Roy & Ann Procter

This section contains the archive of Roy and Ann Procter’s research into the use of remote dowsing and healing methods to treat geopathic stress. The research was carried out in 2001 with the co-operation of Dr Vicky Wass of Cardiff University, and it remains a seminal piece of modern research demonstrating the effectiveness of dowsing methods in reducing geopathic stress. It has been recreated here (optimised for web viewing) at the request of Roy and Ann Procter.

Note: Roy and Ann are fully retired from their house healing work. They have handed their practice over to one of their former students, Helen Weldon. You can contact Helen via her website.

Roy & Ann Procter at work
Roy & Ann Procter at work

Part One contains two articles by the Procters that were published in Dowsing Today, the journal of the British Society of Dowsers, in 2003.

Healing Sick Houses (article)

Part Two contains the research paper by Dr. Wass, optimised for web viewing. It is also available for download as a PDF.

An Evaluation of the Health Effects of Healing Sick Houses (research paper)

Part Three contains graphs showing the collated responses to the four questionnaires referenced in the research paper.

Appendix 2 – graphs of symptoms before and after treatment

This is an interview with Ann and Roy on the Awakening Channel, conducted in 2012:

A new, updated edition of Roy & Ann’s classic book, ‘Healing Sick Houses’, is now available! Click here for more details.