Questions often asked when first seeking protection: what are we protecting against? and why?

by Sare Doughty Bassett

My experience as a dowser has also run parallel to years working as a volunteer in a ‘drop in’ spiritual healing centre where all types of people with all types of illnesses come in for treatment. In my opinion, for those of us who work with any factor of resonating energy there is a real need for protection. Dowsers do sample energy fields and the more attuned and sensitively aware or ‘open’ they become, the greater is need for protection of some sort.

Questions often asked when first seeking protection are: what am I protecting myself against? and why? It is easy to be afraid of the unknown and unseen aspects of life and to protect out of fear of unwanted vibrational energy alone. Protection awareness should really focus on supporting, gathering and containment of our own personal energy reserves, as without these we cannot maintain our own health.

The two main causes for protection are from external personal influence and from environmental forces. An example of an environmental reason would be when called to dowse a house of those who are unwell or where you may suspect harmful geopathic stress or similar. In such situations protection would be valuable because these environments can easily have an adverse effect on our own system; strong geopathic stress can weaken and quickly tire a sensitive dowser. Poor earth energy also creates something like a chi vacuum which is lacking in harmonious healthy energy. If not protected, our own personal energy may be drawn out and slowly drained to rebalance this.

Personal situations when protection is advised would be when working with people who are particularly unwell, emotionally unbalanced or just plain negative. Some of these will undoubtedly be unconsciously drawn to those of us with higher energy reserves, which again will be drained without protection. In another way, by wishing to help we may unconsciously give out our own energy for healing (rather than working to run a healing channel the way healers do). Socially we may be aware of needy friends who leave us quite drained and exhausted, these can be described as ‘energy thieves’ (we might unconsciously become one ourselves from time to time!). This does not mean don’t help but just maintain boundaries for your health’s sake.

There is a need to recognise that many other energies exist and to grow aware of them with time, so both knowledge and experience can also be great protectors. When attuned to our intuition we can an access an invaluable and empowering insight as to what is going on, also doing what feels right and avoiding what doesn’t is a good guideline. However if we avoid encountering uncomfortable energies completely then we may miss real opportunities to build a greater understanding of how to heal and improve sites. On reflection some of our more disconcerting past experiences surely have held the seed for growth and better practice!

So simple protection should be the norm for dowsers and will help prevent attachment with anything unpleasant. Aim to avoid connective work if you are tired or unwell, plan to get enough rest to enable you to start work fired up with a happy and healthy vibrancy so your own psychic immunity will remain strong for longer. ‘Protection’ from my perspective is a need to manage and support inner balance and to maintain our auric light body as a buffer to noxious energy, whilst not forgetting to make time to retreat, recharge and detoxify after visiting a difficult site.

The easiest, quickest and most universally known method of protection is to place oneself in a bubble of light, to contain as much as to protect personal space. To do this, first visualise a source of pure light from above which is drawn down into the body through the crown of the head using the higher chakras. Let this flow down and overflow out to create a protective bubble, effectively placing oneself into an egg of light. Second, counter balance with earth energy drawn up through the feet and lower chakras as if one has roots that can draw up nourishment connecting us with the grounding energy of earth and let this fill the bubble also. This process creates a barrier which can be strengthened with intention to set a shell-like outer layer when needed. Many also choose to use additional support such as symbols, wearing crystals, visualising colours, harmonisers, prayer, talisman, guides; making it work is down to what personally resonates with each one of us.

As dowsers each of us has something unique to give to those who are drawn to contact us for help. Sometimes we may even visit sites/people for a purpose of which we may be unaware. At the end of the day we should do our best and have faith that everything is as it should be.

© 2003 Sare Doughty-Bassett & BSD EEG