back. The bumble bee wanted to tell her that they were sorry, that they couldn’t help it, that they had been used for those purposes and that they really were quite harmless normally.

In another case, we were doing an energetic clearing of the city of Sacramento, California, and a group of us were doing the clearing session in a park near the city capitol building. When the clearing session was completed we noticed what seemed like a hundred squirrels dancing around and running up and down the trees. When we first arrived there were only a handful of squirrels present. I asked someone who lived in the area if the number of squirrels present was common, and she said in utter amazement, “No, not at all! I hardly ever see squirrels in this park.”

In Summary:

There is a whole diverse range of styles of communication with the devic realms. For them it is a learning process getting familiar with and interacting with humanity again as well, because they have been separated from us as well as we have been from them.

They are absolutely thrilled that there are members of humanity coming to work with them and giving them projects to do. So much so, that sometimes they wanted to share with us all at once what they’ve been doing and thinking during these 13,000 years of separation! We would have to remind them about our limitations and how we can’t take everything in holographically all at once, at least not yet.

I have never known the kind of appreciation and gratitude that we have felt from the devic realms. It takes so very little on our part to make them so happy! They are just so happy that someone appreciates and recognizes them.

Christan Hummel, is a former Flower of Life facilitator, and is at the forefront of the worldwide grassroots Earth Healing movement started by Drunvalo Melehizedek and supported by thousands globally. She is co-founder of Earth Transitions and teaches internationally how to develop co-creative relationships with the devic and Angelic realms. For more information see herwebsite at:

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