Resonance and the Peace Alignment

by Ina Kliffen

At a meeting of the EEG in March 1999 John Cuninghame gave me a bunch of papers that contained information about a Peace Alignment and a Biometer. When I got home and read about them I felt envious as I do not live in England and I would not be able to dowse the Peace Alignment (P.A). Also, I had read about André Bovis and what he did with the Biometer but what was I supposed to do with it?

In the summer someone recommended to me the book ‘In Resonatie met de Natuur’, Vital Plants and Trees through Energetic Treatment by Hans Andeweg. I was inspired and in January 2000 I started the course Hans gave regarding this subject. I learned a lot from him but one thing in particular was that he taught me to feel and measure several values in nature. Yes, the measuring was done with a Biometer.

A very brief summary of the values we measure:

  • act. Bovis = the actual Bovis values for humans are:  6,500-7,000 = neutral, 7,000-8,000 = healthy. (These are not the Spiritual Bovis values that John works with). For trees, healthy woods go up till 10,000.
  • poa = percentage organisation and adaptation, this should be more then 65.
  • orgon = the name that Wilhelm Reich used for Unconditional Love, ki, prana etc.This percentage should be as high as possible but is hardly ever more then 30.
  • dor = deadly orgon, this percentage should be as low as possible.
  • oranur = orgon radiation against nuclear radiation, hyper active orgon. This percentage should also be as low as possible.
  • earth radiation = the energy radiating from the earth which has three layers. You can feel these with your hands, the height of the radiation and the characteristics of the links between the layers tell a lot about the quality of the earth radiation.

All these measurements are never exact; it could be ten percent more or less, (this is what Hans told us but I am sure that he gets them right).

Last year I read in the EEG Newsletter that the P.A. had become worldwide. I decided to measure the values of my study and then I would try to pray the P. A. Line into my room, but I was too late, it was already there. Maybe sometimes it helps to be envious? I could tell a lot about this great helper and friend, for at the moment that to me is the P.A.  These are the values I found:

act. Bovis9300
% orgon29
% dor0
% oranur0

I decided to bring the P.A. to places that needed it. First I did this alone but as, in dowsing, one plus one is more than two. I decided to ask Peter, another pupil from Han’s course, to come with me. I map dowsed for several ‘bad’ places and a ‘good’ one to end with. We started with a short meditation in which we asked for protection for the day. We went like golden stars in an egg of light. The following is what we found at a few of the places we visited:

The church in Aalst.

The name of this village means sacred place or temple. In the Dutch book ‘Leylines and Leycentra in the Low Lands’ by Wigholt Vleer, I read that, before this place became Christian, people were murdered and sacrifices were made to the Gods.

We found an energy centre in front of the tower; it dowsed as female, left turning and energy giving (Vishnu). But still the place did not feel good. We found a much worse spot about ten metres away from it. Here it felt really bad and I felt that ‘they’ were looking over my shoulder while we worked there. This was male energy, left-turning and pulling down (Kali).

The earth radiation was only 1.20 metres high, which was a low reading, and the lowest layer was very stressed, which meant that there was a lot of oranur in it. We asked the place if it wanted the P A and we got a strong Yes, so we invited it to come and help. A month later we came back again, what a difference! It felt good in front of the tower but at where the worst spot had been we still felt a little pulled into the ground. It turned out that this was the energetic drain of the place, balancing the energy of the two centres. Here we still found 13 % oranur and we decided to measure the place a metre away from this spot. The values were much better than at our first visit and no ‘body’ looked over my shoulder.

act. Bovis808063006800
% orgon24212426
% dor12400
% oranur382300

I had dowsed on the map that the P.A. stopped at this place and this turned out to be so when we checked it on the ground.

In Nederhemert at the parking place of a factory.

We were surprised when we got out of the car, it did not feel as bad as I had expected after my map dowsing. The rods brought us to the spot, a few square metres where it was really bad. The earth radiation was 1.50 metres high but very stressed. Then this place told us that it did not want us to dowse, neither to take measurements, nor for what had happened here in the past. We got a clear message: I am not interested in the P.A., leave me alone, so we did.  Since then I map dowse for bad places that need and want the P.A.

The church in Poederoijen (I would like to hear you try to pronounce the name of this village!).

In front of the tower is a great energy centre. It was like stepping into a warm bath, it was shining with peace. The energy is left turning, female and Vishnu. The radiation of the earth was 1.85 metres high with smooth layers.

act. Bovis8000 8000
% orgon48 30
% dor00
% oranur00

Great numbers; although we did not agree on the percentage of orgon. We agreed that this place surely did not need the P.A. Nevertheless, when we checked, it was there. In the churchyard behind the church are five graves of the crew of a British aircraft that crashed in the village in World War II, the P.A. is running through them on its way to Aalst.

A friend was complaining about her bedroom. She did not feel well in this room, slept very restless and never felt refreshed in the morning, her husband did not notice anything. I told her about the P.A. and she invited it into her house on the 14th of December. See what it did:

act. Bovis370065006800
% orgon182827
% dor201
% oranur600

Now in the morning she goes back into bed to read the paper.

After this I a told a sick friend about the P.A. I said that maybe the P.A. could make the energy of her body stronger so she could manage her illness better, (I did not tell her that it would heal her, the P.A. told me that it cannot cure illnesses).  

act. Bovis47005400670068006800
% orgon2628262725
% dor42111
% oranur106321
act. Bovis61006100660072007000
% orgon2628272825
% dor51110
% oranur21200

Well, now for a lesson in the Dutch language: If you can say “Pooh-duh-royee-un” you are welcome to join me on a trip and I am sure we will end up at the church of Poederoijen.

© 2001 Ina Kliffen & BSD EEG