Protection: A Personal Experience

by Ruth Hare

At one of Ann and Roy Procter’s excellent training days last summer my group of would-be dowsers were told by the Procters that they had confirmed an ‘energy sink’ in their garden that day. They wanted to demonstrate to the group what the effect of the sink might be.

We all gathered round the spot on the edge of a lawned area. Interestingly, although it was in a readily accessible part of the garden, we all agreed that none of the group had chosen to stand around there during the breaks.

Roy asked for a volunteer and a strong-looking chap stepped forward. Roy asked him to hold out his right arm at right angles to his shoulder whilst he stood away from the ‘sink’ spot. Roy then pushed down firmly on the mans lower arm and got a ‘strong muscle’ response, the arm didn’t go down.

The volunteer next stood on the ‘sink’ spot. He held out his arm in the same way but this time when Roy applied the same pressure to his lower arm it shot down to his side. There was no strength at all in his shoulder muscle!

Roy took him away from the sink and re-checked, back to strong again. (If it hadn’t the Procter’s are experienced healers and could have no doubt readjusted the man’s energy back from the temporary misalignment.)

The group looked amazed and a bit shocked with this very dramatic demonstration with this man’s arm collapsing when he stood in the place of negative energy, whereas he was perfectly strong and easily able to resist Roy’s pressure away from it.

Roy asked for another volunteer. Nobody was keen, so I stepped forward. I’ve done some subtle energy training, and work as a medical doctor and healer, so was interested to see how my system would respond. Some might call it showing off!

Anyway, my shoulder muscle tested strong away from the sink and then I stood on it. I said nothing, but visualised my ‘protective bubble’ of energy around me. Roy pushed down on my forearm. In a split second I felt a whoosh of energy drain through my feet! I had neglected to extend my ‘bubble’ below me, down into the earth, as normally when I’m working with people I thought I didn’t have to. I threw, visually, the bubble of energy beneath me, and my arm held strong. It had to be done very quickly and I paid for my oversight later!

The group looked impressed whilst I felt slightly shell-shocked and energetically jumbled. However the muscle tested strong away from the sink a few moments later.

I then sat quietly for a bit and drank some water. My internal equilibrium came back quite quickly. But it taught me:

a) not to show off with subtle energies
b) that they can be very powerful and very real-nothing to do with my imagination from that experience
c) to extend my protective energetic bubble DOWNWARDS as well as above and to my back and front. I need it there too!

© 2003 Ruth Hare & BSD EEG