Pentagram of the Sky

by Debbie Arthurs

Fromearly October to the middle of November 2004, the positions of the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto created the pattern of a Pentagram in the sky; an astrological event of these five planets known as the ‘Fifth Harmonic’ or the ‘quintile series’ created because the planets were in aspect to each other by exactly 72 and 144 degrees apart. A significant event by astrological standards, made more so by the Moon undergoing a lunar eclipse in Taurus/Scorpio on the 28th October, and one that occurred during the events leading up to the American Presidential election of 2004, and President Bush’s second term of office. Since the number ‘five’ is associated with compulsion, obsession, transformation, and change, and that astrologically the Fifth Harmonic is said to be associated with ‘Power’ I could not help but look at the possible significance of these recent phenomena on that election.

I think most people will agree President Bush had a pretty controversial first term. Yet there he is, back in the White House, despite Bush and Blair, with their strong ideals, creating what many say is now a more fearful world for us to live in. Despite world-wide criticisms about his first term of office (Michael Moore’s brilliant film “9/11” seemed to very convincingly uncover some very disturbing and hidden facts about Bush’s involvement with the war and the Bin-Laden family), Bush was still elected on the 4th November and it seems extremely appropriate in these circumstances that a Pentagram, and therefore the number 5, should rule the skies during the re-election of a man in charge of the only Superpower on earth who appears not to be afraid to use that power in the most forthright manner.

It would appear that Jupiter may have given Bush the fortuitous turn of events he needed to return to office. Known as the planet of inflation, spiritual power, wealth and luck, but negatively seen as the planet of greed, Jupiter entered the Pentagram configuration on the 28th October (the same day as the lunar eclipse) to fall into conjunction with Bush’s natal Neptune. In Alan Oken’s book of ‘Astrology,’ Neptune, known as the planet of glamour and illusion, is represented as ‘Great Deceiver’ the flip side of Neptune’s more mystical qualities and often finds itself associated with the media. Bush certainly played the ‘game’ on a grand scale, (very Jupiter/Neptune) and therefore is this a case of”Great Deceiver” reigning a second time?

Perhaps more explanation for his re-election can be found in Bush’s own horoscope, where the lunar eclipse on the 28th October in Taurus/ Scorpio, symbolizing a compulsive desire for control(Scorpio) and power (Taurus), formed a fixed T-Square to his natal Ascendant (which in itself is conjuncting his natal Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio and Mercury, the planet of communication). T-squares are very dynamic and ‘ones’ represent drive and determination but also a tenacious attitude that can be stubborn and inflexible (look at how he refused to sign the Kyoto agreement!). The ascendant astrologically represents the ‘persona’ and what you as a person projects out to the world and to me this represents Bush’s powerful rhetoric and will to impress the public. Now of course he has a hidden ensemble of advisers and personal assistants to help him, but even so, despite being initially regarded as a bit of a bumbling idiot, he does seem to hold an incredible influence over the American people.

The big question though is, having convinced the public to vote him back in, where might he now take America and the World? Johan Kepler, one of England’s foremost astronomer/ astrologers of the 16th century, said of a similar occurrence in his lifetime that it heralded ‘of great ease and opportunity’ (excerpt taken from and ‘babies born during this time will have exceptional talents and their dreams realized. ‘ This could be seen as positive, let’s hope it is, but just what and whose dreams are to be realised?Not everybody’s dreams and aspirations are the same! Most of us know that the Pentagram symbol is synonymous with much that is mystical, a divine representation of matter and spirit that has been withus for centuries and is part of our magical history, both good and bad. So my own theories on quintiles are mixed. Yes, they show us our greatest talents and what we are blessed with, but blessed with what? Hitler had more than eight quintiles in his chart and we know in the beginning he was seen as a saviour by the German people, someone who could save a nation from socio-economic decline.

However his talent for reform ended with him and his cohorts committing horrendous atrocities on human life, Hitler’s obsession with the occult, and the development of a super race. His was a talent gone horribly wrong! So quintile aspects in a personal horoscope can indeed indicate great talents and opportunities but that does not mean they are going to necessarily be positive or constructive ones.  

In all planetary configurations there are positive and negative connotations, and if the Fifth Harmonic says something about innate power then we have a responsibility to humanity to use that power wisely and for the benefit of mankind. As we have seen in history, so often great leaders have become monsters, projecting their own shadow onto the world because they feel they have the ‘right’ to. The Fifth Harmonic from 2004 has been seen by some as a divine sign, a period of transition and spiritual change foreseen by the ancients as a period of ‘wxzq’ but quintiles in a chart are known as ‘wxzq’ aspects and felt if anything minimally because they represent latent ability and talent to be developed further. Let’s hope the Pentagram is an indication that Bush intends to use this great opportunity he has been given in a more positive way, and follows some different paths to fulfil his dreams, because sometimes it’s not the dream that’s wrong but the path taken to it. If the Fifth Harmonic is about the ‘of man’ then perhaps it’s occurrence at this time is an indication that we have reached a dilemma in our existence. As long as we continue to ignore the damage we are causing to other countries and the natural world around us, our power will mean nothing. Bush’s controversial decision to remove Saddam by force showed the world how ‘a vision of power’ can be used destructively, yet if we are approaching a time of spiritual awareness then better now than later before we completely wipe the planet and ourselves out!

© Debbie Arthurs & BSD EEG