Protection of Self when Divining

by Ciaran Graham

Whatever activity we are engaged in we will usually dress accordingly to suit that particular activity. Whether it is fishing on a trawler, cleaning out manure from a cow shed, or working in a clean environment such as a hospital we will wear appropriate protective clothing.

Many will consider that divining does not in itself require protective clothing, yet if we look at shamanic practices, it is clear that the shaman normally puts on his or her special clothing to enhance the influence of the ceremony. Diviners may not consider themselves shamans, but in reality they are working in the same atmosphere and in the same medium.

When we divine we are seeking knowledge of one sort or another, and knowledge is energy.  Science would tell us that energy is consumed, where in reality it is a commodity that is exchanged between two mediums. The source that gives energy will alter in state and the element that receives that energy likewise is altered in receiving same, but it also release energy at the same time in this exchange of living forces. This latter exchange is not always apparent but it is the cog in the wheel that ensures the cycle of life continues.  It may not be a benign form of energy and so it should be managed or influenced so that it does not become a malignant energy in the atmosphere and de-stabilise the ECO system.

When divining we alter our brain frequency and as a direct result we also alter the physical and spiritual energy field of our bodies. This means that in effect we maybe leaving ourselves exposed to unknown and unfriendly influences and may adversely effect our health and divining. It is therefore not a question of how we should protect ourselves when we are divining, but that we should always protect ourselves when undertaking this form of activity.

Protection may take the form of wearing a particular coloured garment that protects the wearer from adverse influence. It could also be wearing a suitable pendent, a crystal, gem stone, or geometric form. Beyond doubt visualisation techniques incorporating light protection should be a standard pre-divining exercise that should always be undertaken.

Regardless of what form of protection we choose, we can never be 100% protected against all adverse influences and so cleaning the aura with visualisation techniques should be considered at the end of the divining session. In the event of finding oneself unbalanced or having picked up an unwanted presence or imprint, I call on the light spirits to shower me with white light and cleanse my body accordingly. On the physical level I also walk in the forest and ask the tree spirits to cleanse me or walk the mountain and ask the earth spirits for their assistance. In extreme cases I will swim in a cold mountain stream which has always proved successful in shifting unwelcome energies and restoring wellbeing to my spiritual and physical body. Finally I have a unique monitor that immediately indicates if I have been adversely effected while divining, this monitor happens to be my good wife and she needs neither pendulum nor rod to detect imbalances in my energy field. Not all diviners have such a monitoring guide, so we should always be aware of the possibility that divining can effect our health and judgement and take suitable precautions to avoid this.

© 2003  Ciaran Graham & BSD EEG