Physical Nature and Infrastructure of Geopathic Zones (GPZ)

by G. G. Arkhangelsky

(Mr. G. G. Arkhangelsky is a Russian dowser and scientist.  His article clearly demonstrates the scientific approach to dowsing that is generally adopted in Russia and the way that Government institutions recognise the importance of research into the effects of geopathic stress. -Ed)

In ancient time people were aware of the existence of areas on the Earth’s surface anomalously harmful for animals and plants. According to the archaeological and historical evidence people didn’t build their houses and public facilities in unfavorable places.  As likely as not they were guided by their natural sense or by the advice of dowsers.

With the growth of settlements and springing up of towns this tendency was gradually diminishing as the considerations of economic and strategic nature became dominant.  The consequences of such one sided approaches are very sad.

The incidence of the diseases which are difficult to diagnose is on the increase.  ‘Cancer’ houses are springing up.  That is why people are forced to turn to their neglected experience.

At present due to the wide development of biolocation (dowsing) and peoples’ s enthusiasm the knowledge of the degree of influence and effect of unfavourable areas of the Earth, or geopathic zones, on the people, animals and plants is spreading all over the world.

The techniques of boundary control of geopathic zones (GPZ) by the biolocation method has been well developed.  Attempts are being made to create a special electronic system for the detection and determination of the dimensions of geopathic zones based on the measurement of anomalous fluctuation of geophysical parameters of the environment.  However the biolocation method remains one of the most effective.

In our country a tremendous contribution to solving complex problems of the study of GPZ is made by The Interdepartmental Commission on Biolocation affiliated to the Scientific Association of Radioelectronics named after A. S. Popov.  It unites and coordinates the efforts of many enthusiasts in the field of biolocation from different regions of our vast country.  There is awareness of the increasing necessity to create a special state programme aimed at the study of the phenomenon of GPZ in the interests of–further improvement in such fields as-agriculture, industry, public health and civil engineering.  Information on geopathic zones available at present tends to be mainly descriptive by nature and doesn’t give sufficiently substantiated answers to the following cardinal problems:

  1.    What is the physical nature of geopathic zones?
  2. What is the source of the Earth radiation, having phenomenal penetrating ability?
  3. What is the mechanism of radiation influence of GPZ on the objects of animate and inanimate nature?

In this paper an attempt is made to answer these questions on the basis of generalization of my own experience in the field of application of biolocation.  The experience concerns the following: control of geopathic zones, geophysical prospect, archaeology, control of energetic field of the objects of animate and inanimate nature (from the animate cells to the solar system planets); technical diagnostics of electronic and mechanical systems, orientation in unknown locality (forest, town etc), coordinate determination of the objects of animate and inanimate nature by topography map or scheme; the diagnostics of people and animals by direct contact and with the help of auxiliary sources of information (photography, voice, witnesses), checking of traces of material objects on the locality and map, left in recent years and remote past.

Such a wide base of application of biolocation made it possible to investigate more thoroughly the nature of the biolocation phenomenon and to find sufficiently feasible explanation of the physical nature of existence of geopathic zones.

At the same time the accumulated experience of medical diagnostics makes it possible to establish the mechanism of the “Earth radiation” effect on animate organisms and plants.

The idea of a working hypothesis that explains the nature of geopathic zones occurred to me quite unexpectedly in 1982 in connection with the gained experience of the control of strained conditions of sustaining constructions of buildings and welded constructions of machines.  The measurement of mechanical strain in the zone of welded joints was of special interest.

I had a strong impression that the field of residual strains is radiated into space and can be fixed at a great distance.  After a while I succeeded in carrying out an experiment of distance control of strain in the elements of the Krumsky bridge in Moscow.

By the method of biolocation it became possible to establish symmetry of field of residual mechanical strain in large crystals.

In popular and special literature the possibility of the existence of an Earth crystal nucleus was discussed.  On the basis of these facts the first working hypothesis was formulated:

Geopathic zones are the projections of radiation of inner strain of the crystal shell of the Earth nucleus on it’s surface.

With these ideas in mind I controlled the field change of inner strain of the Earth’s nucleus crystal shell in the following way: I walked with a biolocation frame (dowsing rod) in my hand in the meridian direction (from North to South), covering a distance of several dozen metres.

I discovered a most interesting picture of periodic changes of a sign of mechanical strain and alternating sections of the Earth’s surface having constant sign of strains (positive and negative).

Then I walked over the same area in the same direction, but I aimed at finding geopathic zones and I found out that a geopathic zone corresponded to an area of surface having a single or periodic change of the sign of strain field.

Thus it was found that a geopathic zone corresponds to a periodic structure of change of the sign of inner mechanical strain of crystal shell of the Earth nucleus.

Later it was more convenient to establish boundaries of geopathic zones by means of control of fields of mechanical strain.

The first successful experiment was followed by a series of experiments in urban and rural localities. in all cases the picture was the same.

The control of the mechanical strain field showed that the oldest temples are usually located in the zones of stretching mechanical strain of constant amplitude outside the geopathic zones. The houses of old rural areas were usually located outside the GPZ.

The facts revealed demanded explanations and the question remained unclear.

How can the variation of the field of inner mechanical strain of nucleus shell have a unfavourable impact on the people, animals and plants?

The answer to this question was found during the study of energetic fields of objects of animate and inanimate nature by the biolocation method while studying the problem of medical diagnostics and the influence of celestial bodies on the people’s health.

The study of planets of the solar system by biolocation methods made it possible to discover that the planet Earth has a sufficiently large energetic field of positive sign.

Naturally interest has arisen to study the infrastructure of the energetic field of the Earth on the level of its surface.

Such experiments have been carried out by me and led to unexpected results: the changes of energetic field of the Earth by form exactly corresponds to the changes of the fields of mechanical strain of the crystal shell of the Earth nucleus.

The negative sign of energetic field on the Earth’s surface corresponds to the field of stretching strain. it turned out that correctly built ancient temples stand in the zone of negative effect of the energetic field of the Earth.  This probably accounts for the influx of cosmic energy and that is being observed by sensitive people.

As a result it is possible to give the verified version of a hypothesis, explaining the nature of Geopathic zones:

  1. Geopathic zones represent the infrastructure of energetic fields of the Earth planet characterized by a regulated system of alternation of the field sign in meridian and latitude directions.
  2. The source of energetic radiation of the Earth is the crystal shell of its nucleus.
  3. Geometrical characteristics of geopathic zones reflect the regulated system of the crystal shell of the Earth nucleus.

The negative effect of geopathic zones, and especially in the cross-sections of zones, meridian and latitude directions is the result of the interaction of human, animal and plant biofields with an Earth energetic field of alternative sign.

The intensity of the negative effect of the Earth’s radiation depends on the correlation between the linear dimensions of the biological object and the length of semi period of changes of the Earth energetic field.

If the dimensions of the biological object are smaller or co-measurable with the length of semi-period of change of energetic field, the influence of the latter does not manifest itself The confirmation of this could be found in bird nesting and small rodents in geopathic zones and while there is normal development of small plants, large bushes and trees perish.

According to the preliminary data, the long stay of people in zones of negative sign of the Earth energetic field can cause sleep disorder and can somewhat increase people’s hypnotism.

The radiation of the Earth’s energetic field in geopathic zones can have an indirect effect on the efficiency of a biolocation operators performance as it can decrease their concentration.  In the case of good psychological training the efficiency of operator’s performance doesn’t decrease.

The radiation of the Earth’s energetic field in geopathic zones has a destructive effect on soil and is the cause of increased cracking of rocks which leads to the occurrence of “water lines” and development of underground voids.

The radiation of the Earth’s energetic field is not subjected to any screening and is extended within several radiuses of the Earth.  The reports on the possibility of screening or shifting the boundaries of geopathic zones by auxiliary devices probably is the effect of self-hypnosis or initial logical self direction of the biolocation operator.

The boundaries of geopathic zones are sufficiently stable and during the existence of the Earth performed only a small drift in meridian and latitude directions.  Thus according to my observations (work with the information field of cosmos), the drift of a separately taken geopathic zone was characterized by smooth vibration, while greatest shifting of boundaries didn’t exceed 1.5 m per 5 billion years.

The analysis of the dynamics of shifting of the boundaries of geopathic zone showed that it is probably associated with the change of the parameters of the crystal nucleus shell structure in the process of evolution of the planet Earth.  Structural changes were possibly accompanied by small changes of volume of the nucleus.  Such kind of conclusion seems to be logically justified in studying this problem by means of the biolocation method.  The starting point was an element of the structure of the nucleus crystal shell, which corresponds to the boundary of geopathic zone on the Earth surface.  Thus the possibility of a certain slipping of the nucleus shell in respect to the Earth’s crust was not taken into account.

It was found with the help of the biolocation method, i.e. dowsing, (work with the cosmos information field or system) that the source of radiation of the Earth’s energetic field is in the nucleus shell situated at the depth of 2700 – 3300 km.  The remaining part of the nucleus, placed below, has a glassy structure of high density (not less then 145000 kg/m3).

On the basis of this explanation of the nature of geopathic zones put forward by us the study of the radiation situation was carried out with the help of a radiometer, which fixed the change of radiation with simultaneous control of infrastructure of geopathic zones.  Just a small degree of link between radiation value and structure of geopathic zone was found.


  1. The suggested original hypothesis, which reveals the energetic nature of geopathic zones, the method of control of infrastructure was elaborated on the basis of biolocation control of the Earth energetic field.
  2. The geopathic zone represents itself as a zone of periodic change of the sign of the Earth’s energetic field radiated by a regulated structure of the crystal shell of it’s nucleus.
  3. The harmful effect of geopathic zones on human beings is caused by the Earth’s energetic field having an alternating sign.  Besides, the nature of the Earth’s energetic field is the same as the biofield of human beings, animals and plants.

© 1999 G. G. Arkhangelsky & BSD EEG